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Welcome to Fort Carson

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Welcome to Fort CarsonWelcome to Fort Carson I was going through a divorce. It was just great here I was a forty-five year old mother with two college k**s and my husband decides to have a mid-life crisis and run off with his twenty-six year old secretary. Both of our boys were in college. But a good friend, a doctor from the hospital let me rent his vacant house so he could have someone living there to keep an eye on it. So here I was in Colorado Springs, Colorado right near Fort Carson. My husband hired a U-Haul to load up my stuff and move it to Colorado, but the asshole didn?t pay them to unload it. So here was a U-Haul truck in my driveway with no one to unload it. I just couldn?t take it anymore and I bust out crying and was pounding my fists on the hood of the U haul. My new neighbor this guy in his sixty?s came over and introduced himself as Jim and asked me what was wrong? I told him what had just happened. Jim said Carol wait here I?m going to make a phone call.Jim took out his cell phone and said ?hey dickless, what are you up too?? I didn?t hear the other part of the conversation. Jim told the other person on the line ?well how about doing your good deed for the day and instead of lifting free weights at the gym how about you and Frank come over and help my new neighbor unload her U-Haul. Her ex-husband was supposed to have a crew here to unload it but he just fucked her over. Jim turned to me and said ?you?re unloading crew will be here in fifteen minutes. I gave this old guy a big hug and said ?thank you, thank you. Jim you have no idea how hard this divorce has been on me.Fifteen minutes later one of those huge four wheel drive pickups pulled up to my house. I couldn?t believe it when I saw these two guys step out of that truck. Each of them was over six feet tall and looked like body builders. I mean their physique was just one mass of muscle. Their arm muscles must have been eight inches around and they were wearing gym shorts which revealed their incredible muscular legs. Jim introduced them as his son Jim Jr. and his buddy Frank. Jim Jr. said ?way to go dad, did Carol hear you call me ?dickless? on the phone. I lied and said no, she was in the house. Jim Jr. turned to me and said ?well just tell us where you want this stuff and we?ll put it anywhere you want?. Now the first boxes were some books, heavy plates and dishes. Jim and Frank each grabbed a box and lifted it up like they were lifting an empty cardboard box. They took my huge heavy oak dining room table and picked it up like it was a toothpick and set it in the dining room. The real surprise was when they took my heavy leather sofa sleeper. Jim said to Frank ?this thing is a mother fucker, I don?t know if we can get it through the door?? Jim Sr. said ?let me measure it?. He said guys you got two inches of clearance so when you get to the door just flip it on its side, turn it and just push it right through. These two monsters grabbed this huge sofa and when they got to the door Jim Sr. said ?OK flip it? and in it went. They unloaded my whole house in two hours! Afterwards, Jim?s dad got us all some beers and we sat on his deck. These guys chugged down twelve cans of beer like they were drinking water. I thought to myself, if I were fifteen years younger I would fuck these guys on the spot. I asked Jim and Frank what they did for a living. Jim replied I command a company of tanks. Frank, this wimp sitting next to me, leads a mechanized infantry platoon. Talk about real men. I was used to hanging around wimpy skinny doctors who acted like pompous assholes. These guys were incredible. I told them I was a nurse and Jim?s dad went to get some more beers. Jim handed me an index card and said, Carol this is the garage code to my dad?s house. He fell and had two concussions last year. If you ever hear him yell for help this code will get you in the house?. I said, sure Jim, no problem. I thought to myself, what a nice guy.Now after a few beers I could tell these two were eyeing me. I may be forty-five, but I still get a lot of looks from men, especially older men. I have a nice firm fit body, not to skinny and not fat. I still have a nice pair of tits and if I wear tight clothes my ass looks really good. I always wear makeup and have my hair done so I would say I?m more attractive than most women my age. I would even put myself in ?hot? category for a woman in her late forties. I knew what these guys were thinking ?do I have a chance to fuck this good looking MILF?. I felt like saying ?yes, both of you do?. Well. Like a lot of older men Jim?s dad talked real loud. As I was leaving I heard him say ?Ok you guys, I know what you?re thinking? She?s my neighbor and don?t you guys dare fuck her?. Both Frank and Jim Jr. let out a hearty laugh. A week later Jim Sr. said he was going out of town and Jim?s would stop by to mow the lawn. I saw Jim?s big blue truck pull up and thought to myself ?here?s my chance?. I went and put on my skimpiest white shorts a red tube top that outlined my firm tits and a pair of little girl gym shoes. I came over and offered Jim some water and asked him if he could move some furniture for me when he was done. I couldn?t wait until I heard that lawn mower engine stop. Jim rang the bell and I told him I had a large chair in my bedroom to move to another corner. Jim moved the chair and I sat down on the bed with my legs crossed revealing my shapely legs. Jim said ?Carol if I didn?t know better, I think you want me to hop in that bed with you?. I said yes, but only after your take your shorts and shirt off. And while you?re at it, your underpants also. Well Jim was naked in a second as I pulled off my tube top and unzipped my shorts. My panties soon followed. We both fell back on the bed and joined in a passionate embrace as we began kissing. I