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Pushing them to the limits II

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Pushing them to the limits IIChapter 2The next day after work I passed the farm and could see the guy training a horse. She was leaning against the fence watching him. I decided to have a little chit chat with them and drove up to the house. I walked up to the training area and greeted them. He was kind of busy, and could only say Hello. I stood next to her against the fence and asked her with a smile.. "Did you enjoy the rest of the evening yesterday...?" She was a bit of silent first, but answered me.."Not really... when my husband got into bed, he wanted sex..." I just kept looking at her husband. "And... did you give him any..?" Again a pause... "I let him fuck me, yes, but my pussy was too sore.." I looked into her eyes and asked: "And did you have an orgasm...?" She shook her head and said "No, I had no permission from you, did I ?" I could see in her eyes she wasn't lying. I smiled at her and said "Good girl." I greeted them and wandered to the car. Driving home, I was thinking... I should leave her a couple of days... She will get super horny if she doesn't have good sex a few days.. She will be begging for it in a few days time.... To put some more oil on her fire I texted her 'Give him as much as possible the coming days, but remember.....' I did not go up to the farm the next few days, and was really curious how she was doing.. After five days I had to go to the horses, because my wife had to see her dad, because he was sick. A beautiful Saturday morning, the sun was shining and it promised to be a warm day... Both their cars were parked near the house, so they both must be at home. Entering the barn, she was there, sweeping the barn. She wore a flimsy summer dress, and she looked really amazing. I just said the usual Hello, she greeted me with a big smile.. "A really nice day today! My husband is going for a ride on his motorbike with his buddies. He is putting his gear on now." I smiled at her and bluntly asked "And did you give him enough sex the past days?" With a big smile she said: "I drained him two, sometimes three times a day.. But.... I did control myself and had no orgasm.." Maybe this could be a joyful day, I thought to myself.. "Then you must be horny as a bitch in heat..!" I plainly said to her. Looking around the corner of the door if I could see anyone I put my hand under her skirt. Wow.... no panties...! I drove two fingers in her pussy and she immediately let out a moan of pleasure. I could feel she was very wet. I withdrew my hand, she let out a disappointing moan.. My fingers where covered with her juices. I brought my fingers up to her mouth.. She opened her mouth almost automatically and sucked my fingers in.. "Mmmmmmmmm...... love it..!" she said.I could hear the engine of a motorbike starting. "I'll have to see my husband, before he leaves." and of she went. I went back to my car to get some toys out of the back. 'I might need them' I thought to myself. I put them in my pocket and walked back to the barn. I saw some bales of hay and arranged them a little bit. I could hear a motorbike leaving the yard, and a few moments later I heard her call my name. "Where are you..?" "I am inside her, just come inside" I answered. A moment later she came in, completely undressed. "Now I want you !" she said. "No no, not that easy.. Come here and sit on the bale of hay." She sat down and just waited. I pushed her backwards, so she had to lie down. She looked absolutely gorgeous.. I walked up behind her and took her arms. With a rope I tied her wrists and the other end I tied the rope to her ankles. Her bottom on the edge of the bale with her feet still on the floor. She started to breath heavy now, but did not say a word... . I started pulling her leg to the side of the bale, opening her up. I could she she was getting wet.. I could see the glistening of her juices.Now she was fully exposed and was breathing heavy now. "Let's see how horny you are.." I spoke softly.. "You did not even touch me, and I am almost exploding..." she said."I want some pictures of you like this.." I said. I took some pictures of her. I zoomed in on her pussy and could clearly see her juices dripping towards her asshole... She was really getting exited about me taken pictures of her like that. "Maybe I'll put them on-line.. and show you to everybody.." Now she looked a bit scared.... "Nooo... please...! my job.., my husband.." she pleaded. "I'll cover your face, nobody will recognize you.. I'll only show a very horny woman.. " I laughed. I could even smell her, just was really horny now! I put my phone in my pocket and got an other toy out, a pair of nipple clamps.. "Let me try these on you, you seemed to enjoy your nipples being toyed..." I squeezed her left tit with one hand and put a clamp on her nipple. She took a breath of air and then moaned loudly.. Next her right tit... She was really moaning now. Squirming in her bonds. Her hips started bucking upwards... "Control yourself..!" I ordered her. "You will beg me for an orgasm..., but now... let's try something new..." I pulled a small vibrator out of my pocket and switched it on. The little thing started humming and rotating. I showed it to her, and her eyes widened.. " are not..?" Before she knew it, I pushed it in her cunt. She let out a scream and her hips started bucking.. I left it there a minute or so, and pulled it back out... "Please! Let me cum... Please.... MAY I cum..?" she started begging me. "We will first take care of the last trick you pulled on me,..." I got my phone out and started recording her..."Now.... say my name, and beg me to fuck you.. It can never be wrong when you're asking for it.." Without