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Fucked And Married My Hungry Mom -1

Post #1

Fucked And Married My Hungry Mom -1My mom?s name is Lakshmi she is a hot chick but she herself doesn?t know this she is 35 of age.She got married with my father when she is 14. She gives birth to me when she is only 16. We are the respectful family in our village. I?m studying my B.Com in hostel in Chennai.My mom loves me so much. My father is the one of the heads in our village. He is always busy with his village works. His age is 50. I usually stayed in hostel. I?ll come in holidays to our village. In our hostel we always talk about sex. We are all fantasize how the sex feels but we don?t tried anything.I masturbate sometimes when I feel too horny after seeing porn films. My exams were over so it?s time to go my home. My dad booked an AC coach ticket I reached my city and went to our village finally after 20 hours of tired journey I reached my home. My mom ran to me and gave me a hug and welcomed me. I was also happy to see my mom. I got leave for 2 months after my exams. So I planned to spend my leave by movies swimming etc, but one situation changed my mind and me and my mom became sex partners.I?ll sleep only in my shorts without any inners. So my morning hard on would be clearly visible to any one I feel something is touching my monster cock I think that?s our maid. But she is my mom. I was shocked I don?t know what to do I decided to stay still. My mom put the coffee cup aside and sat down on my bed. She slowly touched my cock with her cold hands. A chill ran down in my spine. My cock grew bigger and bigger. I can see a smile in her face as well as surprise. She slowly lowered my shorts and gave a close look to my cock. She shook my cock a little and she slowly opened her mouth and slowly started to lick the tip of my cock. I was in clouds. What a feel I think of woke and drag her in bed and tear her pussy. But somehow I controlled, this is the first time a woman holding and licking my cock.Suddenly I heard a voice of my dad calling my mom. Mom in a hurry went down to him without closing my shorts. I immediately rushed to the bathroom and masturbated thinking of fucking and licking her boobs, pussy etc. I planned to fuck my mom at any cost.I went downstairs after a lustful masturbation. I went to hall and greeted my dad and mom. Mom asked, ?why u woke already da go and sleep u may feel tired? I said, ?no problem I woke up na I?ll be alright? I can see a sadness in mom?s face. Dad went out. There is only me and my mom. She gave me coffee. I drank that. She said u must take head bath using oil. I said ?no I don?t know how to use that?, then she said, ?I?ll help u to bath? my plan was a great success I know that she will do that. It?s fucking time!I had oil on my head and mom prepared hot water and came to bathroom she made me sat on a stool and she was standing infront of me she held up her saree till her thigh exposed what a milky white juicy thigh. She poured water on me. I was wearing shorts with an inner. This is also a plan by this she will became more open to me. I?m wondering what will happen next. Her navel is straight to my face her belly button is mouth watering. My monster grew its full size I was away from my senses.Suddenly she called me and said remove your shorts otherwise it will get oil stain I smiled in my mind but I said,?no mom I won?t remove? she asked why. I said I?m not a small boy now? but she said, ?u r a small boy for me even at your 80 age.? I said OK and removed my shorts. My cock is trying to tear my inner wear. She saw that in a lustful way I can saw a lust in her eyes. She was silent and started to rub soap on my back and in my muscular chest. She slowly went down to my monster. She started to rub soap in gaps she is touching and feeling my cock whenever she got chance. What a slut she was feeling her own son?s cock.She said, ?remove your inners too and she started to remove by sitting in her knee in a second my cock jumped out of my inner and hit her lips I can feel it. But she acted normally she started to rub my cock softly I felt like bursting in my cock she pour water on my cock and on me. She said,? look at your chichu( cock) it is too dirty even soap cannot wash it. So I decided one. And she started to lick my base of my cock. I was shouted at a second when she started. She didn?t stop and she started to suck my cock like an ice-cream. I stopped her with all my force. She is still holding my cock I shouted and slapped her face. She came back to senses and started to cry.I said, ?What are u doing ma? U r sucking your son?s cock?. She was still crying after a minute she said, ?Sorry da I have no choice your dad is not doing sex he is interested only in his village works I am hungry for this for more than 12 years.? I am cursing my dad in my mind u bastard u wasted such a hot wife.I decided to fuck my mom so I grabbed her to me and started to kiss her face and I kissed her lips. She was struggling then I leaved her and said,?oh mom u sacrificed your life to me I am all yours i?m ready to serve u? again I started to kiss her lips. She is responding well. I am already nude so I started to remove her saree I removed her blouse and her bra too her boobs her big like ripe mango. I started to press and suck that. I licked her nipple. She was moaning a lot. I also removed her panty I can see a trimmed valley of happiness.I lifted her to the bed in the meanwhile I?m kissing her lips. I put her on the bed and closed the door. I kissed her navel and licking it she was moaning like a hell I slowly went further down and started to kiss her pussy. She caught my head and pushed me to her pussy. I started to lick her pussy and clit I tongue fuck her. She started to talking bad words in Tamil'? dei unga amma vaa vidhatha da romba naala en kudhi ksnchi iruku un yechiyala iram pannu da?.?Don?t leave your mom make my dry pussy wet ah ahhhhhhhhhh? she was shouting like anything she asked can I suck? I kissed her lips and said? u r hungry for a cock so I?ll fuck u first? she said'? thanks but be gentle yours is double size of your father he?s just four inches yours