was so enamored with him my hands roamed around his incredibly muscular body. I had never had a man like this before. Soon I gently kissed his chest and nipples and ran my tongue all over the sensitive areas of his body. Finally, I grasped his organ and began stroking. When it got hard enough I put the head of his cock into my mouth and began sucking his wonderful cock. Now Jim was not huge like I expected, but he had a nice firm seven inch cock. But it was attached to these incredibly hard muscular hips and thighs. My head went lower as I took more and more of his cock in my mouth. Then I decided to start massaging his balls as I hungrily sucked his cock. I whispered in Jim?s ear ?I haven?t been laid in a year, there?s some lube in the nightstand, and I may need it?. I got up and got the bottle of astro-glide out of the drawer and squirted a small amount on his cock. I stroked his cock to fully lube it up so went into my pussy it would slide right in. Jim then said, Carol, ?to be honest with you, I think you?re going to enjoy me making love to you, more than having oral sex?.I really wanted to please Jim in hopes that he would be a regular visitor at my house. I lie back on the bed and spread my legs inviting him to fuck me. Jim mounted me and the feeling of such a powerful man on top of me was really different. The manliness I felt emanating from his body got me more sexually aroused than ever before. Then his cock slid into my pussy and he started fucking me. I was not used to a man fucking me with nice even effortless strokes. Usually my ex-husband grunted and pushed their cocks inside me. With Jim, he was so strong he wasn?t exerting himself at all. His whole body moved effortlessly as he fucked me. The nice even smooth strokes of his cock entering my pussy were really different. Soon they began to feel very pleasurable. For the first time I was being fucked like a woman should be fucked and my body began to respond to these new sensations.Jim?s cock just kept moving in and out of me until I could feel an orgasm building up inside me. I moaned and let out a loud yell ?Jim, fuck me faster, I?m cumming, fuck me, and fuck me!! Jim did as I requested and began moving his cock in and out of my pussy at a faster pace. My whole body responded to his powerful fucking as I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life. My body writhed underneath him as he continued to effortlessly fuck me. Jim hadn?t even broken a sweat and here I was lying underneath him soaked in sweat and my feminine juices flowing from my pussy. The incredible thing was Jim was so strong he just kept fucking me and just didn?t stop for a second, not even to catch his breath! I yelled again ?I?m cumming, I?m cumming, and god don?t stop. Jim paused and said don?t worry I won?t stop until you ask me to. My whole body was in ecstasy and I yelled at Jim ?go ahead cum inside me; I want to feel what it?s like to have you fill up my pussy?. Jim increased his strokes and his muscular body tensed up. I could feel those strong leg and stomach muscles tightening up as his body stiffened and a huge amount of sperm entered my vagina. No man had ever deposited that much sperm inside me. I looked down and his cum was all over my thighs and pussy. Then I said, Jim I?m beat, let?s rest. Then we both fell back on the bed. I lay on the bed catching my breath from what had just happened to me. I had had three orgasms and here the guy laying next wasn?t even breathing hard and he still had a semi erect cock. I really wanted Jim to be my boyfriend. Even though I was exhausted, I grasped his cock and leaned over and began sucking his semi erect organ. What amazed me was that soon Jim was fully erect again. Then I thought to myself. Yeh, as a nurse someone a fit as Jim had such a strong heart muscles and large blood vessels he could stay hard forever.I knew I couldn?t let him fuck me gain, so I decided to straddle him so I could control how much and at what pace I would take his cock. Boy was I wrong!I straddled him and reached behind my back to guide his dick inside me. I began slowly rocking back and forth as Jim just lay there with his arms behind his head relaxing as I fucked him. Then he said ?you ready again?, I thought to myself ?what does he mean?? Well, I soon found out. Jim grabbed my hips and held me still. Then he began thrusting his hips upwards as his cock entered me again and again. Jim just kept thrusting his hips upward as he held my hips still with his strong muscular arms as he took my whole body and ran it up and down his cock. The sensations were just too much for me. I screamed ?I?m cumming again? as my whole body spasmed as hips ran up and down his dick. I looked down and his face was tense again as Jim deposited a second load of cum inside me. I let out a loud moan as I collapsed on the bed. I said Jim, ?stop I can?t take it anymore?. Jim had a puzzled look on his face and I asked him ?how fucking old are you?? Jim replied ?I?m 32; I responded well I?m 47 that?s fifteen years older than you. I just can?t fuck this much anymore. He laughed and said ?no, it?s not your age honey, it?s just you never fucked a soldier before?. In the Army we are on field exercises a lot and there are few women around. I also spent a year in Iraq and a second year in Afghanistan. When a soldier finally comes home he fucks his woman all night long because we?ve gone without sex for so long. So welcome to Fort Carson, I think a woman who looks as good as you is going to like it here. I may be too young for you Carol but I like you. How about this Saturday we go to the Officer?s Club. There?s plenty of older Major?s and Lt. Colonels that would love to meet a woman like you. Well I sure am glad I met Jim, especially when I drive up my driveway and there?s a sign that reads Brigadier General Samuel Compton on my front lawn.
09-11-2021, at 10:57 AM

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