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302 chıppıng lady rıta

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302 CHIPPING LADY RITA302 CHIPPING LADY RITANow Rita has a master, it?s a fact, and she loves it but its only a casual thing to Rita, part of being married to a high-born prick, However, to Andrew, her master and husband, it is quite a serious thing, he demands faithfulness, demands a one man one `near slave` existence! It`s a thing she accepted as a drawback in exchange for wealth and position when she married the man. Perhaps I should explain, Andrew is in fact the fifth earl of?well perhaps that?s not relevant, no names no pack-drill as they say in the services, no spot-on declarations of his tittle will help our tale anyway, just think nearly a Downton Abby, with Andrew the hereditary master, having recently taken over from his late ?Daddy?, who was now confined to an institution, the boy has money to burn, a huge estate that surprisingly pays for itself, growing and supplying supermarkets with peas and corn on the cob, watched over by his faithful farm and estate manager ?Pike?.Now being a young and repulsive? sorry that should read impulsive?(oh I don?t know, either comment fits? this one is dim enough to be in parliament) whichever way, he married Rita the daughter of the duke of H?well that doesn?t matter either suffice to say she was a spoilt brat who came from a hard up titled family until this opportunity of what they term a ?good marriage? (for that read a rich marriage of convenience, that will keep the daughter in clean knickers, and doughnut`s) had been allowed to screw whoever and whenever she felt the need, being a tasty morsel if not the brightest of women and who was not now inclined to change her way of life for anyone, including her beloved Andy.Now Andy may have been a bit green, when it came to ruling the estate, but he was awake to Rita and her games, even Pike not being safe, despite his age, the randy wife screwing the manager on the third day of her having become ?lady? Rita ?Pike being a big old lad, in his 50`s and a widower of some years, wasn?t going to miss out, balancing a good job against the needs of a sex starved body, he complied with the mistresses wishes, but was worried as to his position and being faithful to the family and especially the young-master, so had, what in posh terms was known as a quiet word, with the younger man who he had known since the masters c***dhood. Oh, and he could hardly say ?oy your misses got me to screw her,? could he, so he went as far as he dared, saying to me-lordship that ?the mistress had given him certain hints that she might be amenable to some sort of sexual scenario`s, should he be available!? IE lies by omission, aristocrats call it tact?!Well young Andrew, as the aristocracy do, thought long and hard about it, then sent for Pike again, saying that having given his promiscuous wife some thought, she needed perhaps a muse, a hobby, and Pike being a widower, and having had a vasectomy when his last son had been born (the lad now a solicitors trainee and long left home so you can see it was a while back), that it was perhaps the answer, as being a faithful retainer, he was not perhaps as big a problem as someone else!This in the young masters mind brought him a little time, and his next move was a lulu, even for such a deviant rich dimwit as him? he had Rita in his bed in the mansion, one morning and said to her that he thought they were in need of some sexual games that suited them both but were more in keeping with their style, this was when he became her master!Now Rita was all ears, the words sexual, and games in the same sentence were music she could play too. There followed a free and frank review of their situation, in which she caught his drift and hinted that she was happy to play at being his sub, and complying with his every wish, but in turn wanted her freedom in return to enjoy sex where and when she could!? This our Andy was not so keen on, saying that he wanted, nay insisted on her telling him if she was wanting to go with another person, especially outside the estate and that he must be the approver of any tryst. Which was not what she wanted to hear at all.Just then breakfast was served by the butler ?Maitland? a jolly little man always happy and mostly strait faced as were most in his calling, and Suzie, one of the maids, who having set the tray down left rapidly.Andy addressed ?Maitland?, who he had known for years, saying ??Maitland?, should I ask you to screw the bally memsahib, what would you do???Maitland? believing it to be a trick question answered, without batting an eyelid that he would do as bid my lord, as the lady was most agreeable!? to which Andrew laughed, and said ?that?s what he thought would be the case!? Rita by this time red as a pillar box, but looking at the Butler, in a new light in a way that said ?maybe? ?And what if the lady herself asked you??The butler thought for a moment then replied ?That my lord is a situation needing the utmost tact and diplomacy, on the one hand the lady is most agreeable on the eye, and it has been so long since my last sexual encounter?on the other it would not be cricket to cheat on a family that I had worked for? well for so long, so I would be in a particularly difficult situation, and one would hope not to be