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Mon and son TV

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Mon and son TVMum and I got home from her works party at one o clock in the morning, I felt tied out and ready for bed, I kissed mum goodnight and went upstairs to bed, mum passed my room and called goodnight once more, I returned by saying I love you, I took off my dress, followed by my bra and panties and sat down in front of the mirror and removed my make up, I heard mum go to the bathroom, I waited till she has come out before going there myself, back in my bedroom I slipped on a silky night shirt and climbed into bed, my mind wandered to the party and the man that had chatted me up, I knew what he wanted but I was not sure that what he wanted, maybe one day but not at this time, I drifted off into a restless sleep.I awoke with the smell of coffee and toast drifting from down stairs, it was obvious that mum was up and had made breakfast, I stretched a little then made my way to the bathroom, I could tell mum have been there by the sweet scent she had left behind, I took a shower then returned to my bedroom, I put on a matching set of white underwear then sat down to put on my makeup, I never put my makeup on too heavy but just to accentuate my eyes which mum said were electrify and attractive, I slipped on a lovely lacy white gown then looked into the mirror just to check I was looking sexy, all matched up and I made my way downstairs to join my mum.Mum was sitting on a chair at the table sipping coffee as I walked in; she looked me up as I sat down,?Coffee? she poured before even answered,?Thanks? I took a sip,?How do you feel after last night? she asked,I looked up at her then my focus was looking at her bra, her dark nipples were just visible through the lacy material, mums tits were all that a girl could wish for, they are what I call motherly tits, you just want to cuddle up to them, I only hoped that when I get older I would have tits like my mum,?So, so, I have a guy called Pete after me all night? I said,?Did he know that you are a transvestite? mum asked taking a drink of her coffee,?No, not that I am aware of, I didn?t even encourage him, all he wanted to do was get into my knickers? I remarked,Mum was in thought, after a little while she asked,?Why don?t you try to have an affair with a man? she looked serious,I pondered the question,?No, I am not ready to have a relationship with a man, anyway, I love women? I replied,?Well there are plenty of girls out there? she remarked, ?I know, but I need someone to love me, understand my needs? ?I love you sweetheart, always will? mum said,?I love you very much, but I want to experience sex with someone, I have never been with a girl, or a man, the only sex I have ever had is with myself? I laughed, Mum smiled, she got up and put her cup on the side and then turn, I immediately see mums pubic hairs in her panties and her lovely tits nestled in her lacy slip, she had a lovely body, mum was certainly a good looking woman with all the motherly charm and grace that I liked in a woman, there was only one thing stopping me from getting excited, she was my mum,?You know want you want, you need a lesbian loving transvestite who would help you gain confidence in yourself? she said smiling,?Agree, but where would I find someone like that? I laughed,Mum looked at me; she had someone on her mind but I could not read her, ?How far do you want to go with your ideal woman? she asked,?All the way, I would like to be taught the art of making love, to feel myself in her arms and loving me? I said,?I can only see one option for you but you may not like it? she said,?Try me? I replied, ?Me? she said looking at me,?You, I don?t understand? I asked her to elaborate,?Me, me, your mum, I will teach you of the way to make love? she smiled,I looked at her and I could see by her expression that she was serious,?You would like to make love with me, you are my mum, is that not i****t? I replied,?Yes I know, but I would like us to make love, I would teach you love and you can give me comfort that I need and crave for? she replied, ?Mum, I feel nervous, I love you and I had always had a fantasy of make love with you, but to make it reality is something else? I said,?Don?t you want to be with me? she asked,?Ho yes, but what if someone found out we were having sex? I replied,?I understand your concerns but I say to you, if we both getting something that we both want, then to hell with all of this, it is said you can?t have sex with your mother or son but it goes on all over the world, and, I think that we would both enjoy the time together? she said waiting for my response, ?Mum, I want to be with you, I have been wanting it for so long, now we have talked about it I can?t believe that it is going to happen? I looked into her eyes, ?But what? she quizzed me,?I am nervous and frightened? I replied, ?I feel the same way, it is not every day you have your son making love to you? she said, ?So what happens now? I asked,?Let?s give it a go, see where our love making takes us, I know that I want and need this? she came over to