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Farm Family Adventures

Post #1

Farm Family AdventuresFarm Family Adventures----------I was taken quite by surprised seeing Kelly again. She had spent the day here during the Farms open membership event a few weeks ago, and I convinced her that she would be a perfect model for the Prestige Farm Brochure that featured the custom saddles and bridles. Her body is that of an athletic swimmer, pear shaped, with wide shoulders, 36DD chest, trim waist and shapely hips. Her piercing green eyes glowing like emeralds under blondish hair bundled in a green, ribbon Corset Braid straight out of the Victorian Age. Her jeans were tight and she wore a partially unbuttoned blouse of thin material that accentuated her nipples and cleavage."Good morning Miss Frolic," she meekly spoke to me. "I hope you don't mind that I am here visiting again. I so enjoyed my last visit that I just had to come again." I smiled thinking of the lecherous series of events that had occurred during the first visit. I had coerced her into posing nude for many of the brochure pictures. She had participated in a number of 'other' activities here during the first visit. (For details, see the previous story "Kelly's Farm Visit")"Well, Kelly! How wonderful to see you again," as I hugged her tightly, "I didn't expect to see you again." "Oh may, you couldn't keep me away. I had so much fun the first time, it just wouldn't seem right if I couldn't come and have fun again." she exclaimed excitedly. "I have a few days off of work, so I rushed to get here.""Wow, no everyone will be very happy to see you again I'm sure," winking my eye at her. "Do you have a place to stay? If not, we can surely find a place for you here with all this room at the Farm."We carried on chatting when Dad came into the office and gave her the once over many times. I just about laughed out loud watching his mouth drop open when he got a glimpse of her ample bosom. "Frolic, please introduce me to our guest," he forced his mouth shut, stepped forward and shook her hand. "Miss, I do hope that you will enjoy your stay here at the farm. Please let me know immediately if there is anything I can do to for you during your stay." His face flushed bright red having made the classical Freudian slip."Daddy, this is my friend Kelly. She was tied up before and you were so busy the last time with our Event, that you did not see her. She is going to spend a few days here, and I have invited her to stay with us, if that is ok with you? There is plenty of room in us girls' room for her. She's so tiny; she won't take up any space at all." "Dang, I can't imagine my not seeing such a beautiful girl. I must be getting old or need new glasses. Oh wait, I don't wear glasses...." he quipped.Kelly blushed and kept her eyes down on the ground as he spoke, and I slapped him on the arm for trying to put the make on her. "Daddy, quit embarrassing me in front of my friend. We will see you later," I said as we turned around and walked out towards the poolside entranceway. Pulling my keys out, I unlocked the security gate, and we stepped in.The water in the light blue pool shimmered in the sunlight. She admired the pool and commented about the western motif around the top of the pool and how it matched the outdoor concrete tables and benches. The fencing around the pool area was a series of arches covered in hanging vines and the brick wall behind them accented with built in flower nooks. Near the back of the pool was another arch nearly identical to the others but behind it was a small hidden grotto containing a large cushioned lounge chair and a small table. Pushing Kelly roughly down on the lounge, I straddled her hips and held her arms to the side with my hands. Leaning down letting my breath flow warmly against her neck, I begin licking her earlobe, biting it softly, sucking it into my mouth. Leaving a wet trail, I work my way down her neck to her shoulders, kissing and licking continuously until she is fairly well squirming under my lips and moaning softly. I bite her nipple very hard watching her wince in pain. Kissing her lips, forcing my tongue into her lips, releasing her arms, I gently brush her cheeks with my fingertips, caressing her.Her legs spread as my finger slide across her crotch. I unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. Her hips rose up from the lounger as I tugged them down below her rump. Her exposed pussy looked pouty and wet as I slipped my finger down along her slit. My finger was immediately moistened by her