hesitation she called out my name and asked me to fuck her. "Are you very sure..?" and I pushed the vibrator back in her cunt. "Yesss!! yessss...!!! fuck me now...!" she screamed out loud. I immediately pulled the vibrator out. A big sigh of disappointment came from her mouth... I started to undress and pulled off my trousers. My dick was rock hard.. leaking precum. I started to walk to the side of her head. I stood behind her head. "Tilt your head and open that mouth of yours..!" I guided my dick to her open mouth and put just the head in. Next I took the vibrator and put it on her clit. She screamed out loud "Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh....!!!" At that moment I pushed my whole dick into her mouth and throat. She was bucking and squirming, her hips came upwards, she was leaning only on her shoulders. A few seconds more..... Then I said "Cum, my little slut.." At that moment it looked she was going crazy... She couldn't breath, because of my dick. She just started shaking and contracting... I pulled my dick out before she was chocking... The only thing she could say was " FFFFffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkk..........!!!" and than collapsed.I started to untie her wrists and legs, but she did not move them. She was just breathing very heavy. I stepped away and positioned myself between her legs. I think it was impossible for her to spread her legs further.. "She looked up at me and said "That was terrific,,, ." She smiled at me. I asked her "Can I have your pussy now..?" "O yes, please ...! Fuck me senseless now.." was all she said.I entered her pussy, again she was reacting like a real whore.. I pulled it out, slapped her clit a few times and again entered her. She was going to orgasm again...! I could feel her pussy contract around my dick.. I could not hold it any longer shot spurt after spurt into her pussy. Finally I collapsed onto her. She put her arms around my shoulders and said softly "I love you, I really do !"After about ten minutes laying like that, we got up. Totally exhausted... I said "You better get dressed, before anyone sees us like this.." She went to get her dress and threw it over her head. Then I remembered... I asked her "Where did you put the Ben Wa balls..?" "You wait a minute, I will get them. I hid them for my husband." Within no time she was back and said smiling "Guess where they are now...?""You are insatiable..." I said laughing, "Keep them in for a while, the day is not over yet..."During the next hour we attended the horses, cleaning the stables and some other small jobs. Every now and than, I looked at her, and could see she had a hard time... Every time I past her, I could see her nipples were sticking out in her dress. I could even smell her, she was getting really horny with the balls in her pussy. I wanted to push her a little more and went to the car to get another toy. I opened the back and was looking through the bag to see if I could find something else. I didn't notice her coming up to behind me, she suddenly asked "What are you doing?" I grabbed a toy, and said to her " Go to the front of the car and bent over the hood.. You will see..!" She did what I asked, and a few moments later she was bend over on the hood off the car. I walked up behind her, and lifted her dress. She wiggled her ass and asked me if I was going to fuck her. "Not yet....!" I answered her. "I want you to get to the edge first....." I pulled out this small but plug and spat on it to get it slippery. Then I put it against her ass..... "Oooooohwww.... I have never done that...." she said. I kept on pushing the but plug in... She was breathing very heavy and asked me to stop. "It's not that big, you can take is easily, besides that... You better get used to it, because I want your ass..." I think she got a little bit scared thinking of my dick in her ass...With another small push, I pushed the but plug into it's place. She wanted to stand up, but I held her down with one arm. "Come on, finger your pussy, wiggle the balls with your fingers..!" I ordered her. She reached down with one hand and pushed two fingers up her pussy.I could see she wiggled her fingers. Her juices running down her hand by that time. I warned her not to go too far, because I was going to punish her when she came without my permission... With that I pushed the little button on the but plug and it started humming softly. "Ooohw My..... You can't... mean it..!! You're killing me... with that.." She said moaning out loud. "Now, get your work done..! If you're lucky today, I'll let you come..."She walked back to the barn, stopping every few steps.... I said "Wait.. Maybe I'll send you to your work at the hospital like this..." She turned around with a flushed face and said "You don't... mean that... it would be too..... embarrassing for me... Ooohhhhhh...... " She could hardly say anything at that moment. "Go on, be a good girl and continue.. Don't start arguing with me now." A few minutes later when I came up to the stables, she was leaning with her back to a wall, her dress raised to her waist and touching herself between her legs. When she saw me she said "Look what eeuhhh... you're... doing.. euhhhhh... to me...." Her juices were dripping down her thighs. I got my phone out of my pocket and starting recording her. "Now you horny bitch, just tell me what you are right now.." She looked to the ground, embarrassed. "I'm horny..!" she just said. I just kept looking at her, didn't say one word. She must of felt I wanted more than that. "I'm a little eeuhh.... horny bitch... Uuuuhhgggg.... Nooohhh... I'm a .....whore... Ughhhhhhhh.... I'm your...whore..!!!! Please.... let.. me.. cum...Pleeeeaaaseeee...... Ughhhhhh.... I... need... it.... " I stopped recording, I had enough