is so thick. I placed my monster in the entrance I slowly pushed my cock inside her pussy it was so tight only 3 inches went inside I slowly took my cock outside and pushed it with a force 6 inches went inside she is crying and said don?t fuck me it hurts a lot. But it is like a pleasing in deaf ears.I pulled my cock outside and pushed with my full force. My whole 8¨ went inside. She was crying like a hell so I stopped and waiting for her signal after 2 minutes I started my movement now I can see a pleasure in her eyes and smile in her face I slowly increased my pace she shouted ?nalla oolu da unga amma vaa en kudhi ya kili da enna karbam aaku da ahhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm?.?Fuck me faster tear my pussy. Make me pregnant. I also said ?u son fucking bitch take my cock slut? I felt like cumming I asked where to cum. She said?,? cum inside me I?m all yours make me your wife ahhhh? I started to cum inside her in gallons I felt in dizziness on her. She kissed my forehead and said,? U made me come two times my husband?. On the other day after the tired fucking, I found myself on the bed covered with blanket. Mom was already woke and she forgot her bra in my room. I went to pee, wore my shorts and t-shirt and went down to hall. I found dad reading the newspaper, I went and wished him a good morning. But my eyes are searching for my dear mom cum wife lakshmi. She is not in kitchen too. I asked dad about mom. He said,?ava koil ku poiruka? that means she went to temple. I have to accept that she is so devotional. I had goosebumps what a good mother she is? lol!!Dad said that he is going to look after our farms. So I have to help mom in her chores. He also warned me not to make her angry by my naughty annoying works. I also said,? as you said dad?. But in my mind, I was laughing at peek and thinking,?You fool, I already loosened your wife?s pussy? and our maid gave me a coffee. She started to clean the floor. Her name is nirmala. She is 43 of age. She is also not bad. But I don?t have any sexual attraction towards her.I drank the coffee. I am desperately waiting for mom coz I have a hard-on since I woke up I guess maid also noticed it. Where is my slutty mom? time tickled 1 pm at that time. I had my food too. At 2 pm, I saw the car is returning to our gate. I know that is my hungry mom. I wanted to give her a surprise so I lied down on sofa as I was sleep. I guessed that my mom will suck my hard cock. But mom reacted differently she touched my feet and went. I was confused. I want a fuck I decided. So I followed her to the kitchen. I went and hugged her from back and started kissing her neck. She held my hand tightly and said,?I think my son is in mood?. I replied,?yeah, from morning I?m going to make you cry? and started to poke her belly button and started to rotate there. She was breathing heavily. I went and closed the main door and we moved to the master bedroom. I made her roll on the bed.She was wearing a beautiful purple saree and blouse. What a woman? I fell on her and kissing her forehead then lips. She responded passionately we exchanged saliva our tongues are rubbing each other?s. I removed her saree and I?m licking her navel. I?m a navel freak. I like good shaped navel. I love to bite my mom?s navel folds when I saw them. she said,?naa romba kuduthu vechava unga appa enna intha maari santhosa paduthanudha illa? (?I?m very lucky. your dad never makes me so horny and excited.?) I removed her blouse and bra and panty too. For my surprise, pussy hairs are shaven. I asked why you shaved? she said,?the hairs will disturb you, if you want I will grow hairs there too coz I?m your obedient wife.? I smiled and kissed her pussy and started licking it. She was moaning ahhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhh. She asked me for my cock so we went 69. I?m eating her pussy and she is sucking my cock. I was under her so I can lick both ass and pussy. She first kissed my cock head, it was growing thick thick and thick . She is sucking as a pro. She is sucking my cock and my balls too. She is licking my cock like an ice cream. I started fingering her pussy madly. She is moaning like hell. I guess the whole neighborhood will hear her moaning if i didn?t put music. Suddenly her body is shivering, she came like a river flowing from her pussy. I licked all that, suddenly she got up and pushed me to the bed and she jumped on me and started kissing me on lips. She is literally eating my lips. She said,?enna ole da illa naa sethuruven? (?fuck me otherwise I?ll die?) I rolled her down and tore her bra. She was full naked, I pushed my cock roughly in her pussy.I banged her very hard. She was shouting and holding the bed tightly, I made her sit in doggy. Happy to say, that is her first doggy, made her in all fours. I pushed in her pussy. It went very easily and I started to push my finger in her ass. She shouted what are you doing yaacckkkk. I didn?t listen, I forced my full middle finger and fingering she fell on bed in boobs down showing her pussy and ass to me. I mercilessly fucked her. She came another time, she was begging me to cum after 40 minutes for fuck. I sensed like cumming. I cummed in her pussy like a water pipe. I don?t know that I have that much of cum. I took out my semi-hard cock. Cum was oozing from her pussy. Mom was still in her four. I kissed her back and rubbed her spine area. I made her roll. She asked,?I want to taste your cum, can you give me?? I used my two fingers and put that inside her pussy and took our love juices and put that inside her hot mouth. She licked my finger clean. I can see a peak of satisfaction.I asked about the fuck we had. She said,?I?m the luckiest mom in the world? I take a look over the bedroom, mom?s clothes were fell down including her torn bra. She was lying her head in my chest. She said,?really I feel like a woman since you touch me rajesh, I decided one thing? I asked what it is? She said that she will tell that on my birthday.what?s her decision? what is the result of it? I?ll tell that in my next part until then stay tuned.
09-11-2021, at 10:58 AM

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