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Money at the Airport
Money at the AirportThe wife and I had gone down to London to see a show, we?d gone on a trip where you get the journey down from up North, theatre ticket and an overnight hotel room all for one price. We?d been out and seen the show and had got back to our hotel, which was situated near the airport, at around 11:30pm.I wasn?t particularly tired but she was knackered and after eating she?d had a shower and was soon nodding off in bed. I decided to go down stairs to the smoking area and have a cigarette. I was smoking when I realised I was busting so heading off to the toilet I was surprised to see, upon entering the gents, six cubicles.I usually use the cubicles as I like to take my time without anyone watching, also sometimes I have a wank and this night was one of those nights, as the wife was asleep there was no chance of anything else for me. I noticed that two of the cubicles were already taken which surprised me for the time, nearly midnight, anyway I opened the door to one and sat down.I was feeling myself up and lost in my own little world when I heard a cough obviously from the next booth but I just ignored it. Then without any warning a piece of paper came under the partition with a pen, I picked it up and it said ?How much for a blowjob?? I wrote 50, it was London after all, then the paper came back and said ?Room 212?, I said aloud ?Ok?.As I unlocked my door I efeler escort walked out and towards the lift, I pressed the button and stood behind me was an oriental gentleman, looked Japanese but I couldn?t be sure. As the lift arrived I got in and he followed and said ?You going to 212? walking towards him as the lift doors shut I answered ?Yes I am are you?? he smiled and nodded.The lift doors opened on the second floor as we walked side by side towards room 212, when we reached the room he unlocked it with a key card and I stepped in, he turned around to lock the door and I rubbed his ass he turned back smiling and said ?Can I cum in your mouth?? and I replied ?Another 50? with which he took out his wallet and gave it to me.After putting it in my pocket he was still standing by the door I reached forward and ran the back of my hand down the front of his trousers, he smiled and dropped his bag. As I ran my hand over his genital area I leaned in and kissed his lips, he carried on smiling. Rubbing him it was apparent he was getting hard although he felt to be small.After a few minutes I crouched down in front of him and rubbing his erection I unclipped his pants and they fell down, he had a small bulge in his undies, as I rubbed him he moaned. I noticed his cock didn?t seem to be getting any bigger so I presumed he was fully erect. I germencik escort peeled down his undies and there he stood 4? if he was that.I leaned forward and licked his helmet, running my tongue up and down his shaft he was moaning and talking in a foreign language, obviously his own tongue. I carried on licking from eye to balls before I touched him, licking and nibbling his balls he was thrusting as I came up cock from his sac towards his helmet.Clenching my fist around his small cock I pulled his foreskin up and down as I licked him, he thrusted with every motion, wanking him slowly with all his cock in my mouth and my tongue licking his piss hole, because he was small he could enjoy the full treatment. After only five minutes or so of this he made some type of crying remark that even in a foreign tone told me he was coming.I carried on doing what I was doing at the speed I was doing it, when his knees wobbled and his cock seemed to stretch a little as he moaned out in a foreign dialect his hand was fondling the back of my head as he groaned loudly then his seed was engulfing in my mouth, he didn?t deposit much but I swallowed it all as he groaned his orgasm out.As he went limp I stood up and he muttered ?Thankyou?. I walked him over to the bed and he smiled again, as he sat down he said ?What now? as I unbuttoned my jeans I kk escort said ?You want this?? as my cock protruded out of my undies. He looked and smiled then said ?How much?? ?Another 100? he looked and licked his lips and said ?Ok? as he took the money out of his wallet.I stripped except for my undies and sat next to him on the bed, running my hand up and down the inside of his thigh he smiled. I unbuttoned his shirt and removed it, turning him onto his stomach I kissed his back and the crack of his arse, he groaned. My cock was rock hard and 6? of solid gristle, I parted his buttocks and licked him then brushed his anus with my finger.As he groaned I stood up and pulled my pants down, spreading his cheeks I rubbed the tip of my cock over his hole, he whimpered. He was dry. I went into the bathroom and soaped my cock up, he was still in the same position as I spread him again, nudging his ass this time I slipped in with ease, I started to fuck him and he was moaning again.Fifteen minutes had passed as I was shagging him I knew I was close, as I pulled out I turned him over and opened his thighs again as I prodded his hole again I slipped in with ease, as I fucked him once more he leaned forward and kissed me, I pulled away and licked his nipples, as I was building up speed I knew I wouldn?t last much longer myself.?Where do you want it? I said, he looked at me as if he didn?t understand, as I fucked him hard I was close then BANG!!!! I shot my cum up his ass, I groaned as all my stickiness filled his ass. As I lay there breathing heavily he thanked me and rushed off to the bathroom. I got dressed and went for a cigarette 200 richer and had had some sex into the bargain.

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