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Wife invited new female workmate to dinner

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Wife invited new female workmate to dinnerWe were getting ready for our occasional date night at home. It was something that we both enjoyed allowing us time together in the midst of hectic schedules. Linda ws last to get ready as usual and was wearing a new dress, evening gown style would be my best description. Sexy in that there were big panels of material coverin gher ample breasts, although as it was backless, there was obviously no bra! It was then that the door bell rang and Linda said that will be Pam. I looked at Linda and she said, she is the new woman I talked to you about from work. She always seems to be at a loose end at the weeknds so I invited her around. I went to the front door, opened it and invited Pam inside. She was about 5'6" tall with long dark brown hair.She asked where Linda was. I said she is just putting the final touched together for her outfir. That's a pity' she said, pressing her body against mine she continued 'do you like my body?' I looked down to admire what I could see - her large breasts heaved at her tight top she turned around so her ass was against my crotch and asked 'do you like my ass too?' I replied 'yes you have a great ass and from what I can see great tits' I asked Pam would like a drink. She said yes, so I poured three glasses of wine and that wsa when Linda joined us. Lnda commented, I see that you two have introduced yourselves and asked me what we were talking about' I am a hopeless liar so I said that she had been flirting with me. Did I like it Linda asked. Of course I did - flirting is fun isn't it. A little later on after eating our evening meal Pam came asked if we would like a drink. We said yes and as Pam went to pour the drinks I took the opportunity to go to the restroom. When I returned I spied from behind the door I could see the two of them talking - I wondered what about? I waited a while, just watching, before returning to the dining table. Pam got up and whispered something to Linda, as she did so her beatifull backside was right in my face. As Pam turned to leave she gave me a wink.I asked Linda what they had talked about as they seemed to be having a good chat. Amelia said that Pam had been quite forward and had said that she had found me attractive and wanted me. I said really! Pam had askedher if it was unusual that I was chatted up when we were out. Amelia had said that it was normally her that was hit on, but she had seen the odd flirtation.I asked what Pam had whispered to her. Pam had whispered 'Go on imagine me having sex with him, what you would feel if you saw us, I don't mind you watching'Amelia had finished her drink already, so I went to get another while she thought.When I got back to the table Linda a took the drink, took a big gulp and said wait here a minute. She walked out of the dining room towards the bathroon where to Pam was freshening up and gave a quick knock. I could hear the two of them talking in muffled voices inside the bathroom.It was Pam that left the bathroom first, she came over to me and said have I got a treat in store foryou.Linda returned next dimming the lights in the living area put on a little background music and asked me to help her put down two big futons which were being used as sofas. She showed me where to put them.Pam started to do a stirptease. Down to her underwear she looked fantastic nice round breasts a tanned body with small thong covering her pussy.At this point Pam pulled me up off the chair and removed all my clothes - she said take off my thong and lick my pussy. Pam had a shaved pussy, totally bald, I layed her down on the futons and started to give her some oral. She started to talk giving a commentry to Lindaa, Taunting her, your husband is licking my pussy, sucking my clit, putting his fingers inside me, oh that's good just there.Linda said 'that's it!' I thought I was going to have to stop. She said again 'that's it' I turned to look at her - she was naked on the her chair looking at us and masturbating. She looked great her tanned body was gleaming with perspiration, her 32D breasts were topped with erect nipples.Pam was looking at Linda aswell, she looked at me and said lick my clit and make me cum. A couple of minutes later both women had had their first orgasm. Pam said to Linda 'you liked that did't you you liked seeing your husband giving me pleasure.'Linda said 'yes I liked it, I'm jealous and want him to lick me now.' Pam said go on lick you wife'spussy like you licked mine. It was arkward with Linda on the chair so I said to get on the futon. She was sooooo wet,I had two fingers inside her which is what she likes and she started to moan and pushed my head down on her clit and said lick it lick it she started to shudder