nectar. Leaning down I let my tongue flash along the top of her slit, lightly touching her clitoral sheath. Using my lips, I suckled it gently, coaxing it out of its hidden place. She begins squirming at my ministrations of her clitty lifting up her hips to greet my tongue. I let my teeth hold it lightly with my tongue bathing it in saliva.Releasing her clit, my fingers spread her labia wide exposing the coral pink flower of her pussy. Her feminine discharge was dripping down between her ass crack. I pressed two fingers into her easily and allowed my thumb to find and fondle her tight asshole. I pulled upwards on her crotch, letting my fingers plunge deeply into her and felt her convulsing against them, clutching my fingers with her muscles as she orgasmed in my hand. Her eyes were closed and heavily breathing as I began kissing her lips with mine."Um, Kelly, I think you liked that didn't you," I breathily whispered to her. "Pull you jeans up and lets go look at the locker rooms." She complied and we walked out of the hidden grotto towards the locker rooms and showers.Signs pointing Ladies and Men, directed you into the changing rooms. The two had a common wall in the center and were identically featured a shower room and a changing area. Along the common wall on both sides was a narrow closet for miscellaneous supplies and door marked 'Employees Only'.I smiled mischievously as we entered the rooms and stepped directly to the narrow closet in the Ladies locker. The closets are barely 4 feet wide. Opening the door closest to the pool, the closet contained towels, toilet paper and other miscellaneous supplies. Stepping to the shelving and giving a gentle tug, the shelf opens revealing a tiny cubbyhole behind it with a small bench along the wall and a 3-inch hole in the common wall directly at mouth level when sitting. I pulled Kelly into the cubby and closed the door, giving her a tight hug and kissed her deeply. A faint small light lit the area. Releasing her and setting her down on the narrow bench, I pointed to the hole in the wall."Any woman that enters this cubby here wants to suck a cock, and if a cock appears in that hole, then their wish is granted, a cock to suck to contentment. On the other side is the Men's locker room," I explained giggling softly."I've arranged a surprise for you, any minute now," as I tapped heavily against the wall. Within a few seconds, a slender cock of 5-inches appeared thru the hole. Reaching down behind her, I pushed her shoulders towards the cock sticking thru the hole."Suck that you little Slut, a nice young boy cock wanting to cum in your wet mouth," as she opened her mouth and the cock disappeared completely. I began fondling her breasts, squeezing them and pinching her nipples hard between my fingers and thumb. She was moaning with the cock deep down her throat. I slipped out of my jeans, and began rubbing myself with my fingers, and then straddled her shoulder with my pussy and started humping. My inner thighs were along her back and chest and I took her hand and guided it to my pussy on her shoulder, and she eagerly began fingering me as I humped her. I heard loud moaning coming from the other side of the wall and sensed that my surprise young boy was about to deposit a huge load of cum in her throat. I pressed her head hard against the cock that was thrusting into her mouth, making sure she would not pull back as he unloaded in her. Strands of white sperm spewed out around her lips as she tried to swallow the massive load. She continued sucking until I saw the cock deflate into a soft mass and fall from her mouth. "You like this you little Slut, don't you. You are such a Cock Sucking Whore Kelly. I knew you might like to visit the closet a lot more once you knew what you could have in your mouth."The cock disappeared and she turned to face my pussy and began furiously licking at my pussy, plunging her tongue deep into me. I grabbed handfuls of her hair and crushed her face against my pussy and humped hard at her tongue. Within a few minutes, I came with satisfying abandon wetting her face completely. my cum and the boys spilled sperm mingled and ran down between her breasts."Tonight, I am going to have you show my Dad and my whole family what a Horny Cunt you are. We are going to family fuck you. Everyone in my family is going to enjoy teasing you until you fucking beg us to let you join our family. All your holes will be our holes, to do with as we please when we want them, and being the Slutty Cunt Whore, you are going to do exactly as we ask and please us all." "Yes, I will be your family's Slutty Whore. Make me do anything you want Frolic, I am a Nasty Cunt wanting to be used and abused any time you or the family wishes," she whispers.