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The Blizzard

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The BlizzardA cold wind blowing out of the North slapped him in the face as he stepped out of the shop headed to his truck. It was a gray gloomy late January day, just the kind he loved. The only sounds were the wind blowing and the crunch of the hardened snow under his boots. Once inside in truck he started it up and let it warm up a minute before putting it in gear and heading home. He lived in Northern Montana in a small cabin out on a lonely road. After he retired from the Marines and after a stink in the corporate world he knew he didn?t belong and sought out his own refuge. He wanted to get away from people and had found his paradise nestled among the Bitterroot mountains in Western Montana North of Missoula. As he turned onto his drive way he noticed a buck elk smelling the breeze for a mate but it was too early to be looking for her this time of year. He was smiling as he continued to pull into his garage and closing the door. As he entered his cabin the aroma of beef stew surrounded him and there was his old dog Iowa wagging his tail and waiting. He knew what that meant as he opened the door and let Iowa outside. He stomped the snow off his boots before sitting down on the bench by the door to take them off and placing them underneath ready for tomorrow. He strolled into the kitchen to stir the crock pot of stew he started this morning. It was perfect and ready to eat, but before doing that he warmed the over to bake the fresh loaf of bread he left to rise while he was at work. Popping it in the over at 350° before turning to let Iowa back in. Once he was done shaking off the cold, Iowa settled in his usual place in front of the fireplace which was of course out. He grabbed a few logs and had a roaring fire started in no time as the warmth began to fill the cabin. While the bread was baking he looked outside to see that it had started snowing in the fading light of the early evening. The clouds to the Northwest looked pretty ominous and the forecast was for 12 inches in the passes and 8 inches down below. As he continued to peer into the settling darkness he noticed some head lights coming down the road. This was unusual because there was no one else living on this road for at least 10 miles. He continued to watch the lights as they began to swerve from left to right before going dark. He knew something happened so he turned off the oven and took out the bread as it was done anyway and he put on his boots, coat and grabbed his keys and headed out the door with Iowa in tow. They jumped in the truck and opened the garage door and backed out and headed down the drive towards the road and once there turned left. The drove about half a mile when they came upon the car which was head first in the ditch with only the tail lights glowing red and the rear passenger tire suspended in mid air. He got out saying are you okay? Are you hurt? I am here to help. He approached the car with hurried caution to find a body slumped over the steering wheel and non-responsive. He knocked on the window saying are you okay? Getting no response he opened the door slowly and gently sat the person back when he realized it was a woman and she banged her head hard on the steering wheel. He reached over and shut the engine off as she started to come around. He very carefully helped her to her feet and guided her to his truck. Once inside he closed the door and went back to her car to get her purse and secure the car. They drove back to the cabin where he gently helped her inside and to the couch. Iowa was right behind sniffing and was as interested in the stranger as he was.As she started coming around she realized she was in a strange and unfamiliar place and snapped back to reality with a start saying ?where am I?? and ?who are you?? He reassured her she was safe and explained to her what happened. He also told her there was a winter storm outside and that the roads would soon be closed. She nervously accepted this explanation and realized the amazing scent of beef stew and fresh warm bread. He told her he was just about to have supper and there was plenty if she was hungry. Smiling shyly she nodded and stood and shakily made her way to the kitchen where he had already had a plate prepared for her on the table. I?m Micheal he said and it?s nice to meet you although not under the best of circumstances. I?m Jennifer she replied but people just call me Jen. He dressed her head wound and as they sat and ate her anxiety began to wane and she started to relax. After a second helping each she returned to the couch as he cleared the table and washed the dishes. Since he lived so far out he told her it would be a day or so before he could get someone out to get her car besides the blizzard was just starting and getting worse. It was just then that the power went out leaving them with only the flickering glow of the fire to brighten the darkened room. She was getting noticeably nervous when Iowa strolled over and lay down at her feet. She felt a sense of calm come over her as if nothing bad could happen here. As she gazed around the small but very cozy cabin she could help but notice the military memorabilia s**ttered about and how truly neat and clean this place was. She finally saw a picture of him in his uniform and smiled knowing she was in the home of a United States Marine. He finished the dishes and came back into the living room carrying two mugs of hot cocoa. Sitting down beside her they talked and dark long into the night about everything. He found out she was on her way Spokane for an interview but wanted to take the scenic route but was unprepared for Montana in January and lost control of her car and thus ended up in the ditch. Their conversation seemed to last for hours and they both yawned and knew it was time to call it a night.
04-07-2021, at 10:51 AM

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