climaxing very quickly.I was as hard as a rock, eating pussy really got me hard.Pam had some lube which she was applying to her shaved pussy, it was gleaming - I said your pussy looks amazing. Pam said it's going to look even better in a second.Pam had taken her bra off and her breasts were still full and round and both her nipples were pierced with rings. Pam said to Linda I want you to see this so she moved around so that Linda had a full view of her pussy. Pam said put your finger in me like before. I started to move them back and forth. Thats two isn't it, use another - she said. With all the lube and her juices Pam was very wet each stroke was accompanied by a noise of some sort. Pam started to twist one of her nipple rings and then pull on it - her other hand was down at her clit massaging it genlty. Slow down now she said try for four. Linda said no way! Four fingers went in - Pams lips were sretching over them.More lube - put some on your hand, I put some on my free hand massaged it around her full pussy, and your other hand she said. She grasped my wrist and said I want it all. We worked gently moving my thumb into place and working her pussy so that she could accommodate my entire fist. All of a sudden I felt a warmth all over my hand - leave it there for a moment Pam said. She started to rock back and forth and said for me to slowly rotate my hand to the right until she said to stop. She again started to talk at Linda - your husband has his fist in my pussy, oh yes, stop there, thats the spot, it's in my pussy and it feels sooo good! Fuck yeah!Linda said 'that can't feel good'Pam replied watch this - Her hips started to shudder as her internal muscles contracted, she said one, she kept going with the slow movement of her hips after her first orgasm and then quickly onto a second, she said two, this contunued through to six, then Pam put one of her hands on my arm and said I am going to guide you out now. I could feel her working her internal muscles trying to push my hand out. Her pussy lips hugged my wrist as she genlty pulled on my arm with her hand, I could see her lips widening as my hand came out. As the widest part of my hand moved out she let out a moan and her hips shuddered again as she the forcefully pulled on my arm to let my hand free. 'Seven' she said.Linda was aghast - how? she said to Pam, did you like it she aked me.I said that it felt amazing having my hand up there and having Pam orgasm like that. Did you see her pussy when I took my hand out. The way her lips hugged my hand wow!Pam said to Linda - it takes a bit of practice. Then turning to me Pam said fuck me. She turned around and presented me with her ass, my cock slipped easily into her still gaping pussy, getting covered in her juices and lube.Pam said 'fuck me in the ass, I want it in my ass.' So I removed my slippery cock from her pussy and as I went to slip it into her ass she said 'put it all in, fuck my ass, put it all in now.So I rammed my cock staight into her ass, it was lovely warm and tight around my bursting cock. This time I was talking, that feels good, my cock is in herass and it feels good.Linda was playing wth herself again, as I watched her I pumped my load into Pam's ass. As I withdrew my cumran down her ass. Pam put her hand around and then tasted some of the cum after which she cleaned my cock with her mouth.We both watched Linda as she reached her orgasm, Pam moved over to take Linda's hand in her mouth as she finished.It was very early in the morning by now and Linda said our bedroom is through there - you can sleep in the other room. Just next door.Carrying Linda to the bed Pam said I want you again - tomorrow.While we lay in bed before falling asleep I thanked Linda for letting me have a great night. She said I liked it too and I am not going to let you satisfy her more than me. I want sex like that aswell. Are you sure I said. Damn right I'm not letting her get more than me I'll show her!With that we went to sleep and I waited eagerly to see if she would live upto her promise.When I woke in the late morning there was a smell of fresh coffee and pastry wafting through the house.It wasn't long before Linda appeared and asked 'did you like last night' I answered 'it was amazing', continuing 'Howdid you find it' Linda replied 'I liked it more than I thought I would' 'What did you enjoy most' I responded Linda Said 'Well I don't think that there was anything that I didn't like - Watching you do all those things to her I liked seeing her reaction and when she started to taunt me I thought I wish it was me, I want to have sex with you like that -When you gave me oral it was so intense after watching you with her, look at my nipples they're hard just talking about it' We were both hungry after our exploits Linda said that Pam was already up and the kitchen.Pam asked is it OK if I have a shower now? We could both see the bathroom door from the table and when Pam re-appeared she struck a pose in the doorway. Her body glistened with glitter as she came closer I could see her shaven pussy again it was a bit swollen and puffyfrom the previous nights action, I think I preferred it that way. Linda could see my gaze and said 'you like a shavedpussy don't you' 'Well Pam's looks great' I said Linda got up and said 'I think it's my turn for a shower. Pam can you help me with something?' 