put in such a position!?So, Andy, master and mediator, said, ?And What if I told you to spank her ladyship over your knee, or to chastise her in some other form, or hold her down while I performed some unseemly act on her, would you comply?? ?of course, sir, it would be my absolute -pleasure sir I am always here to do whatever your lordship pleases and with discression!?By now Rita was squirming with embarrassment, almost as much as Andy was enjoying her humiliation, and winking at ?Maitland ?he said that ?he may well need that soon if madam won`t comply willingly, that will be all for now, thank you Miles? And with a slight bow ?Maitland? retreated still without a hint of a reaction one way or the other, but noting with pleasure the use of his first name!Breakfast in bed was leisurely, then they dressed, and together at 11 am, with Pike, met the local vet attended the kennels, where the mistresses pet bitch, a hi- bred spaniel named Fluffy-p*o`s? (don?t even ask) was due to be artificially inseminated at her ladyships request.During the process, and no doubt to deflect the conversation a little as well as drum up trade, the vet, explained about ?chipping?, a process of slipping a small chip under the a****ls skin both to identify it and register it in case of loss. This took a little persuading, but it was agreed and was arranged for the next visit, both for madams bitch and all the other five dogs in his lordships kennel`s.However, in Andrew a seed was sown, he had had an idea and as it happened it was a good one!.After the vet toddled off, lord Andy called a short conference in the estate office, present were Pike, and ?Maitland,? called from the house as well as her ladyship. The men sat facing his lordship who sat at ?Pike`s? desk, with her ladyship sat off to the right absent mindedly looking through the window. ?Maitland began pouring the coffee that? had fetched with him on a tray as Andy went through estate affairs, then the house, budget, then finally coming to any other business, with an informally addressing these two trusted men by saying that ?off the record, you two are my closest and most trusted friends, and my wife and I rely totally on your integrity and discression, totally, as I `m sure you understand, our reputation being everything as you well know?? (nods from both men) he went on ?now, I am find my wife is proving to be a bit of a whore, a bloody nympho, when it comes to sex, her appetite is voracious, and I am having trouble keeping up with the randy bitch?!?By now the lady in question was as red as a phone-box, and blustering a little, and the two men stunned and silent, as Andy went on, not a bad piece to be on your arm, but I`m going to outline a plan for both of you, to keep ?her ladyship? sexually occupied and to stop her straying from the house, the estate, and the occupants of this room!? both men looked shocked at the suggestion, and its implications, then nodded excited with anticipation, Pike asking as to the limits they could go with her ladyship, he was happy, not least with her being most cumley lady and probably much more experienced than himself or his friend ?Maitland?!Rita by now had her mouth wide open, and was stunned, though saying nothing as she was being discussed like one of the prize cows in the estate herd! Andy however, ignoring her, turned to ?Pike?, saying ?I understand completely, but no limits, no marks, and no c***dren, that should cover it I think, then added ?you have been vasectomised have you not, Pike, I remember you having time off for the op?? the man confirmed that he was and had been, so Andy granted full condom-less access to her ladyship, and at any time the lady wished him to have her full sex was available to him, but discression was to be the watch-word and he was not to instigate a tryst, it was up to her at all times? ?he nodded in Rita s direction. Next, he turned to ?Maitland? ?your uncut I believe?? he asked. The mature butler smiled a wan and distant smile, then said ?that he was willing to take any test you would wish my lord!? But then went on to explain that sadly he had had a c***dhood illness and now had a very, very low sperm count had meant he had been ?deemed unable to have c***dren?, even if he had been lucky enough to find a wife, which his duties here had precluded, or a partner, which had not happened for a fair old while! Satisfied Andy said that that tests would not be necessary as he trusted his butler and his word was enough, the same restrictions would apply to him as to ?Pike?? at which the butler looked pleased and smiled at her ladyship, saying ?he hoped he would give every satisfaction my lord!? Then Andy addressed Rita directly, saying that ?in addition to himself, at her own discression she could use either man at any time she felt the sexual need, and they were available from estate duties, though those duties came first over her appetites at all times! However,? he emphasised, ?under no circumstances was she to stray outside us three men and that if she did so, he would punish her very severely,? asking even more loudly ?did she understand?? She was amazed, shocked, and embarrassed in equal measures nodding her head, then sitting strangely quietly while they went on to discuss the forthcoming fete as if the whole business was just another item on the agenda. The meeting broke up after