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Passer by.

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Passer by.For a few years now i like to get away at weekends , A bit of peace and quiet is hard to find but i did come across a pretty remote place last year while out exploring during a weeks break.Small river with plenty of tree cover , i returned there with my tent and did a spot of fishing , sunbathing and general relaxing with a beer or two.This year i returned and stocked up i settled for three days. Fishing was ok with long breaks and some were good enough to cook up on a fire.I am a naturist and also like to dabble with being an exhibitionist which going to a remote place is not ideal you might ask.But on this occasion i wanted peace but i also wanted to spend the time naked , the water was ok to swim.Ok so two days in i am stretched out and i hear a voice i look over my shoulder and a women is walking a dog , WTF. I thought this was remote , turns out she in fact lived quite far but saw the smoke from my small fire.I was also happy that being naked she in fact never worried to much and carried on chatting asking why i was there . I gave her some fish and she left.Fast forward the following day and my fishing gear was packed and i only had the last couple of cans so it was two or three hours getting the sun before moving on.One quick dip in the river and then stretch out to dry off.Watch as the water evaporates from my body and my dick stiffens , the purple head is shining in the sunlight. Guess who returns with a small gift of cakes , like i need a cakes , but hey she did take one step forward and two back when she saw i was hard as hell. I did say sorry about that wasn't expecting anyone , please stay , im sure things will return to normal . which they didn't as she was making things worse by being there.Ten minutes of chat and i was still pointing skyward and quite frankly there was no way i was going to cover up , i was enjoying every minute and i didn't see her making a move to leave.So life stories were told in two minutes and during my two minutes i was making my cock twitch which i could see was making her take a few peeks.I led her into a conversation about naturism and learn't that she was pretty uneducated in a lot of things.But ten minutes later she did ask how i did that to my cock and that was it , the ice was broken. Explaining that the muscles could be use to flick my dick so to speak , i beckoned her to look closely and she gave a little hmmmm.My dick was now throbbing and the head was dark purple as more blood filled it and she again asked about it, but time was not on my side and i said that when it gets to this point it means i'm going to ejaculate and are beyond wanting to stop.ok ok she said don't stop . Without touching it i twitched again and bang it exploded with three or so squirts , it was then i gave it a few extra pumps to get the rest out . Wow she cried , that was great i never saw that before. which made me wonder what her married life was like? Going back in a few weeks but i'm not sure what the chances are of her walking by.
09-11-2021, at 10:59 AM

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