----------It is almost dinnertime as I lead Kelly upstairs into my bedroom that is shared by my other two sisters, Chandra and Ashley. They are both sitting on their beds with their legs spread wide and masturbating while watching each other. They do not stop as we come up into the room. Kelly seems shocked to see the display of two hot young spread-eagle girls playing with themselves unabashedly."Girls, this is my Whore friend Kelly, she is going to be staying here this weekend with us," pushing Kelly between the two girls, "Let her taste your little pussys, stick your fingers in her mouth." Both girls close in on Kelly and offer their sticky fingers wet with their sweet nectar. Kelly's eyes close as she opens her mouth and accepts the wet offering eagerly, sucking them in and licking them clean. "See girls, I told you she was a Whore. Let us get her dressed for dinner, Daddy, Uncle Tim and Steven need to see what a Cunt she is and take her as they wish. Of course, you girls may enjoy the Bitch as well." Pulling item after item out of our closets, holding them up to Kelly's ample body, trying to find the perfect sexy outfit for her to wear down to dinner to give the men a rise. We finally decided on a stunningly sheer white floral blouse, low cut to mid stomach, with swatches of the floral designs barely covering her huge breasts. A short white, tight, slinky-looking skirt accentuated her rounded plump buttocks. Walking her ass wiggled and the tight skirt rode up a bit with each step until her ass was exposed. She already wore a pair of thong panties, which were well soaked with her own juices that clung to her hairy pubes.Finally having gotten Kelly all dressed to fuck; we girls also choose some very sexy clothing as well, bra-less of course, to help turn the men on at dinner. Ashley, being the youngest, chose a cute schoolgirl outfit complete with white button blouse and a very short blue pleated skirt that showed off her tiny rump. Chandra, having the darkest complexion, chose a white low cut blouse that made her dark nipples leap out at your eyes, and a knee length skirt of dark blue. Being the most reserved, a deep brown colored cowl top that scooped below my breasts showing plenty of nipple when I bent over. A long slit-side black skirt completed my ensemble. We heard the men come in from the barns, and one by one, we entered the living room. The men had settled into the easy chairs, and Steven grabbed a kitchen chair.First, Ashley bounced down the stairs with her skirt flying up on each step and her pert titties jiggling under her blouse. Giggling loudly, she skipped into the room. Daddy and Uncle Tim were both totally staring at her, even Steven was gawking. She plopped down on the couch crossing one leg under the other, exposing her white panties to all of them.Next, Chandra made her way slowly into sight, the skirt making her steps a bit more difficult, but the skirt rose up as she made her way down the stairs. Her dark skin under the light blouse further enhanced the looks of her nipples, which were standing taunt, thinking of the men in the room. Steven mouth dropped open seeing her dressed so sexily, and Dad and Uncle Tim exchanged a nodding glance at each other of approval of Chandra's beauty.I climbed down the stairs pacing as if a lioness had spotted prey on the Serengeti. As I stepped to the couch, I bent over at the waist and adjusted my sandals, completely exposing both breasts to the men, and then sat down."Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you now...Miss Kelly, Our Guest," speaking loudly.Kelly hesitantly stepped into view at the top of the stairs. She was a vision of loveliness. Her legs so toned and muscular stood out as she walked down the stairs. From the bottom angle, you could see her buttocks, and the sway of her 36DD breasts under the floral pattern made everyone want to run and pick the flowers. This time, all three men had their eyes glued to her breasts and body unashamedly not blinking taking her in as if it were their last breath on earth. She blushed profusely a light reddish highlight on her cheeks."Kelly, give the men a good look. Remember how you turned and pirouetted for me during the photo shoot, do that now, while I fix their cocktails." I bent again, shooting a view, but none of the men were bothering looking at me. Kelly had definitely caught their attention completely