'Why don't you call me when you need me, just leave the door open and give me a shout.' Pam replied. Linda disappeared into the bathroom. Pam sat herself on the table infront of me and moved a hand down to her pussy, slipping in at first one then two fingers. She said 'I like the way it looks after a good night', continuing 'I can see you like it too, I want you to lickit now.' It was a good ten minutes before Linda shouted 'Pam can you come to the bathroom' Pam shouted back 'I'm coming now' Pam started to thrust her pussy as a licked deep and I could feel her fingers rubbing her clit, she came. Getting up she kissed me on the lips and said 'thanks for waking me up properly. I'll see what Linda wants.When Pam entered the bathroom she closed the door. I could still hear the shower going and after a few minutes Pam appeared and said close your eyes. I closed my eyes and to make sure that I wasn't peeping Pam stood behind me with her hands over my eyes. I could feel her breasts rubbing the back of my head and shoulders as I sat there. I could hear Linda now she was on the table in front of me. Pam said 'now you are to do exactly as we discussed Linda'. Linda replied 'Yes, I will.' As I opened my eyes my wife's pussy was there infrontof my face. Pam held me to my chair. Linda's pussy was now totally shaved, it glistened like Pam's had. Seeing her pussy for the first time like this I was taken aback byit's beauty. It was a different shape to Pam's, having a longer clitoral hood and bigger labia. Linda started to massage her pussy on the outside getting herself moist. Apart from last night I had never seen her do this and this was close up. Not only could I see her getting moist I could smell it! She inserted two of her fingers and moved them into a V, still concentrating on the outside. Her fingertips started to dip into her moist insides and move further upon the outside towards her clit. She had moved from a slightly propped up postion having viewed my reaction to her newly shaved pussy to laying flat on her back with her eyes closed - she appeared totally lost in the moment. I noticed that Pams grip on me had been reduced to a hand on my shoulder, she was now standing beside me with a birds eye view of the scene with a hand pumping at her crotch. Lindas rhythm quickened and she started to concentrate on her clit - as she did this Pams action quickened aswell and she was whispering over and over 'that looks so good, you're making me cum, that looks so good, you're making me cum'. They both came within seconds of each other. Linda held her two fingers over her pussy and said lick my juices off my fingers. As I did so she got up fingers still being cleaned and went to the futons that were still laid out from the previous night. She withdrew her fingers from my mouth and said 'lick my pussy'. As I went down on her she held her her legs as wide as i'd seen them go and held her pussy open for me exposing her clit as she did so. I licked and licked, running my tongue over her wet pussy, feeling the new smoothness against my tongue. I went to lick her clit as I had done many times before, it was bigger than usual big enough to suck on. Wow, I knew that I was having the time of my life but thismust mean that she was unbelievably horny aswell. As I sucked Lindas clit she was moaning loudly, I started to put a couple of fingers in her cunt and went for the spot she liked. I felt a foot rubbing my cock and noticed that Pam had layed down next to Linda, she had one of Lindas dildoes in one hand which she was moving slowly in and out of her pussy while in the other hand she had a small vibe which was pressed firmly against her clit. Linda aksed, well it sounded more like an order 'put three fingers in me'. She was very wet and as I put the third finger in I could feel her muscles contracting ready for an orgasm. She moaned loudly and bucked as I tried to keep sucking her clit. After she came Linda propped herself up on her elbows and said 'Shit, that felt good' Pam said 'if you want to take a fist like I did last night then this is the point where you mustn't stop!'Linda said 'You're right it's like you said when you were in the bathroom with me it's all about stages and pushing youself onto the next one.' Pam had been keeping herself on the boil with the toys, there was a damp patch beneath her pussy. Pam said 'put three fingers up her cunt