material to keep her under control by now. I smiled, I was pleased with what I had done. I had created my own personal horny whore by now."Stop!" I ordered her. A loud moan escaped her mouth... "Noooooohhhhhhhhhhh............" I grabbed her by her arm and went outside. "Let's go for a ride in the car" and I walked to the car. I opened the passenger side and when she climbed in I touched her ass. I could feel the but plug still humming inside her ass.. She let out a moan when I touched it. "I will get your virgin ass.." I said to her. Again an embarrassed look in her eyes...I jumped behind the wheel and drove off..The old diesel engine was humming, and it makes the car vibrate a bit. She was sweating all the way, moaning softly. The Ben Wa balls inside and the but plug must get her to the edge I thought.. After 15 minutes drive I parked the car on a parking place near the woods. It's usually very quiet, only some cyclists every now and than..I did not stop the engine and told her to move over a bit. I got my foot over the gear stick in the center and was sitting in the center of the car. The gear stick between my legs. "Get up and sit on my lap.." I told her. With a little effort she was able to sit on my lap. I told her to hold herself on the dashboard and stand up a little. She had to pull up her dress and spread her legs to do that. Once she was standing up I grabbed the but plug and started to pull on it. She was squirming by that time. She laid her head on the dashboard and was breathing heavy. The but plug came out pretty easily, I switched it off and threw it in the back of the car. "That is one..! Now push out the balls..! She started pushing out the Ben Wa balls. I held my hand between her legs to catch them. "Thanks... now you sit down on my lap again, but wait..." Before she got down on my lap, I unzipped my pants and pulled them down . My cock sprang out and was pointing to the ceiling of the car. "Now you can sit down again..." I told her.She opened her pussy with one hand and started to come down on my cock. The feeling of her pussy getting over my cock was terrific! She could not control her breathing anymore. "Oooh.... ooooohhhhh....Fuuuuckkkk.......Yesssss..." Once she sat completely on my dick she grabbed the dashboard and started fucking me. I never felt a pussy as wet as hers.... "Get up ! "I ordered her. Again a disappointing moan, but she got up her feet again. " Now, get your ass on my dick....!" "It's too big! "she moaned. "Go on, do it!" She slowly moved a little forward and started to come down again. Her ass touching my dick. My dick was pretty slippery of her own juices, so I did not bother to wet it more than it already was. I grabbed her hips and started to push her down. Her mouth opened when my head popped in. " Aaaahhhhhhhhhh...... Fuuuuuuckkkkkkk....! " was all she could say. With a little up and down movement I forced myself in her ass. Her ass was incredibly tight! I thought I could not get into her. Her head laying on the dashboard, I could see a tear running down her cheek. This must hurt her, I thought. But she will get used to it.... After what seemed an eternity I got all the way in. I could feel her bowls spasm."Look up..!" I said. She looked up and could see a couple passing by on bicycles. She turned deep red. "O fuck! What if they recognize me..?" She said with a desperate voice. She almost started crying... "I couldn't care less, besides that... They don't know you're getting fucked...." I shoved a little forward, the knob of the gear stick was almost touching her pussy, I reached for it and grabbed the stick. I could feel the running engine through the stick. Rattling and jumping softly in my hand.... Again I pushed a little forward, holding the knob of the gear stick, it touched her clit... "Yiieeeeiiiiiii....... Uhhhhhhh......... Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!.... she yelled out loud. She jumped upwards, giving me a great feeling.. I pushed her down again with my other hand. Again the knob of the gear touching her clit. She kept on repeating this. Up, down...Up, down... She was holding herself onto the dashboard, slamming her ass up and down on my cock. On every down stroke she hit her clit onto the gear stick. She kept on repeating "Fuuuckk... fuuuuccckkk....., fuuuucckkk...." every stroke. "I'm cuuuuuuuuummmmminggggg...! " I pushed her up with my hips, with my dick deep inside her ass. "NO..! not allowed..yet..!! " I said to her. She was whimpering..."Pllleeeeeaaaassseeee.... let me cummm.... May I..?? Uuuuhhhhhh.... pleaeeeesseee, may I..???"I lowered my hips now.. aiming for the gear stick, I impaled her with the stick. It went straight up her little cunt. I could feel the stick entering her with my dick... This was just fantastic!!!! Now, she could only scream " FUUUCKKKK MEEEEEEeeeee!..."In the corner of my eye, I could see a few people approaching on bicycles. I said to her.. "Look... now people can see you get fucked..!" Panic was in her eyes, but she couldn't hold back anymore..... The people were looking at the car now, seeing her. She was of the brink of a huge orgasm,, Then I said.. "You can cum now..!"What happened next is almost unbelievable... She came like a roller coaster, looking straight at the people passing by... Yelling " Fuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkk! I'm... cuuuummmmmmingggg..........!!!!!" She couldn't give a damn anymore if the people were looking at her like that. I think deep inside she wanted it... I could not hold it any longer and started to cum in her ass... Spurt after spurt I shot into her bowls. Fucking hell, what a fuck was this.... She totally collapsed now, head on the dashboard, just gasping for air. After a few minutes, my dick was shrinking, I pulled her of the