me, ?I too, mum? I remarked as she held out her hand for me to take,She held my hand tight and led me to her bedroom, she sat me on the bed and stood back, we looked at each other for a second or two then with a slow a deliberate movement of her hands she took off her bra and slipped out of her panties, I sat there looking at my naked mother just in front of me, I never knew how attractive she was naked, I looked at her tits then down to her pussy, then our eyes meet,?Wow, mum, you are gorgeous, what a lovely body you have, I thought that I loved you as a mum but now I love you as a goddess? I said softly, she smiled at me,She moved over to me, her trimmed pussy just inches from my face, her body scent wafted over me,?Do you like seeing your mum naked and sexy? she asked wiggling her hips in my face,?Yes? I swallowed hard,She took hold of my head and gentle caressed me, slowly my face was in her pubic hairs, I started to lick her slit and she cried out softly, ?Ho sweetheart, that is so nice? she whimpered, She took hold of my hand and pulled it onto her tit, the feel of her sent exciting shivers thought my body, mums tit was so sensuous and soft, her nipple was hard, the feel of her was not what I was expecting , she dropped to her knees and faced me, ?Just lean back and mum will make you hard? she said,At this time my cock had only gone to semi hard and I was desperate to get as hard as possible, I leant back on my elbows , mum came up to my face and kissed me, then we responded to each other by getting into a lovers kiss which was intense and passionate, when our lips parted she started to kiss down my body till she came to my cock, she looked up at me, then she took my limp cock into her mouth and gently sucked my cock up into hot lips, I watched as I felt my cock starting to go hard, mum tugged and sucked at me till I was as hard as I could go, she took my cock from her mouth and licked my helmet like it was a lolly, ?nice? she asked,?Very? my eyes rolling about in my head,She was back onto my cock, sucking me like it was such a delight, ?Oooo, mum, I am going to cum? I said feeling the excitement welling up inside me, She took her lips away from my cock and looked at me,?It is ok sweetie, you let it come, I want to taste you, it will be ok? she resumed her sucking,Seconds later my love juice erupted into mums mouth, she felt the hot sperm filling her mouth and swallowed, she carried on sucking till my orgasm started to subside, she took my cock from her mouth and licked me all over my manhood, taking especial attention to my testicles, when she had finished with me she climbed onto the bed and lied down with her legs open, I rolled to one side and looked at her,?How was that for you, sweetie? she asked, ?Lovely mum? I replied,I leant forward and kissed her longing and sexy, I wanted her but didn?t know how to ask, then she said as if she was reading my mind, ?Sweetheart, why don?t you slid on top of me? she said,Without any more encouragement I was on top of mum, looking into her eyes she winked and smiled, I didn?t need mum to tell me what to do next, my naked body snuggled into her and the warmth radiated from her nakedness, mum had taken hold of my cock and put it up to her slit,?It is ok baby, I want you inside me? she paused then kissed me, ?make love to me, I really want you too? she remarked,I gave slight pushing pressure to the end of my cock and then I felt my cock enter my mum?s pussy, she cried out softly with pleasure, as I pushed the further I went into her, soon I was deep into side her, ?Sweetheart, that is so good? she whimpered quietly in my ear,Mum had taken hold of my bum now and was thrusting me deep inside her, her breathing got heavier as my thighs crashed into her legs, ?Ooooo? she cried softly, ?keep going, that is so nice, bloody hell, I am coming, don?t stop? Mum held on to me tightly, and as she did she shivered and cooed at the same time, then she went limp but held me tight,?Omg, that felt so good, I needed that? she took hold of my head and kissed me with passion,?Have you cum inside me sweetheart? she asked, ?No, I didn?t know if I should? I replied,She kissed me, ?you can, it is ok, I want all of you, and that includes you sperm? she remarked,I started to fuck my mum hard and fast, she held onto me, swaying our bodies to our love making, when I felt the sperm coming I told her that I loved her, she kissed me hard, then I let go and pumped me love juice deep inside her wanting pussy, I have felt myself cum before but this was so different, I keep pushing inside her till my orgasm subsided, we lay there for sometime kissing but I didn?t take my cock from her pussy, we laughed at what we had just done,?Nice? she asked,?Very nice, I didn?t know you were so lovely? I answered,?You was what I needed sweetie? she stroked my naked body,I felt the need to make love to her gain,?You just said you love me, well I love you, and so what are we going to do about it? she asked,She rolled on top of me this time and we looked at each other and smiled,?Make love? I replied.
04-07-2021, at 10:51 AM

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