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More than Girlfriends Meet Lesbian

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More than Girlfriends Meet LesbianIt started out as an internet friendship. Somehow we had gotten each other's e-mail address and found out that we had similar fantasies. We wrote back and forth, sometimes every day, sometimes going a week between emails. We dove into the world of our fisting fantasies. We would tell each other what we would do if we ever met. We became friends, too, sharing our every day lives with each other, our frustrations, how our day went and all the things you share with a good friend. We traded pictures of each other. We exchanged phone numbers. We talked a few times. It wasn't phone sex; it was talking about the normal everyday stuff, and, well, about how and when we would finally meet. You see, we live 5 hours apart. Therefore, the idea was to meet somewhere in-between. It was hard to find a day that we could both get together. The first one we had planned didn't work because I had forgotten it was Columbus Day and the k**s would be off of school. The second try didn't happen because she works a few days a week and the only day I can easily get off is Tuesday and of course it is one of the days she works. What a frustrating situation. We continued to talk on the phone and send messages back and forth, but we really wanted to get together. We were curious to see if we would be compatible when we were together in person and comfortable enough with each other to act out our fantasies. Then the day finally arrived! We had figured out a way to meet on a Monday. I was very excited and I'm sure she was, too. As I was driving there I had Metalica blasting in the car. I was singing along, windows down, hair blowing all around. It was a great day for a drive. The sun was shining, it was in the upper 70's and the sky was clear as clear can be. We had decided to meet at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant just off I55 in the town halfway between us. This way we could get to know each other over lunch and see if we even wanted it to become more. As the music droned on in the background (since in my excitement I forgot to bring more than one tape and was listening to this one for the 3rd time) I started to think about what she would be like. I mean, we had exchanged pictures, I had talked to her on the phone multiple times and it seemed like this would be a go, but you never know. I hoped it would be great! I would have hated to drive all that way for "nothing." You know how you get your expectations up so high that nothing can meet them, well, I was afraid that we had both done that. Little did I know that we were going to get along so famously.I arrived at the cracker Barrel at 11am, 30 minutes early. It hadn't taken me nearly as long as I though it would despite the tail end of rush hour traffic I encountered when I left home. I mulled around in the Country Store they have on premises, looking at postcards, knickknacks and coffee mugs. I went in to the bathroom to check my appearance. I touched up my make-up, fluffed my hair and put a breath mint in my mouth. I was getting nervous the longer I had to wait. I went back out to the store part of the restaurant and I saw her walk in. It had to be her; she looked just like she did in her picture. We walked towards each other and with a smile on my face, I asked "Judie?" She replied "Yep, it's me, live
09-11-2021, at 10:58 AM

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