gear stick and moved her to the side. She was like a doll, not able to control herself anymore... Softly whimpering..." Oohhw... my... what have I done...? What am I..?" A few moments of silence... I whispered to her.. " You are my horny toy.. "During the ride back to the farm, she was silent. When we reached the farm, she said " I think I can not live without you anymore.." I thought of this for a moment and said to her " Don't worry, I will always be here for you. I will take care of your 'needs'. She told me she wanted to get a shower first, before her husband came back. I told her not to. "Leave the cum dripping down your legs like that. When your husband returns, just fuck him like you are.... a horny whore!" I reminded her of the 'no permission' rule. A devilish plan popped up in my head... "No orgasm anymore from now on! The first orgasm you can get is from my wife..."It took a few moments before she had realized what I had said..... "WHAAAT?" She shouted "You must be sick... I'm not a lesbian... You must be joking !!!" I reminded her, she had no saying in this, she had to do whatever I want. "No orgasm anymore!! I will ask you every time.. and when I see that you're lying, I will punish you!" She looked at the ground and whispered "How much time do I have....?" "You have no time limit ! Take as long as you want to seduce my wife........ but remember.. NO orgasm !!"I walked back to my car and drove off, leaving her standing there. When I was driving back, I saw her husband coming up the driveway. I raised my arm with my thumb up. He taught I was friendly and waved back at me. 'You'll have some sloppy seconds in a minute', I thought. I smiled in myself... What a nice little plan I thought off.... The hornier she well get, the more effort she will do to seduce my wife..... My wife and I have a healthy sex life, sometimes we tell each other sexy stories, sometimes involving other people in our fantasies. She always got very exited when we talked like that. When I blindfold her and me telling her a nice girl was eating her pussy, she always got very horny and could orgasm in minutes.. The next day my wife and me went to the farm to take care of the horses. The young couple that owned the farm was there and we greeted them as usual. I noticed she was a bit flushed. She must of had a good fuck... I looked her straight in the eyes and with a low voice I asked her.. "And..?" She shook her head and said a soft "Noo.." At that moment her husband looked to her and asked "What No..?""Ohw.. Eeeuhhh.. No, I don't think it will rain today..." She said quickly. I smiled at her and said "Good" and raised my thumb. I could see her get some color in her face...The next hour we spent attending the horses. I could see her giving more attention to my wife than usual, every time she asked my wife if she could help brushing the horses or something else. More and more she touched my wife 'accidentally' and sometimes even slid an arm around her as if it was a 'friendly' touch...On our way back home, my wife started "She was 'touchy' today....." I laughed and said "Maybe she fancies you, and she wants you...." My wife started laughing too, but I could see a little blush on her face... "Everybody wants your body darling, you have an amazing body.." She really flushed now.. Her nipples got hard, I could see them poking in her shirt. I wandered with my hands between her legs and rubbed her pussy.. "Imagine you're standing in a room and getting fingered by her....." She started lifting her hips to get a good feel on her pussy. I kept on teasing her... "It's exiting fantasizing about it... but I could never do that in reality..." She said with a low voice. "Come on, you better hurry up. I want to get home and take care of you.."The next day we could not attend the horses, because we had to take care of some other things. In the late afternoon I got a text message from my 'toy'... 'You are not dropping by today..?' I text her back that we had other plans and we could not drop by today. A moment later she messaged me back. 'F.........' was all it said.. I laughed in myself thinking that she must be incredibly horny by now..! The day after promised to be a wonderful day and we decided to go by bike. The young couple was sitting in the garden when we arrived and asked us to join them for a cup of coffee. We sat there for some time, having a small talk conversation. At some point she said to my wife "I bought some new clothes, but I don't really like them, are you interested..?" My wife answered that she could always have a look. "Come on in then, we'll see if it fits, your husband can judge the clothes" she said. And she stood up, took my wife's hand and walked up to the house. Her husband said "O my, something I don't like is cloths and fashion, I'll do some work on the fences." From were I was sitting I could have a good look inside through the open terrace doors and could see my wife standing there looking at some clothes. She seemed to like some blouses and a pair of pants. "You better try them on." I said to my wife. My wife pulled out her own shirt and was standing there in her bra. The young woman stood behind her and was helping my wife to get the clothes on. I could see her touching the side of my wife's tits when she reached to the front. She looked back at me straight into my eyes and I just nodded my head... " She helped my wife buttoning the blouse from behind.. Once she got to the upper buttons she gently grabbed my wife's tits and pushed them a little upwards.. "You have very nice tits, see how good they look in this blouse.." I don't know how my wife must of felt, but I could see she got a little bit aroused. Her nipples clearly started poking into the blouse.. "Let's try the other one also.. " she started to