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First Time at the Glory Hole

Post #1

First Time at the Glory HoleThe wife and I have been kind of tame lately in that we haven't played with others. We both are on Tumblr and are constantly sending each other hot pictures and videos. We were bored Saturday night and decided to head out. We had been fantasizing about going to the local toy store and trying out the glory hole. This is something that we have never done, but the thought of it was driving each of us crazy. I read up a little bit on etiquette and we headed out.We went to the first toy store, 8th Avenue Video. It was about 11pm and there was not a whole lot going on. We headed to the arcade and put some money in the machine and started to watch the videos. She was rubbing my cock through my shorts and I was not having any trouble rising to the occasion. We both got excited as a guy came in to the booth next to us. We were kind of waiting around before he finally just up and left. The store was closing, so we headed out.We arrived at Pure Pleasure. The parking lot was somewhat full and I was hoping that this was going izmir escort to be better than our previous stop. We paid the money and entered the arcade. We walked back to the only booth that had a glory hole and went in. The booth was a little roomy, enough for the two of us to fit comfortably. She was rubbing my cock and finally pulled it out. Once out, she started to suck me and I could tell that she was definitely getting wet. We heard the door close and could see that another couple had entered the booth. The guy immediately had his wife naked and her ass was right up against the hole. I put my hand in and started to rub her pussy. The wifey stopped sucking my cock and we both watched the other couple. His cock was huge, fat, and long. I was hoping to get to try to suck him, or at least have my wife suck him, but to no avail. I don't think that she was so sure about what he wanted her to do. The got dressed and immediately left.My wife and I were beginning to think that this hole glory hole thing sucked. That is until we heard the escort izmir door close again. She went right back to her knees and started sucking my cock again. We heard him take his pants off and I had her put her fingers through the hole. He stuck a very nice cock right back through. Her eyes were wide open and I could hear her start to breathe deeper. She immediately started to stroke him and, in no time at all, had his cock all the way in her mouth. I reached down and started to rub his balls while she was sucking him off. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and shoved it in my mouth. We were both taking turns sucking his cock. She stood up and took off her shorts and panties. I had her turn around and put her ass against the hole. I could feel his hands running all over her pussy lips, rubbing her clit, and fingering her pussy. She was soaked. He asked if he could come in and fuck her and I told him no. He stuck his cock back through the hole and both of us went back to sucking him off. He signaled that he was getting ready to cum, and izmir escort bayan she wanted to see him cum in my mouth. I kept sucking harder until I felt his cum flood my mouth. I think at that second, she squirted right there. He thanked us and then asked if we were both sucking his cock. After telling him yes, he zipped up, thanked us, and left.After dodging the creepers that were just hanging around the arcade, we went back in to the booth. There was a couple on the other side and he was fucking the shit out of her mouth. She was screaming and gagging like crazy. She motioned for my cock and I put it through the hole. I was playing with my wife's pussy while the girl next door was sucking my cock with everything she had. She turned around and stuck her ass against the wall and my wife immediately started to finger this girls ass and pussy. The girl was fucking back against my wife's hand as hard as she could. I bent my wife over and started to fuck her doggystyle while she was finger fucking the girls pussy. Just as things were going good, the lights came on and that was it for the night.I can tell that this is something that we will definitely do again. I am not a literary genius or anything, this is just my account of what happened at the glory hole.
09-16-2021, at 03:21 AM

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