as she turned and pivoted around and around slowly, letting their eyes drink her in.I mixed the cocktails and set them on the divide, and motioned to Kelly to come serve them to the men. She stepped gently over and picked up the tray and went first to Daddy and bent to offer him his cocktail first. So intent on her, that as he reached for his drink, his hand went right into her blouse, touching her breast. Shocked, he pulled his hand back, looking down and got the drink, and sheepishly said thank you to her. I saw her shudder at his touch on here breast, but she remained motionless, still bent over providing him with a perfect view of her assets.She straightened up and stepped to Uncle Tim's side, bending again, offering him his cocktail. I could see even from across the room that his cock was so hard and standing straight up in his pants. He took his cocktail slowly, with one hand, and the other at his crotch pushing and pulling on it to squish it down some.Kelly, Chandra and I started preparing the dinner, setting the table and getting the food ready and placed on the table. Ashley sat contentedly on the couch, fingering herself to the delight of Uncle Tim who had started watching her when Kelly had gone into the kitchen. Dad's chair still offered him a view of Kelly, Chandra and I in the kitchen, and his eyes were bouncing between us all. As the food was placed on the table, we each took a seat, with Dad and Uncle Tim, each at the ends of the table, and Chandra and Ashley on one side, and Kelly, myself and Steven on the other. Steak, mash potatoes and asparagus were served. As we started eating, there was some small talk but that quickly waned as I started helping Kelly with her food.Taking a long asparagus, dipped the end in the mashed potatoes and offered it to her lips. She seductively opened her mouth licking the mashed potatoes off the tip of asparagus then sucking the end of it into her mouth. We giggled at each other, and continued with the food play. I openly reached my hand into her top and caressed her breasts, pulling them free and exposing them. I dabbed mashed potatoes on her nipples and leaned down and licked them clean. Chandra got the hint, and pulled her blouse open and put potatoes on her nipples as well and little Ashley eagerly licked all the potatoes off her breasts as well.By this time, all the men were squirming in their seat, attempting to calm their growing hard cocks. They tried to concentrate on their meals, but we had completely disrupted that activity."Well, Is anyone ready for Dessert?" I asked them smiling. "I have a very special dessert for you tonight."The men all nodded and said 'Yes'. I told them to go into the living room, and we would bring it out to them in just a few moments after we cleaned the table off. Dad, Uncle Tim and Steven moved into the living room, and the TV was flipped on. They sat there absentmindedly watching it.Once the table was cleared, I grabbed Kelly and stripped her clothing off her. She gasped but remained silent. I went to the refrigerator pulling out the whipped cream and completely covered her breasts and pussy with it. We girls guided Kelly out into the living room naked covered only with the cream. The men's eyes bulged out of their heads seeing her. I tossed a thick furry blanket on the floor with a single pillow and had Kelly lay backwards on it. With pillow under her lower back, it thrust her chest in the air, and her pussy upwards as well. "This is your Dessert gentlemen. Daddy you get to eat at the Y and Uncle Tim and Steven have to share the mountaintops. You MUST take your clothes off, before you can eat. Then you can have at it; this little Slut wants you licking the cream off her body. Chandra and Ashley take your clothes off as well and kneel down by Kelly, Daddy, Uncle Tim and Steven wants to see us all naked."Without hesitation, Everyone got up and undressed completely. The girls all looked so ravishing. The men began licking at Kelly's whipped cream spots. Their slurps and gulps were proof that they were enjoying themselves as were the length of their cocks as they did it. Daddy and Uncle Tim, being brothers had dicks of similar length, about 7 1/2 inches in length and a girth of 2-inches, with Steven only measuring maybe 5-inches, and slender like the asparagus stalks. Uncle Tim's hand reached out and found Chandra's pink slit and began fingering her gently as he lapped at Kelly's breast. Steven seeing Uncle Tim's action, reached out and got a hold of little Ashley's tiny pussy and slipped his finger into her as well. I