unbutton the blouse again and pulled them down my wife's arms. "This one is a bit sexy, you should be wearing this without a bra.." she said next to my wife. My wife was a bit confused by this and just stood there. Before she knew it, the young woman unclipped my wife's bra and pulled them over her shoulders. Now I had a good look at my wife's tits. She still has amazing tits, not saggy at all. Her nipples were firmly pointing upwards. She helped my wife putting it on and started to close the buttons. Again she got hold of my wife's breasts and gently pinched in her nipples... "See how sexy it looks now... " she said. My wife turned her head my side and asked me how it looked. I answered her she looked very sexy in the blouse, and should certainly keep it."Now we'll try the pants..." The young woman said to my wife, and before my wife knew it, she was unbuttoning the pants of my wife and pulled her pants down. My wife stepped out of the pants. She stood there, looking very sexy with the sexy blouse and only her sexy panties on.I was wondering how she could get my wife all the way... The only way she could get an orgasm was by my wife.... She stood in front of my wife, holding the new pair of pants. "I really like your panties..., are they made of silk..?" she asked my wife. "Can I feel them...?" Before my wife could answer, she placed her hand over my wife's pussy.. My wife gasped for air... but didn't say anything. "I feel you shave yourself... Very sexy.... I do it myself.." she said. She got very bold now and started to push with her fingers the panties into my wife's pussy.... My wife closed her eyes and let out a soft moan... She gently got behind my wife, and from behind she put her hand into my wife's panties. With her other hand she got under the blouse and started touching my wife's breasts. My wife was clearly moaning now and started to buck her hips forward. I think she must of pushed a finger into her pussy by now.. "Oooooooohwwwwww....... what are you doing...?" my wife asked. "What... uuuuhhhhhh..... if your... uuuhhhh... husband comes... in....? Uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh.......!!!!!!!! "Your husband will tell us if he comes" and looked at me. I just nodded. She continued fingering my wife until my wife was on the verge of an orgasm. I could see her hand in my wife's panties, her fingers working on her clit. This was the most erotic scene I had ever seen.. Seeing my wife like that, gasping for air, moaning and getting off on the hand of this young woman. The young woman looking at me with an evil smile on her face, she kept my wife on the edge of an orgasm.. She pinched a nipple of my wife and my wife could not hold back any longer... She was coming !! "Oooohhhhwwwwww......... fuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkk......" she moaned loud. I could see her orgasm go through her body, she had to hold herself steady on the table. My wife opened her eyes and looked at me.... "See..., she likes you... I told you...." I said laughing. "But I think you need to do something in return....."My wife turned around, facing the young woman. Thinking how to proceed this..... "Maybe I better get my pants on first.." She said. "I don't want your husband to see me like this..." She put on her pants first and turned back to the young woman. She grabbed her dress with both hands and started lifting the dress up to her waist. She pushed the young woman to the table. My wife grabbed her thong and pulled them down... "Now sit on the edge of the table and spread your legs..." She sat there on the edge of the table leaning on her arms behind her. Her mouth already opened.. moaning... "Yessssssss........ I need it....!" My wife suddenly push two fingers in the bitches snatch.. "You are flooding...!!" she said. All she got for an answer was a loud moan.... "OOooooooooohhhhhhhhhwwmmmmmmm......" She opened her eyes and looked at me... I just shook my head. My wife really worked her cunt and clit by that time... My wife put one hand over her mouth, while with the other hand continued working the bitch's pussy. "Look at you, you're wetting the table with your juices..." my wife said. I could hear the sopping sounds coming from her snatch. She was really dripping. She wanted to scream, but the sound was muffled with the hand of my wife.The bitch kept looking at me, but I still shook my head.. She won't get it that easy..! My wife was rubbing her clit forcefully now, she even took it between her fingers and pinched it... I heard a muffled scream.. " MMMGHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh........" Her eyes widened and I could see sheer lust and panic in her eyes... Could she do it..? Could she wait for my permission....?I could see she was on the edge of a huge climax.... Just a few seconds more, I thought. Let her suffer a bit. She was squirming and bucking her hips... My wife still hitting her clit every time she drove her fingers in the little sluts snatch. When I thought she really couldn't take any more I said to my wife " Let the horny slut come.... " When the little slut heard these words, she climaxed... Her arms couldn't hold her anymore and fell on her back on the table. I could see her whole body shake.. I could see her belly contracting... After a few minutes she raised herself again and sat on the edge of the table. She put her arms around my wife and wanted to kiss her... I looked at my wife... she was hesitating for a second, but she slowly opened her mouth a little bit and answered the kiss. The little slut poked her tongue inside my wife's mouth and they really started kissing each other..."I'm very sorry I have to interrupt you two, but your husband is coming back..." I said. She immediately jumped of the table, straightening her dress