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Deflowered in darkness

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Deflowered in darknessThis is a true story I am Clara,.the moonlight night dew escaped from the rain crashing on the lake that day. Crashing down on the cabin. The cabin was said to be haunted. Hearing creaks and noises was pt of it,s charm. Creak, creak doors opened and lights suddenly flickering. I just thought it was the charm and fell asleep after a long dip in the lake. The water felt so cool dripping from me. So inviting, ...I fell asleep when suddenly, a ghost like touch I felt upon my skin. A cool breath floated on my nipple .. and landed on my breast. Breeze of coolness circled my nipple as I felt it tugged. And pinched. A cool air floated on my nipple and licks circled my nipple. Hot kisses devoured my vagina. And a hot touch teasingly caressed my vagina. I felt my breast being caressed and kisses circled my breast. A hot kiss lay on my nipple as I felt it being bit hard. A ghostly touch massaged my vagina. ? silence? I heard. As I felt a warm caress around my vagina and pecking on my vagina and nipple.lips hot as sin kissed my vagina slowly.. softly rubbing my vagina and stroking it slowly.Opening my legs, rubbing me slow.. My vagina was bit. And covered in hot kisses and licks.Caressed my vagina with hot soft bites and nibbles. .. a tug and a aunt Kim hard. ? your majestic?She moaned. Locking onto me and suckling me deeply. Deep and long.Suckle suckle suckle.. becoming hotter dark .her toungue hot against my skin burned as she stroked my vagina twirling twisting inside me. .. ? yes...silence? she moaned.Stroking my vagina and caressing it.With hot nibbles and bites.Twirl deep inside me her toungue danced. The massage deeper and darker hotter .Layering my vagina in soft kisses and licking me slowly..stroking deeply. Aunt Kim dove in my vagina suckling me soft and darkly with warm kisses and bites. Locking her toungue to my tip and suckling..slow. ? silence? as the heat from her lips grew hotter. ? I want u.? She whispered. ? your magical..? She moaned. Rubbing my vagina softly. .as she stroked me suckling my vagina slow. Her heated kiss and licks covering my vagina. ? open ? she moaned. I felt her warm touch on my nipple. As a nipple was being pulled. A pinch on my nipple. Suckling my nipple. Squeezing it hard. Pinching it , kissing my nipple slow. And squeezing it slowly. Caressing my breast. Suckling my nipple darker and deep. ? your delicious ?she moaned. Diving to my vagina the suckling on my vagina grew hotter. Darker. Hot. Caressing my vagina and biting it slowly. Layering me in her hot soft kisses and licks.Tugging it ,, stroking slowly kissing my vagina and biting hard. ? your enchanting ? I felt a toungue slid slowly up my vagina. Swirl swirl.pecks pecks. twisting.twirling. Licking. Kissing.sliding inside me slowly, softly, entering me from behind as we Fucked in ?in waterfall?.the suckle grew darker. ? your delicious ? she whispered as the suckling grew darker. Her toungue high up inside me twirling..twirling..kisses lay in my vagina as she exploded her orgasm deep in me. In waves like lightning volts her orgasm shot in me. Exploding. Pulling me in a embrace, caressing me softly. Blew cool breaths on my nipple. As she bit my nipple and softly suckled me. Pulling my vagina slow.feeling her enter me from behind again pulsated in heavenly orgasm. ? in waterfall? I shone with her orgasm .as she exploded again inside me. Suckling my nipple aunt Kim dove to massage my vagina layering it I. Her hot kisses and licks. Pulling it slowly massaging it deeply. (* her toungue in circles twirling in my vagina..) ? your intoxicating ? she growled ? I love how sweet u taste? suckling me deep and the massage grew hotter suckling darker. Suckling me deeply.slower.. stroking me slowly. Her thirst insatiable .hot. Suckling my vagina icovering me in her warmth. Circled me in hot kisses and licks on my vagina. As she stroked my vagina sliding slowly into me. Kissing my nipple.pulling my nipple.licking , kissing,squeezing my nipple and softly biting it. Cradling my nipple in her teeth. Pulling. Feeling her pulsate opening my vagina and rubbing.kissing it slowly. Sliding her tongue slowly gently inside .she swam in my juices. Swivling.twirling. Twirling..twisting. Licking and biting the tip. Pulling me in a embrace, she snuggled on my breast. Nibbling my breast and nipple . As we fell into hours of oral sex.Aunt Kim pecked my breast layering me in warm kisses and a warm caress...hours of hot oral sex.aunt kim lay purring hot nibbles and kisses on my breast. ? good girl.? She whispered, softly sliding into me again. Taking me from behind.
04-07-2021, at 10:51 AM

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