that and the young couple went to luncheon.After a rather quiet meal. Andy shut himself away in his study with his telephone. He rang Toby, lord Mutherington, an old friend and head of a large electronics company, with whom he held a long conversation, arranging to meet in a London club on the following Wednesday.It was to take three weeks, after the meeting in the club, three weeks, during which madam ?applied herself? to enjoying the two staff members at irregular intervals as well as nightly trysts with her husband and though he could not prove it of course he still suspected others as the opportunity presented itself, but this was soon to change if he had any choice in the matter! Rita appeared to be insatiable, unstoppable and a lover of some aspects of the sexual spectre that would not be thought acceptable in supposed polite company!?Maitland? finding she drank his pee with relish, and ?Pike? that she loved Anal while Andy however believed her speciality was to enjoy being both tied and spanked.So, at the next weekly head of department meeting, which due to her mother being unwell, Rita was absent from, being away visiting her family home. After any other business, Andy asked each man for a report on progress.?Pike?. Reported that ?madam has an appetite second to none, and he was surprised at her love of anal sex!?Maitland? however said that ?he was unaware of her joy at the use of her posterior, and that he had been under the impression madam was more attuned to urolagnia!!? none of which was the experience of Andrew, who knew her to love bondage and her arse being reddened, though he felt uninclined to tell his men that, believing it to be a bedtime secret twix man and wife!He placed a ledger in front of the two men, saying that from now on all ?moments of excitement, must be logged, all without madams knowledge, with basic details, location and time, and for them to make a note of what had happened so far, so that he (Andy) could keep tags on how when and where? the ledger to be kept in a locked cupboard in the estate office only the three men having keys. Naturally, the two employees were happy to oblige, ?Maitland? never having had as much sex, and ?Pike? having had a dry period, since his wife passed. Both men felt they were ?doing the young master a service, anyway!?The next thing of note was that Rita returned and ?normal service was resumed?, entries in the book gave the score about equal, trysts being registered in the walled garden, ?Pike?s house, the butlers pantry, and the dairy, amongst other locations.The next week, ?Maitland? was warned to expect a visitor, and that weekend Toby, appeared on the Friday night, with his wife, a pretty well-endowed brunette named Ethel. Outwardly the weekend was just a weekend away for a couple from the higher echelons, however behind the scenes there was a hidden agenda.Tobias, his company one of the leading manufactures of domestic pet chips, having rapidly developed Andy`s idea and were testing a new chip which his lady, the delightful Ethel, had been forced to trial, and was now here to demonstrate.?Pike? had been instructed to ?keep Rita occupied till dinner, which he was so doing on the Saturday afternoon, as it happened in his bed in his tythe house, the master giving him the idea that he and the visitors had private business, which was oh so true. In the drawing room with ?Maitland? in attendance Ethel was told by her husband to disrobe?well actually what he said was ?get the bally duds off sweety, we need to see your fanny!? adding ??Maitland? I am sure will be only too happy to assist!? ?Maitland? assured the gentlemen that ?he would indeed be honoured to assist in any way he could be of assistance!? helping the tall and lovely ?Ethel? to her feet and beginning to unzipp the skirt of the lady with enthusiasm, the zip being at the rear, she in turn assisting by unbuttoning the silken shirt?Under the outer garments the lady had on a very dark red set of lingerie, expensive and flattering, both of our titled gents, appraising the pale body and approving the ladies looks as if at a strip show, while sipping their afternoon sherry.Toby, then told his wife to ?just drop the knickers old thing, we don?t need to see the rest now do we??Compliantly, if daintily, the knickers were dropped, ?Maitland? quietly taking the discarded clothing and folding them over a chair, not without taking a quick sniff as he turned away, though no-one noticed bar the lady herself.The next instruction from Toby astounded even ?Maitland`s?, normally inscrutable features.? Righty ho ?Maitland ?old lad, lay the lady on the table and go down on her please!?The butler regaining his momentary loss of composure turned to ?Ethel? and offered her his hand, which she excepted with grace, as he led his very willing victim to the long table, assisted her onto the polished surface with her legs dangling over the edge, and kneeling, he spread her shapely thighs to begin lapping at her sexual area.Hardly had his tongue made the first contact with her clitorise than a buzzer sounded in her husband`s pocket.A broad grin spread over Toby`s face, and to the butlers disgust the demonstration was completed. Andy, now much impressed, asked how it had come about and Toby explained that his wife had been ?chipped?! he then told ?Maitland?, to ?get the old todger out and poke it