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Lovely Lola

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Lovely LolaLovely LolaBy: Londebaaz ChohanAll the plans were messed. The rain was coming down really hard and fast. Jason was late and not by few minutes or by an hour or so but late for over 3 hours by now. The road traffic was slow and blocked for miles if not totally stopped. Finally, he decided to stop at a truck stop near Princeton Junction for the late supper. Getting off the truck, he hustled inside as quickly as he could and shook the rain water off him and got seated in a booth, ordering a house special; half pounder beef sandwich with black coffee. He was not new at this place and the waitress, Shana was always very nice and served with a big smile. Surprisingly, not many drivers had pulled off the road and the place was like all empty. Almost done with his meal; he saw a cute little thing walk by him towards the bathrooms. Jason watched with interest as her ass swished under her high skirt, while she walked. Down the hall, she obviously hesitated a bit before swinging her body towards the lady?s room. While paying Shana, Jason again saw her come out of the bathroom and walk past him giving a sweet smile as she returned to her seat. She dug deep in her handbag and placed the money on the table before picking up her slightly larger shoulder bag and walked out of the diner without a raincoat or the umbrella. The rain was still coming hard. A few minutes later; Jason was out too and taking a quick walk all around the rig to inspect it before leaving the parking lot and climbed into the truck cabin. Carefully, he put the truck in the gear, released the brakes and started to roll slowly out of the lot. Just hitting the driveway curve; he saw the charming one, stand under a half broken shade and called out to know, which way she was heading. Surely, she startled a bit and whispered, Alexandria. Jason looked down from his cabin at the totally soaked young lady and asked her to come around the other side and climb in. She scouted around in front of the truck and pulled on the passenger side door. Here she was the cutie pie, Jason had seen a few minutes earlier in the restaurant. The combination of rain, her high heels, large shoulder bag and her shorter skirt all caused a struggle to climb inside. Finally, she was in and pulled the door closed and thanked Jason with a big and dashing smile.Jason, extended his hand and introduced himself. He reminded her that she could catch cold being out in the rain. She smiled and introduced her as Lola and extended her gratification for the help and asked if Jason was going all the way to Virginia. Jason told her that after about an hour, he was going to stop for overnight but will get on the road for an early morning run tomorrow. He told Lola to crawl in the sleeper at the back and change into something dry in her bag. As he began the wheels of the rig to run, he watched her cute ass on display under the high skirt as she moved to go in the back cabin and then pulled her shoulder bag in there too. About 10 minutes later, she made her way back into the front cab of the truck to sit next to Jason, who checked her out as he drove. She wore a long sweater as Jason could see but no skirt as he could see or tell. Lola thanked Jason once again to let her come into the dry and warm truck of his, sat on the seat such that she pulled her knees up against her chest tucking them under the warm sweater. Realizing her feeling cold, Jason turned up the heat and cheerfully told her that she will be warm soon. As he drove; she spoke most of the time, talking about her life. She told Jason about her friend in Virginia and that she was to find some work as she gets there. They realized that miles passed quickly and the rain had also stopped. Around midnight, they were nearing the area called ?King of Prussia? and Jason decided to pull over for the night. After he was parked properly, Jason hopped out of the truck and walked around his truck, mainly to stretch his legs. When he returned back in, he could see a dim light shining in the sleeper area and saw Lola lying on her side with her naked legs stretched out. He noticed that her hair was dark black with the bangs falling across her face. Jason just could not believe his eyes to see her turn a little and her body came in the dim light. Lola was lying there, totally naked on the sheets and his suspicions were confirmed. She really had almost flat chest with zero tits, a nicely firm belly and at least a 2? limp cock curving over the big mound of balls and lying against her inner thigh. Jason quickly took his shirt off and kicked his driving shoes. He also unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and his slightly over 6 inch white, uncut cock came out; hard as a steel rod. He was suspicious since he saw her in the restaurant and now, no doubt was left to be removed. She was ready to pay back for her ride to Virginia. He made no suggestions and softly, silently came to lay down beside her. Lola moved to come between his legs and pulled his jeans already hanging by his knees and planted a big kiss on the big, soft head of the sexy cock and then went berserk with her wet lips and tongue, all around Jason?s sex muscle. Her tongue darted across the cock?s crown and the helmet making Jason jump time and again with the blissful feeling and then her lips opened wide and they slid down the stiff member. With her jaws relaxed, she took all of the six inches Jason junior in her throat on the first try while Jason let her mouth take full control of his cock. Soon she was pumping the full man rod up and down with her mouth while her nails scratched Jason?s thighs. Strangely, Jason?s fingers had also jumped in action and they were pinching his own nipples. His toes were tingling very bad and Jason was scrunching them attempting to keep him from cumming. He knew that he had to pace because reloading had not been easy for him since the school days.Watching this X rated scene of Lola sucking him in a low light; like being in the theater was being compulsive as he placed his large hand on the back of her neck, encouraging her to engulf and swallow even more of his cock and lick his balls also. In minutes, he was arching his back and shot his juice in her mouth. Lola did not flinch a bit and continued to suck and swallow the manly nutrition dumped in her mouth. After the elation was over and she knew that she had drained Jason, she smiled and looked up in his eyes with his cum dripping from the side of her lips.Lola woke him up early next morning with his again erected cock in her wet and warm mouth. Seeing him stir, she giggled and announced that it was his wake-up call and then quickly lowered her lips all the way to the thick base of the fat cock taking it to the hilt. Of course; Jason was further delayed due to the late start but a Good Morning sex episode is worth any delay, he knew.The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan August 4, 2019.
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