and it looked if nothing ever happened... "You better clean the table, otherwise your husband might wonder how it got wet......" I said. She turned beet red, and got a cloth from the sink and started to clean the table. After a few minutes her husband came in and asked the ladies "Have you found some clothes you fit?" My wife smiled at him.."I certainly found something I like..." When we got on our bicycles again and headed home, I asked her.."Did you like the horny bitch...?" "Well..... it's certainly something different...Maybe next time I want to get my pussy eaten out by her...." I just smiled..."Maybe I will fuck her, while she is eating you...." My wife just looked at me with a weird look... "I'm getting hornier by the minute, when I think of it... But I'm wondering how you will manage that..?" "I'll think of something to turn your little fantasy to reality...." My wife was all turned on by what happened and we rushed back home..Back home we went straight to the bedroom. Why not do it immediately..? I thought.. "Get onto the bed, and let me put a blindfold on..." My wife got undressed in no time and jumped on the bed. I blindfolded her... "Oh fuck..... my fantasy..." smiled my wife. She was aroused, I could smell it... Slowly I got some of the attributes out of the drawer next to the bed. Carefully I took one of her wrists and tied it to the bedpost, the other wrist I tied to the other bedpost. She was lying naked, looking beautiful like this. "You are going to eat my pussy and pretend you are someone else..?" she asked me.. "Better!" I said. "I'll call the little horny bitch to come around and do it for me...." My wife was getting very nervous by that time. "You can't do that..! What would she think of me..? No, I don't want it..!" I started to pull her panties down and when they were off, I put them in my wife's mouth.. I got my phone and dialed the number of the little bitch..."Hello... it's me... Can you come over? My wife is having some problems with the clothing... Could you come and have a look at it..?" I did not wait for her answer and hung up. "She is coming... just a few minutes..." I said to my wife. "Mmmmffff...mmffffff..." was all she could say with her panties stuffed into her mouth... Indeed, a few minutes later the doorbell rang. It was her. I opened the door and told her to get in. She began telling me she couldn't do this. I told her to shut up and get undressed right now! She kicked off her shoes and pulled the dress over her head. I told her to open her legs, which she did. "Let me feel how wet you are, you little horny whore..." With that I pushed two fingers in her cunt, she was soaking wet !!! "Now..., get up and help my wife with her 'problem' !"I walked behind her up the stairs, and had a good look at her perfect ass. She hesitated at the entrance of the bedroom, I gave her a 'be silent' sign and pushed her to the bed. My wife felt someone coming onto the bed and I could hear her "Mmmmmff.. mmmffff..." I looked at the little slut and could see she was having problems.... she shook her head no. I grabbed her hair and forced her down, pushing her to the pussy of my wife.. She was resisting... I pulled her back up, forced her to look at me. I showed her a picture on my phone. One that I took the first time.... I could see her face turning red again... Now she started to cooperate.. She grabbed the legs of my wife and forced her to open her legs.. She took a breath of air and started to go down on my wife.. She opened her mouth slowly and put her mouth on my wifes pussy. Her tongue parting the pussy lips and started to suck on them.. My wife immediately reacted with a long "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm....." I could see my wife getting aroused by her nipples... They were swollen and sticking upwards... The little bitch must have noticed the difference and really started to work on my wife's pussy.. She probed it with her tongue as deep as possible... Started sucking on her clit and at the same time started to finger her. My wife was breathing heavy through her nose.. And I pulled her panties out of her mouth.. " OOohhwwwwww........ that feels gooooooooood...! Yyyesssss.... like that....." Watching my wife and the little slut got me hard.. I unzipped my pants and took them off and started puling on my dick, I pulled the skin all the way back and uncovered the deep purple head. I walked up behind the little slut and ran my dick up and down along her snatch.. Pushed a little bit, and the head popped in easily.. She was soaking wet....! I got hold of her hips and started to push my dick in her tight cunt... She moaned hard... "Ooohhhwwwwwwwww............." At the same time my wife started to push her pussy up and she smothered the little sluts voice... I withdrew and pulled my cock out... A loud moan of disappointment escaped her mouth... Not for long... I walked to the small drawer and got my wife's black vibrator out.. I showed it to the little slut and her eyes widened... It was huge! I walked up behind her, and pushed the button on the 'black friend' It started vibrating like a jackhammer.. I started to push into the little sluts cunt... She almost started screaming... I pushed it all the way in... It seemed like she was going mad now... Eating my wife's pussy like a maniac..! I pulled it out again... it was glistening with her juices.. I pushed the head off the black dildo into her tight ass... She started to scream.. "Noooooooo............", but kept on pushing the black monster into her ass..With the other hand I grabbed her long blond hair and pulled hard. She was really yelling by now... "Aaaahhhhhhhhhgrrrrrrrrr....!!" I pushed her head to my wife's pussy to smother her... My wife went wild... Groaning and pushing her pussy towards the mouth