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Priaml Attraction, Part 6

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Priaml Attraction, Part 6"NO!" she pleaded. "I... I mean... never. I never have....""Well" I replied, with admittedly a bit of a smirk, "you will today." as I wiggled my thumb that was now buried almost up to my hand, in her tightest of holes. I then turned my hand so that my thumb was facing down. Through that thin membrane separating her vagina from your rectum, I could feel the top of my cock, still buried to the hilt, inside of her squishy cunt."Please" she said so pathetically. "I can?t. I mean I never have so I don't think that I can.....""It's no longer your decision" I said matter-of-factly. "I'm here to claim you as my own. Plus" I continued... "you NEED this. To be taken and used as the true slut that you are."I kept my thumb up her ass and rotated my hand back around. I then resumed a slow pumping action, in and out, of my cock deep into her dripping pussy."Since I don't have any lube" I continued "I'm going to use your own cunt-drool to coat my cock. Feel free to cum again." I added with a laugh. "It may help make my cock slipperier when I push it into your asshole."I continued my slow but steady in-and-out on her now spasming pussy as I continued to push my thumb in and out of her tight, virgin ring. Her breathing turned into a pant as her moans got louder. Her inner-lips were actually grabbing at, and griping, my cock. I sort of chuckled as I imagined that she thought that if she made me cum, I might be too soft to enter her virgin hole. Little did she know that I could easily and completely control my mind, over my body, something that she obviously lacked. The pounding continued.She was now moaning and grunting. I felt that she was close to cumming again."So" I asked, playfully. "do you want me to take your virginity? Fuck you DEEP in your asshole?"?UUUUUUhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh? was her only reply."I'm going to push inside of this tight ring with my cock," I continued, "just like I easily did with my thumb. You will be cumming again just from your anal fucking. I promise you that."That's all that she needed and her screams of passion filled the foyer as she tightened around my cock and came the hardest of the three."That's it, slut" I encouraged. "Cum all over me so that I can easily fit into this tight little hole!"I leaned back slowly and withdrew, leaving her cunt gaping and still spasming through her orgasm. I looked down to make sure that my phone was still recording her lewd act on the carpeted stairs of her home. It was. In fact, some of her juices began to drip from her gape and they accidentally landed on the screen of my phone only 18? below her dripping hole. I made a note that the video should be quite exciting! I fingered her vagina, capturing quite a bit of her cum and then massaged her tight little anla ring. She began to softly protest yet whimper at the same time. Her words seemed to be saying ?no? yet her whimpers seemed to encourage me more. I even felt her relax her anal ring as my fingers, wet with her own juices, easily slipped in and out. I then lined up the tip of my cock, still slick with her juices, up to her tiny, virgin opening, and leaned forward, just a bit. I could tell that she was trying to relax her anal ring and the head of my cock slipped just inside that tight outer muscle ring and then I stopped.?You want this, slut? I teasing asked, ?Don?t? you???mmmm hmmmmm? was her soft response?Tell me that you want this? I said, in a bit stronger tone.?Yes Sir? she added, ?Please put it inside of me? she added a little, pathetic whimper at the end.?Not good enough, slut!? I teased her more, all while I held her hips and the head of my cock was lodged just inside of her tight little ring. I could even feel her slight anal contractions.?Tell me, in detail, what you want?? I demanded.?Oh God? she proclaimed in frustration ?Please don?t make me say it.??Why not? I teased more ?I?m certainly going to make you do it? I added with a chuckle.?Now SAY IT!? I almost barked at her.?Please Sir? she said with a bit of determination, ?Please fuck me in the ass.? After a slight pause, she continued ?PLEASE FUCK MY ASSHOLE??Good Girl? I praised her, ?But just like before, you need to impale yourself.?I released the grip on her hips and she slowly leaned back, arched her back more, to get the correct angle and pushed back on me some more.?Breath? I said encouragingly. ?Breath as you relax and prepare yourself.?She exhaled quickly and took her time. After the initial ?POP? of my cock actually pushing in past her entire ring, I allowed her to get get accustomed to my size and me being in there. I placed my hands on her hips and said:?Good girl? in my most reassuring voice. ?Now I?m going to claim you as mine.?I slowly pushed in as she let out a long, slow guttural moan. I kept pushing in until the arch of her back changed to a curl the opposite way?as though she were trying to get away from this invading monster touching her insides where she had never been touched before. ?Almost there? I said encouragingly, but then quickly added ?I won?t stop until you feel my heavy balls rest against your wanton pussy. Then, and only then, you will know that I?m all the way in.??Aaaaahhhhh? she seemed say in frustration but that was quickly replaced be a plea and then a yelp.?OWWWW? she cried out. ?Too Deep!??Do you feel my balls resting against your cunt?? I asked, already know the answer. There was no response, as I suspected. I withdrew slightly, and then repeated to slow push. She arched more and I leaned in with more determination. She was now grabbing the carpet on the stairs with her fingers and I thought that she might rip it up. Finally, my pubic bone was almost touching her tail bone and my heavy, cum-filled balls rested against her dripping pussy. I gave her some time to adjust.?Now? I said, with a smile, ?I?m going to claim you. I?m going to fuck you like you?ve NEVER been fucked before and when I?m done, I?ll have filled your bowels with gobs and gobs of my cum. And as I drip from you later, let it be a constant reminder that you are mine?To be continued?.
04-07-2021, at 10:51 AM

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