moved over and straddled Kelly's stomach, putting my pussy directly in front of Daddy and started fingering myself.Kelly was writhing in pleasure as the men's tongues worked on her pussy and breasts; she was moaning quietly which only served to goad them on more and more. When they had finished licking all the whipped cream off her body, her breath was ragged and heavy with anticipation. Seizing the opportunity to get Daddy and Uncle Tim to cooperate with each other, I decided to direct the action."Daddy, lie down on the blanket, and let the little Slut mount your cock. She wants your dick in her Ass." Kelly rolled to the side, her breasts flopping sexily, until Daddy was lying next to her. She promptly squatted over his hard cock and began lowering asshole slowly on his cock. Chandra and Ashley watched intently and both their hands were in their own crotches along with Uncle Tim and Steven's fingers.As Kelly started rising up and down on Daddy's stiff dick, I leaned over to Uncle Tim. "Uncle Tim, how would you like to Fuck this little Slut Kelly? She needs to be taught a good stiff lesson," speaking loud enough for everyone to hear as I pushed Kelly down backwards on Daddy's chest. "Look out Daddy, here come Uncle Tim to poke her with you. She Loves to be Ass Fucked and Daddy should have her all wet from her own juices dripping out by now." He smiled evilly and moved as I told him to. "Daddy, Fuck her Cunt with your Big Dick, while Uncle Tim Fucks her ass. She is a good Whore and wants you both inside her at the same time, Don't you Kelly?""Oh, GOD YES, Please!" she pleaded in her quiet voice."Chandra, go straddle Kelly's chest and put your pussy on her lips and coat it with your nectar and let it dribble into her mouth.""Steven, you better try to keep her quiet, and stick your cock in her mouth. She is a good Cock Sucking Slut and make sure you Cum in her mouth too. Since you have such a slender dick, you can fuck both Kelly's mouth and Chandra's ass, one after another.""Just you remember though Steven, Chandra is a Virgin, and her pussy belongs to Daddy, so you are NOT Allowed to fuck her Pussy, That is ONLY for Daddy." "Ashley, you go lick your Uncle Tim's balls while he fucks this Slut. I'm gonna straddle her waist and let my cunny feel Uncle Tim's cock going into her cunt."It was not long that Steven pulled out of Kelly's mouth and slipped his little slender dick into Chandra's tight ass. She felt the tip of him press against her brownie and slowly slip into her and almost immediately she came and her cum gushed onto his cock and Kelly's waiting mouth. He took a few slow pumps and realized her was about to cum and pulled out and again forced his cock into Kelly's mouth. In less than 30 seconds his face fucking he unloaded a huge volume of cum into her mouth. She was gagging but he kept pushing into her mouth enthralled in cumming. Sperm was squirting everywhere around his cock and her lips.Uncle Tim had his cock deeply burrowed into Kelly's pussy. He pulled it out until only the tip was in, and then plunged it into her again, time after time. My pussy felt his cock going in and out of her, and as he was about to climax, he pulled it out and pointed it at my gaping pussy and let the load fly against my pussy lips and pubes. Ashley quickly rose up and began licking Uncle Tim's cum from Kelly's belly and my pussy savoring the taste of it on her lips. Uncle Tim rolled off Kelly and began lapping at Ashley's little quim. Chandra layback and Steven began licking on her sweet pussy as well. I turned around and mashed my pussy against Kelly's lips and fucked her face, with Daddy watching from below.Daddy started raising his rump up and down, thrusting deeper into Kelly's ass and with a great groan; he shot his hot seed into her. He humped harder and harder with each shot of sperm deep into her ass. Finally, he got still as his cock came out of her ass with a plop."Kelly my Ass Fucking Whore, go suck my Daddy's cock clean now," I commanded her and she obeyed immediately. Taking his semi-flaccid member in her mouth, she sucked and licked him clean. Her cunt and ass were glistening with sperm flowing from her ass as she worked on Daddy's cock. Daddy had a huge smile on his face."Oh my god Frolic, what have you done to all of us?" Daddy asked. "It's like?I don't know what. I guess that you are now in charge of everything here at the farm; we have all become submissive to you?. Mistress Frolic, we are yours to command.""Yes, I am Mistress Frolic, and you all will obey me at all times. Daddy, it is time that you