of the little slut. I could see she was really enjoying it now... realizing her fantasy... Once the black monster was all the way up her ass, I put my dick to the entrance of the sluts pussy... She started whimpering... "Nnoooo... noooooo... noooo..." With that I pushed my whole length in.. I could feel the vibrator on my cock, it was a fantastic feeling! I bent forward, my mouth next to her ear and whispered..."When she cums.. you can cum... " She started groaning and started to eat the pussy of my wife.. biting on her clit, sticking her tongue all the way in... I think my wife could not take it any longer and started bucking her hips up.. "Fuuuuuuuccckkkkk.... Eat me....... Yesssssss.......!!! I'mmmmmm cummmmmiiiiingggggg....!!!!!" That was the trigger for the little slut to orgasm as well....... "Yessssssss......... cccuuuummmmmmmiiiingggggg..." she groaned... " I couldn't withstand this anymore and erupted in the little sluts cunt.. Spurt after spurt I shot into her womb.. This was heaven !!!!! I withdrew slowly, a big blob of my cum ran out her cunt. I grabbed the black vibrator and pulled it out with one yank... She screamed... pain.. or disappointment.., I don't know....Both her holes were wide open, gaping... My cum running down her legs.. This was just a fantastic view... The little slut came up from the bed, her knees were wobbling... I just smiled at her.... With the still humming vibrator in my hand, I thought.. 'Why not...." I ordered the little slut to clean it up first. She went to the bathroom to get it cleaned. When she got back she handed it over to me. I held it in front of her, and she knew what I expected. She started sucking on the black monster until it was covered with her saliva When it was wet enough I pushed the fucker into my wife's pussy... She immediately started to moan again and was crying now.... "Pleeeaaaseeee... I can't take anymore...." I just said "Enjoy...!" and started pushing the little slut towards the bedroom door. How she got down the stairs was a miracle... her knees were shaking....When she got down and got her dress on, she asked me "How can you make me do this...?" I just told her.. "I know you... I know what you need.." She looked down and said..."Yes..." I let her out and said " Enjoy your evening... Fuck your husband, but remember.....!!!!!" I laughed and closed the door behind her.I went back upstairs to my wife.. she was still squirming on the vibrator in her pussy... I think she must have cum a few times on that thing.. My dick got hard again with the view of my wife.. "Now..., let me take care of you....." I pulled the black vibrator out.... "And...? Did you enjoy it...?" Softly she said.."Yes, I did... but now I want your cum inside me....."I had to think of ways how to push the slut even further.. I remembered the day we had a fuck in the car... She had a huge orgasm when the people had seen her like a whore being fucked in public... Or the time we went for horse riding... on the way back she was afraid of being discovered... The little slut gets off on that ! A plan started to come into my head to use this..Her husbands birthday was coming up, I think I should give him a nice birthday present..! I made an appointment for the present I had in mind.. I called her, she picked up the phone almost immediately. I told her to meet me in town, I could hear her getting nervous.. She was starting to ask were, when, how, what..? I did not say anything and just said "I 'll see you in half an hour" and hung up. Half an hour later I saw her car coming up at the shopping center. When she stepped out of the car, she was looking around nervously. I walked up to her and told her to relax. "We are only going to buy your husband a nice present...." Slowly walking towards the shopping center I asked her how she was feeling. "You know me.... I'm fucking horny..! it's been a few days now I had no orgasm...." I told her I didn't want to hear any protest, or else I would leave her without sex for another week.. Opposite the shopping center there is a small shop, and we walked in that direction. "What are we going to do..? OMG.. you're not...?" I smiled at her.."Yes, we are going for a nice piercing.." She turned white and stopped walking. I took her by the arm and pushed her towards the door. "No protest! What ever happens..! " Entering the shop, a girl came up to us and I told her we had an appointment for a piercing. The girl smiled "Oh yes, I remember, you already chose the jewelry. Please follow me.... " My little slut just stood there, as frozen to the ground... I think she was scared to death. I gave her a little push and she followed the girl to a room next to the shop. It was more like a glass house. "Don't worry, nobody can see you from the outside, the glass is a one-way mirror. I'm very happy with this.. This way I have enough day light." she explained. I looked around, and indeed, you could see everybody. People were passing by, doing their usual daily shopping. "You can undress in the changing room, you can keep your shirt on.." the girl said to her. As in a trance she walked to the dressing room. "I'll be back in a minute.. when you're done, you can take place at the table." the girl said. When she was in the dressing room, she wanted to close the curtain. With a strict voice I said.."No..! don't close it. Get undressed now! And remove your shirt as well..! Come on, hurry up, I haven't got whole day !"I could see tears in her eyes, she was begging me.."Please..... don't do this to me.. Pleeaaseee...!" I was getting a bit angry now.. "If I have to undress you, you will not get your clothes back... Get your ass on the table..NOW! " She slowly started undressing herself until she was completely naked. I took hold of her arm and pushed her to the table. "Get