into my good lady if you will old sport!? Which of course the butler duly and very happily did, needing no encouragement. Suddenly a louder different, more insistent buzzer sounded! ?bloody hell!? Andy exclaimed, ?that?s brilliant!? I doubt the butler felt the same!Toby proudly explained this was the engineers model, the trial one, its range being only a quarter mile, but the production one would be connected to a husband, or masters mobile phone, and would have had indefinite range and would ring a different tone`s dependent on which act was occurring and should be available from the next months end!?He switched off the ringer then motioned ?Maitland? to `carry on, as he didn?t want to leave them frustrated?!??Maitland? replied, ?very good my lord?, and applied himself with gusto which appeared to please the lady, the receiver soon pinging as she came noisily, and again more loudly as she climaxed and again as ?Maitland? ejaculated into his now satisfied partner!Andy was most impressed, but Toby, seeing his wife now standing and dripping seed on to the carpet told the lady to ?go clean herself up dear, that?s a good Axminster your dripping on?, to which she collecting her clothes and departing to the nearest toilet. her husband seemingly indifferent to his wife having just been ravished by the butler in a most un butler-like fashion and now having the chance of being seen by other staff members s she crossed the hallway!He went on to explain that there were certain drawbacks, with the chip, the first being that each authorised partners would need to be chipped as well or the bally thing would always be dinging away in an infuriating fashion. And also that the transmitter was painful to embed in ladies, or at least according to ?Ethel?, who had had to be secured on the second attempt to have the thing inserted, though it was a simple procedure. She being less than impressed now by, in effect, big brother watching over her for evermore, and had found the whole insertion uncomfortable to the point of painful! However, as a husband a pimp or a cuckold the thing had all the advantage`s that on every passing of the monitoring station, (and his he said was usually hidden in his study,) all the sordid details were recorded, even too the recording of her masturbating, which he now found was more often than he had imagined! he went on that the advantages were great, it was fool-proof, and it needed a surgeon to remove the chip, it being normally fitted for life, and it had removed all worries of infidelity, virtually forever! The effect in a pimps case despite the initial cost paid dividend?s would make keeping the books straight a real doddle, but that was for the commercial version which would come later at the moment it was just a prototype. He said of course, ?they needed to register it at the patents office, in both their names but he could see it being a real money spinner!? he then produced one of the `male? chips a tiny thing, akin to a grain of wheat. A second larger one being for the female partners use. Explaining in the men`s case it was fitted just below the skin twix balls and anus ?up close to the bag,? and in the woman`s just under the mons but above the clitoral hood tucked out of the way. He also had in mind a gay version and could see the advantages for cuckolds too! Turning to ?Maitland? and asking if ?he would be willing to wear a chip, and have it inserted or whatever should he be asked to service the mistress, or his own wife? ?Maitland? being ?Maitland? said ?that he would be honoured, but would he need a second if say he had the rights to say both the two ladies??He was assured that the chip ?could be reprogrammed in men without surgery, just by a simple remote reprogramming by one of his technical men!? Which appeased the butler and who willingly agreed to have the procedure if or whenever they wished to allow him access! Wouldn?t we all?Just then ?Ethel? returned looking refreshed, and at Toby`s request, she explained her side of the procedure and then having left off her knickers in anticipation of this scenario, showed the embedded senders tiny location to both men.Andy closely inspecting the tiny hardly visible scar, and asking if there was any discomfort, which she assured him was not the case after the initial, quite painful insertion.! However, if she attempted to have sex with someone then Toby knew about it instantly.Enthused, Andy instantly ordered a set, a transmitter for Rita, three male units, (that of course raised Toby`s eyebrow, as till then he didn?t know his friend shared his lady-wife!) The mobile phone app, and a recording base, would not be ready for a few weeks, so his friends were invited to deliver it and bring along a technician to have the items fitted just as soon as they were available. It was to be a momentous decision.The weekend proceeded, ?Ethel? managing a full hour in the butlers pantry next morning, to ?Maitland`s? deep joy, her having the forethought to remove the battery from her husband`s non-standard and not very sophisticated prototype lash-up monitor while Toby was thanking the hostess for ?a weekend of shear pleasure!?, the fact that he showed his gratitude by screwing her over the sofa in the lounge in full view of her husband, seemed neither here or there! The estate settled back to its routine and a full month passed, then a