take Chandra's virginity. She has such a hot body and her sweet pussy is waiting for her New Daddy to take it and fuck it. She wants it almost as badly as Kelly wants to be our Family Fucking Whore."Chandra blushed deeply and lies down on the furry blanket and submissively opens her legs for all to see her sweet pussy. Taking her fingers, she pulls her labia wide open exposing the pink inside to us but mostly for Daddy."Daddy?will you please Fuck me and make me a woman," Chandra moans seductively waiting anxiously for Daddy to take her. "Come here Daddy, let me suck your dick and make it hard again. I want you so badly, Please. Mistress Frolic gives you permission to take me, now and anytime you want me in the future." We could tell by the crooked smile that she was thoroughly ready to be taken by Daddy.Daddy moved slowly towards Chandra, his cock again starting to get hard hearing her beg for his cock. He places his hands behind her head and pulls her down to his cock, pushing the tip of it into her yearning mouth. It disappears in her lips, her cheeks puff, as the outline of his cock is apparent in her mouth. He slowly feeds it deeper and deeper into her mouth until the tip of his cock is buried deep inside her throat. She barely gags feeling it go in so deep, as she relaxes her throat to accept it's length. Now I understood why she had been eating so many bananas over the past few weeks, she was practicing taking a cock deep in her throat with the fruit.Daddy slowly fucked her mouth, enjoying the feel of her tongue swirling along the bottom of his cock. He was almost ready to shoot his load, when I reached up and grabbed his balls and pulled him from her mouth, stopping his imminent discharge."Shame on you Daddy, you mustn't come in her mouth this time. You must deflower her properly, take her virginity with your manly cock, make her feel your love deep inside her pussy, shoot your load into her."I lay her on her back, pulling her legs apart more, and push Daddy between her legs. I take hold of his cock and guide it to her labia lips, moving it up and down in her hot slit, wetting the tip. Reaching to my own pussy, I gather a handful of my nectar and coat his cock's length with it, making sure it was lubricated."Daddy, now fuck your new daughter like you have fucked Ashley and I. Make her yours."We all watch as he slowly and gently slips his cock past the tip into her swollen pussy lips, and begins to rock back and fort, each time a bit deeper inside till her feels her hymen stop the entrance."Chandra, this may hurt some," he whispers to her. She nods at him, and raises her legs up to around his waist and opens them wider, allowing him in."Do it Daddy, I want your cock in me. Make me your loving Daughter." Chandra says wantonly. With a strong thrust, Daddy rips thru her hymen and sinks his cock deep inside her. The tip of his cock surely hit her cervix with the thrust. He stays still, letting her feel his length and for the pain of it to go away, then begins a slow rhythmic pumping of his cock in her pussy. The expression of pain on her face quickly subsides and gives way to a look of pure pleasure feeling him sink into her. She starts panting and moaning, clutching at his back with her fingers, raking him with her nails, pulling him repeatedly into her pussy.His movements continue slow and hard as he arches himself up and using his lips begins to nuzzle her milk chocolate breasts, licking and biting on her nipples. Her breath becomes in heavy bursts as she nears her orgasm. Daddy senses the change in her breathing and begins to hump her quicker, feeling her quiver under his strokes."Oh Daddy, I'm CUMMING," she shouts. He fucks her now with abandon, trying to keep pumping her while she has her first orgasm with a man inside her. She quavers roughly, pulling at his ass, forcing him deeper inside her, until he too begins to unload his seed deep in her pussy in time with her orgasm.Their movements slow down, as she erratically continues to thrust herself up onto his cock until she is totally satisfied and spent. Daddy's cock remains inside her for a few moments then slips out as a gush of hot sperm flows from her hole. Her face is awash in a lovely smile licking her lips she kisses him passionately."Thank you Daddy. I love you so much. Thank you for having me." Chandra whispers."Chandra, we all love you. Kelly, welcome to the Family. You truly are our Cocksucking Cunt Whore Slut, and we will use you as often as necessary to make sure you remember it."
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