up, and put your legs in the stirrups.." This must of been very difficult for her... The table was directed to the front, it looked like she was on display for everyone..... "Everybody can see me like this....." she said. I ignored her. Slowly she got on the table and put her legs in the stirrups. I walked up behind her and got my phone out to take some pictures. I had a good look from there, her breast, her flat belly, her naked pussy fully exposed and on the background all the people walking by... These shots are fantastic..! I grabbed one nipple and pinched it.. "Uummmpppffff...." was all she said.. I pinched the other one. Her nipples got hard instantly.. I took another few pictures of her. She looked bloody sexy like this, my dick already hard as a rock.. "Enjoying the show..?" said a voice behind me.. I did not notice the girl entered the room. "Don't you think she is very sexy like this..?" I asked her. "Yes.. she looks very tasty..... let's get her ready.." she said. She got some instruments and pulled up a chair. She sat down and had a good look. "I like a bald pussy... looks very nice..!" My horny little sluts face turned red.. The girl got some latex gloves and put them on. "Don't worry, everything is sterile, like in the hospital where you work.. Don't you..?" My little slut turned deep red and stuttered embarrassed " Eeeuuhhh... yes...." I noticed the girl looking at her with a special look in her eyes...... "I can see you like her.. why don't you have a look if she likes you..?" I said.. "May I..." I told her she had my permission to get my little whore horny.... When I said that, my little whore got really embarrassed, she closed her eyes in shame. "Lets try it..., it's a lot easier when the clit is swollen... " She started to push a finger in her pussy and with the other hand she started to disinfect everything with a cotton and alcohol. "It might feel a bit cold..." She cleaned the labia, the clit, and the surrounding.. With the finger inside she worked on the G-spot of my slut. She pulled the finger out and had a look at it.. "She is getting moist...." and pushed two fingers back in her pussy. My little sluts breathing got heavier... Her mouth opened and moaned softly.. "Uuuuuhhhhhmmmmm...." I reached for her breasts and pulled on her nipples. She could not suppress a loud moan.. "Ooohhhhhhhhhhhh....!!..." I said.."Maybe we should also pierce her nipples...?" "Noohooooo..............." she moaned out loud... I kept on pulling on her nipples. "Why don't you suck on her clit to get it out...?" I said to the girl... She didn't need more and immediately got her mouth on her pussy and started sucking on her clit. " Ohhhhwwwww..... Fuuuuuccccckkkkkk......" She could not hold back anymore.. I let go of her nipples, I had to record this..! I took my phone and started filming this.... I asked the girl if she could look up... What a fantastic shot..!!! The girl looked up, but kept sucking on the clit.. "Try to get my horny whore to orgasm.... " I said to the girl. I looked at my little whore... She was deeply embarrassed by my words, but at the same time she was as horny as could be.. I added a little more... "Look at yourself now..! You're on display for everybody... Being a little horny whore like that... You know you're not allowed to cum.. You have to beg me for it...." She couldn't control herself by now, she got hold of the girls head and pushed her head onto her cunt... "Suck me... pleeeasseeeee....... suuuuckkkkk me..... OOoohhhhhwwwwww.......... Pleeasssseee may I cum..!!?????" I added a little more.. "If you can get her to orgasm without my permission, I will pay you double..." I said to the girl. She really started to go down on my little slut now.. Biting her clit... flicking it with her tongue... her face got covered with juices.. I recorded everything... " Pleeeasse...Ooohhhwwww...... Let... me...cuuuummmmmm..... I... beg... you.... Pleeasseeeee......." I did not say a word and started zooming in on her face. The view was worth a million... She was so close to her orgasm...I think the girl must of noticed it.. She started to push a finger in her ass... "OOOOOOohhhhhhhhh...... I..mmmm...ccuuuuuuuummmmminggggg!!!!!!!!!" She really exploded! She was gushing... her hips bucking upwards.. Forcing the girls head onto her cunt and riding her face... "Fuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkk............."After a few minutes, she calmed down. She let go of the girls head and her arms went limb.. Just laying there, breathing heavy... The girl got up and said to me "See, I can get the horny cunt to an orgasm... without your permission...." I smiled at her.."Good job, I'll pay you double, as promised.." I looked at my little horny slut, the embarrassment must be complete...."We'll better clean her up and disinfect everything again.. I will get her piercing now" she said.Ten minutes later she had done the job. I don't even think she felt anything... she was just laying there, totally numb... "Look at the gift for your husband..." A beautiful ring through the hood of her clit with a nice shining blue crystal hanging on her clit. "No sex for a few weeks, and you have to keep it clean" the girl said to her. I told my little slut to get dressed. In the meantime I paid the girl her fee. Just before we left the girl said.."Hope to see you back soon...." and winked at us. "Maybe....we will.." I said, and we left the shop.Just before she stepped into her car I said to her "You heard the lady.. No sex for a while.. This is part of your punishment, because you came without my permission..." She just looked at me and said nothing. She got into her car and drove off.Walking home I thought.. 'Maybe I have been pushing her too far....'
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