call seemingly out of the blue said that ?the kit was ready and if it was convenient they would be `down that very weekend!?? it was most convenient, and duly on the Friday rather late, Toby and ?Ethel? appeared with a young and gawky looking chap called ?Alan? who was to do the deed though he had been told not to mention the purpose of his visit to anyone especially the hostess!At that time Rita did not know of the chips, or her husband`s intention to have her fitted with one, ?Pike? however by now had been primed by ?Maitland? with full details.Thus, it was that on the Saturday morning the assembled group met on the lawn over coffee and pastries, Pike being introduced to the guests, as was ?Maitland? who of course served the snacks as they sat enjoying the view of the lake, over what was termed a? continental breakfast,? though both ?Maitland? and ?Pike? had had their much preferred bacon and eggs hours before!, it was here that Andy shocked Rita, by announcing that ?the three estate men present were ?going to be chipped just as she had had her dogs chipped, and that Alan was here to do the business that very afternoon, she and ?Ethel? were to attend, and for discression, to act as assistants as necessary.?Laughing Rita asked ?if, like randy dogs were they were going stray?? which had the men laughing as ?Ethel? patiently explained that it was the bitches that became monitored, regulated, and watched just as she was by? her Toby?, for being as promiscuous!Rita looked a little bemused, but the conversation switched to the on coming autumn and the moment passed, politeness keeping her from asking further, so she resolving to speak to ?Ethel? on the subject as soon as she could.The morning passed for the host and his guests by a long walk beside the lake, until luncheon, the two staff members having duties to perform and Alan feeling like a spare part, returning to his room.After a sumptuous lunch meal, again taken on the lawn the day being so fine, both Alan and ?Pike? excusing themselves and vanishing, just as coffee was served. Finally, just as the clock struck two thirty, the party strolled down to the summer house by the lake.Built, back in the 1840`s the place was a gothic temple in white marble, the cool interior during the week previous. ?Pike? had had it all cleaned to within an inch of its life by some of his estate men A stout scrubbed table now stood in the centre of the large round interior room where Pike and Alan awaited the party. Alan now dressed in a clean white overall, had a rather ominous pair of boxes with him.Andy asked if they were ready and having the affirmation of the technician suggested they all disrobed. The men quickly did so, though the ladies seemed more reluctant in the view of the men and Allan, a humble technician, the cool of the chamber being somewhat less attractive for nakedness being another factor, however disrobe they did at their husbands insistence, the chill quickly stiffening the ladies nipples. Alan especially enjoying the view, never having seen either woman without clothing he alone being still dressed, which hid his errection well. The three ?victims now drew lots, (straws held by Alan) and ?Maitland? being first by drawing the shortest, stepped up to the big old tableOn Toby`s instructions as the stocky little butler bent forward from the waist. the two ladies took a wrist apiece, his legs open waiting for the single chip. A dab with an antiseptic wipe then He felt the tip of the probe touching the place where his scrotum joins to the body, with a soft click, and a short stinging effect it was don, and the tiny bean was in place under the tender skin.They released him, and his place was taken by the master, the ladies as before taking his hands. Again, the whole procedure was repeated, and it was followed by a third -round on to Pike, each of the three now sported errection and smiles like k**s that have just come from a dentist and not been hurt! At a pre-determined click of the fingers, the four men grabbed Rita and lumped her shocked and resisting body onto the table, her legs, from her knees hung over the table edge, thighs wide apart and Allan quickly standing between her knees keeping them open, the four men each holding either a thigh or an arm to keep their victim from struggling, and with ?Ethel? laying across the body her gentle fingers holding her friend`s slot wide open, to allow Alan to administer the quick wipe of antiseptic and then the painful click of the larger female transmitting -bead, being embedded in this most sensitive spot under the layer of fatty tissue below the mons.Rita was by this time in tears and struggling to cope with the pain and discomfort of her position and violation, in a place that both shocked and surprised her, her friends and lovers letting her up, the procedure completed, and her husband holding her saying ?there, there sweety, it`s all over now!??Maitland? produced a bottle of good napoleon brandy, a nip apiece of the stiff drink soon had them braced and quietly standing in a much happier group. ?Ethel? explaining to her mate how the thing worked and its properties, as well as breaking the news that it was permanent, and that promiscuity was a thing of the past!Andrew now decided it was best to return to the main house, saying that it was too cool here and that they would each be more-cosy