now I'll get some lube' She warmed the lube up in her hands and started to cover Lindaspussy and my hand as my fingers moved in and out twisting from left to right as I did so. Her other hand had gone to her own puffy wet inviting mound and she said 'Don't think you're not going to satisfy me too! Give me three fingers aswell.' So there I was with both hands working away at their aroused pussies. Pam said 'try to feel the difference when you go for more' I went to insert a fourth finger and I could feel the difference alright. My left hand felt the warmth of Pams pussy on allfour fingers almost immediately, I rested my thumb on her clit and rocked my four fingers in and out of her pussy. Ihad to work harder on Lindas pussy, I could feel her tightness around my other fingers as I tried to ease in the fourth finger. Her pussy seemed to be getting tighter not looser, Linda said 'three fingers and do it hard' So I went with the three fingers and fucked her hard with them, she started to suck on a finger and moan as I thrusted with more vigour.As her muscles contracted around my fingers they were almost forced out of her pussy. Her body was getting wet all over as she sweatted from her exertions. After her climax I tried for four fingers again. Linda said 'turn your hand to the left again, that's it, now push and turn to the right - Aaaaaah! that's it.' Pam added 'It's a good feeling isn't it - like nothing else!' she continued 'now fuck me with those four fingers you have up me, fuck me hard like you did her' My previous actions had apparently kept Pam just off orgasm and after a few hard thrusts of my fingers she came. She took my hand from her pussy and licked her juices fromit. 'Linda thats enough for you now, we want you to be able to come back for more don't we' Pam said. Linda replied 'I haven't come with four fingers yet, fuck me with them now!' As I moved from a gentle rocking motion, which I had employed on Pam before, to a more purposeful in and out motion Linda laid back. Pam moved closer and watched as Lindas pussy lips moved with my hand - they seemed to be sucking my fingers. Pam whispered to me 'her clit is lovely and big isn't it, it makes you want to suck it.' She put her head down on Lindas pussy and started to suckher clit. Lindas started to moan loudly, more loudly than before she started to talk 'Yes, fuck yes, fuck, makeme cum.' Pam and I just kept going. I could feel Linda starting to cruscendo into her climax. She was shouting our names and screaming yes for about twenty seconds and then she was quiet and her body fell limp.' 'Was that good' I asked knowing full well the answer was yes. I need a rest now she said, I carried her back to the bedroomand when I came out Pam was bent over with her bottom in the air she had a dildo in her pussy again and was fingering her ass. She had her head facing in my direction so she saw me coming and said 'get behind me and pull on my nipple rings' As I positioned myself she grabbed my cock and postitioned it at her now ready ass. I knew what she wanted she wanted it like last night again. I forced my cock right up in one thrust and then grabbed hertits. I could feel the dildo moving in her pussy and started to thrust in time. It didn't take me long to cum and afterI withdrew my cock Pam turned over and again took my cock in her mouth and started to lick it clean. Fuck she was dirty. She got me hard again and said 'now fuck my pussy' I had never had a pussy like it. I slid in and out easily Pamwas milking my cock with her pelvic muscles. She was pulling and twisting one of her nipple rings as I fucked her. It took me a good ten minutes to feel my cum rising through my cock. I guessed that she could feel my cock starting to thicken as I prepared to shoot my load. Pam put her other hand down to her clit and started to rub it saying 'tell me when.' A few thusts later I said 'now, I going to cum now' Pam was rubbing her clit furiously as we both came. We lay back and Pam asked 'Do you think that Linda would be up for it again in a week or two' I said 'I have a suspicion that she might' We went and had a shower together there was a little conversation as we washed each others bodies. We exchanged mobile numbers and waited for Linda to get up. After Pam had left I went to see Linda who asked 'what did you do after Iwent to bed?' I told her that I had fucked Pam in the ass and in her pussy. Linda said she got to fuck you three times and I didn'tget to feel your cock inside me once! Linda got undressed straight away and then undressed me. She sucked my cock to get me hard whileI sucked on her clit again.(Boy what a find, how I love that clit now) We fucked for about a half hour Her having a couple of orgasms and me just the one. Linda said 'We want to do that again don't we' I said 'I hoped you'd say that'
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