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Hot fuck

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Hot fuckjust a quick note....had to let you know...hmmmm just been perving on your hot pics a hot wank and cumm shot but nothing beats a quick hot fuckknocked off earlier on Friday had a couple of beers and a local trendy pub, having a bit of a perv on the office girls coming in there short skirts, on the way home played with my cock and got so I was watching some porn on the laptop while doing quotes...then logging on Hotmail and perved on your pics....what a Friday....lolmade me sooo fuckn horny...I was sooo fuckn hard and wanted a quick one.......stroking my cock .....wanking away and just about to unload over your naughty pics.... when I heard the car driving in the garage... I thought...oh shit..... my partner is coming home ..shes home early,she must have finished early.......8.30 pm......lolI am going to surprise her.....I walked outside with only some very lose shorts on and a flagpole döşemealtı escort poking out....I watched her getting out of the car....hadn't seen her all day.....fuck she looked hot...white blouse, knee long skirt, black stockings, heels...made my cock just a bit harder.....she walked away from the car, turned the lights off and as she walked around the corner I grabbed her....she was shaking for a moment...I whispered in her ear...don't say a word, just do as your I was pressing my sweaty body and hard cock against her tight butt....with one hand I grabbed her and fondled her boobs from behind and with my other hand went down and grabbed her firm butt...then grabbed her skirt.I pulled her skirt up as she pushed back and wanted to grab me.......I said "put your hands on the wall and spread your legs bitch."....I pushed her harder against the wall....I elmalı escort reached around and played hard with her clit...fingered her I was pretending fucking her..rubbing and pushing my hard cock against her ass.......I grabbed her black silky Gstring and moved it to one side....exposing her now wet pussy lips...I pushed her legs further apart...pulled my shorts down and grabbed my hard cock.....I got her to arch her hip and with one hard thrust I pushed my cock deep inside her...I fucked her hard for a little moment...she moaned... I told her to shut up or she will get punished...she reached through her legs and wanted to play with my balls.I stopped fucking her ...grabbed her and moved her over the out door table....I pinned her against it ..spread her legs again, even wider .....Now she couldn't move any more and I fingerfucked her pussy hard...we both finike escort were in a horny state....she was cumming in an hand was covered in her juices...I turned her over... moved her G aside again....I grabbed my cock and pushed in her pussy...she was shaking.....pulled out and then with my precumm covered cock and some pussy juice lube on my cock ....I spread her butt cheeks and without foreplay pushed my hard cock up her tight ass....i fucked her soo hard against the table it started to move forward and she had to push back....I couldn't hang on any longer, my balls were tight and then I shot my load up her butt...OMG it was such intense fuck....we walked inside the house and I saw juices running down her thighs......I said wow....the cheeky bitch looked back and then bent over again...skirt around her waste, heels on, me watching my cumm oozing out of her butt running down her legs...oMG...fuck this was sooo hot ... I was standing there stroking my cock as I watched her....she said she never came so hard and was squirting as I fucked her hot .....what a great surprise fuckI haven't told her yet why it all happened ...but fuck it was hot...might do it againciao hope you had a horny weekend
10-09-2021, at 01:38 AM

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