for, ?the testing.?To a man the eyes turned to Andy, who simply shrugged, smiled and began dressing. Dressed they all wandered back to the main building, Rita still in a mild form of shock. In the drawing room they sat and as Toby outlined the ?tests that Rita would need to partake before he was happy.Firstly, they needed to be sure that if a non-chipped person was to partake the signal would be transmitted and to the receiver which they needed to have set up in the study? to this end Tony announced ?Alan as a bonus would be allowed to ?play overnight with the mistress? (his words not mine) but condoms must be used, (Alan nodded enthusiastically at that and thanked the assembled folk,) till then this afternoon, ?Maitland, ?Pike, Toby, and Andy would take turns with both ladies, in two separate locations around the house, Alan running the base station, and the men noting the times of the trysts to compare them with the received data.,?? Andy saying that ?Alan if he so wished having ?Rita next day but at a distant location using an estate car, returning for luncheon before the folks return journey!?This being the adopted course of events, Andy and Toby with each-others respective partners retired to bed, Toby in a maids attic bedroom and Andy in the estate office, both locations deemed furthest from their respective base station`s manned by Alan, who during the initial pause as the couples took their places showed his talents and sense of humour by picking ring tones to reflect each person`s unique personality, knowing the women would never hear them and the top men had little interest in popular music and wouldn?t understand the joke!By now it was a quarter to five, and by five, both women had registered sexual contact with a round of Walt Disney apiece, Rita`s, ?Maitland? instantly recognised as the theme to ?the lady is a tramp! and ?Ethel? the theme from snow white`s dwarfs (high ho high ho it`s off to work we go)! Which cause both ?Maitland? and ?Pike? to chortle, and a grinning Alan to take a mock bow!In Toby`s case both parties in that bed had then rapidly registered orgasms, hers by ?the impossible dream??, and his by ?stranger on the shore? both were soon on their way to a second round!Andy was taking more time, but soon following up with the march ?master of the house! From le` miserable? and his partner the delightful ?Ethel?, to the men`s amusement called in unknown to her with? ?the nuns chorus!?Pike? asking what his jingle was, found he had been allotted ?to be a farmers boy? which had him laughing ?Maitland`s? finishing the thing right royally, with another Disney piece;? ?the sorcerer`s apprentice!? but despite their asking Allan wouldn?t say what he had chosen for his own or other unregistered souls fanfare, saying they could wait till that night!The dinner gong went at seven and they assembled, dressed and ready for the meal, Alan reporting all was apparently going according to plan. The meal over, it was the lower orders turn, ?Maitland?, with Rita and ?Pike? partnering Ethel, again with Alan still controlling the base- station. The tunes rolling in much as they had done that afternoon, the significance of the chosen jingles not registering one jot with either husband, just the comment from Andy that the ?men are giving our wives a good grounding, so we shall be able to rest for a couple of days old sox, they indifferently returning to the after-dinner brandy and dozing in front of the television, for the rest of the evening.Alan however had a busy time registering on hard copy numerous recital?s both of the nuns chorus, and impossible dream, finally reaching a crescendo around 11.30 with both the farmers boy, sorcerers apprentice and the other two tunes all coming in at once, a severe test of the two bases!After coffee, ?Ethel? took Alans hand, and led him to her bed, it was not long till the nuns chorus, was playing to the empty drawing room, time and time again it repeated itself, along with a rendition of help me make it through the night which alternated and echoed through the quiet house till the early dawn! It was a late start, breakfast at eleven, the masters with hangovers, Alan near exhausted, changed his jingle before soon being dragged away with ?Rita? driving, on the road looking for a quiet spot 30 miles or more away. The experiment a complete success, according to the tired young man on his return, having been tucked away and fucked royally in the dunes. The tunes echoing round the drawing room the nuns chorus, loud and clear time and again followed by the halleluiah chorus, loud and clear!After luncheon, later than expected the party broke up, the recording system having, in Toby`s words worked most accurately! The car swept away to entreaties to ?come again, and always welcome,? etc, etc! Toby, driving, with his wife and the technician both in the rear, half asleep. It having been, a very long weekend.They were half way to London when his lordship asked ?are you ok back there my sweet? To his surprise Alan answered, saying she had her mouth full at that moment, and satisfied they were having a snack, he was distracted by his phone, ringing, it was a jingle, a loud jingle, of a heartfelt rendition by the London philharmonic, of the halleluiah chorus accompanied from the rear seat, by a smothered laugh!
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