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Japanese sister-in-law

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Japanese sister-in-lawMy wife had a 24 year old younger sister who just end her long relationship with her boyfriend; her sister want to get away from Japan and come visit us in Hawaii. My wife thought that was a great idea, and two weeks later she was in Hawaii living with us for three months. Her sister was pretty and looked like my wife but her sister had bigger tits and appeared to be like a typical shy Japanese girl. At the time me and my wife both worked and we didn?t have k**s. I was in the military and she worked until 10pm most nights. Her sister spoked little English.One afternoon I came home from work and her sister was in the shower with the door open, the shower curtain was clear (see through); when I glanced in she was washing her hair and I had time to take a good look at her nice body. Her tits wasn?t only bigger but her nipples were huge and a pretty pink color. I stared as long as I possibly could, and found myself getting hard as hell. As she was getting out of the shower I made sure that she saw me walking by; she was reaching for her towel as I walked by and she looked at me and said hi with a smile, like it was nothing for me to see her beautiful naked body. I tried to act surprised to see her naked and she laughed and said its ok we are family, she then notice I had a major hard-on as she grabbed her towel.I needed to shower so I waited until she was finished to go in, as I was showering I heard the blow-dryer going (she was in the bathroom drying her hair) like I said the shower curtain was clear and she saw everything. I got out of the shower like she wasn?t there, making sure she saw all of my thick nine inch American Cock. I noticed that she did take a long look at my cock as I was slowly toweling off my balls. She then out of the blue volunteered to dry off my back and I of course humbly except it her offer. She started at my shoulders and slowly work down to my ass, then she said I can dry off your legs too and before I could say yes she was already on her knees drying off my legs from behind. She then moved to my front-side while she was still on her knees, she was concentrating on drying off my feet and then she looked up and my cock was right in front of her face and she pause for second staring at my thick American cock. She said ?big? in Japanese with her mouth open in amazement, and quickly moved her head away from staring at my cock. She apologize and then I asked why was she apologizing? She said I didn?t mean to look at it but I never seen one that size before. I said that ?its ok our secret? and she can look at it I won?t tell, her eyes lit up and she said ?really, I can?. I nonchalantly said ?of course you can, no worries?. I thought she was going to just take another look at my cock, but I felt her hands on my balls and heard ?wow, big? as she was fondling my balls with her face just inches away. She then grabbed my cock with both hands, shocked from the size of my cock, she then noticed that she couldn?t wrap her hands around my cock. She said, wow I like your penis; I said ?American?s call this a cock. She then asked if her sister can take all of it, I said most of it. She was amazed, ?she can, really?. ?I don?t know if I can take something this big, my pussy is so small?. Of course I said, ?I?m sure you can handle my cock?, as my cock started to grow hard as granite. She was now looking at my fully erect nine-inch cock. She started stroking my hard cock and said ?you think I can take this cock?? You want to try, I replied. She smiled and said just see if it can fit ok, be gentle with me. I said I would and if she didn?t like it I would stop. We went to her room and she immediately took off her clothes and laid on the bed, I thought to myself that she really wants some dick bad. I reached between her legs to see if she was wet and it was a river down there. She apologized for being so wet and said, ?please go slow?. I got between her legs and slowly start inserting the head of my cock in that tight Japanese pussy, she was moaning with pleasure and before I got all of the head of my cock in the pussy she was cumming and screaming yes, yes? I continued to slowly insert my thick cock into that tight Japanese pussy and she was having multiple orgasms during this initial insertion of my cock. When I looked down to see how much was in I notice that the sheets were soaking wet. I then said its half way in, she was surprised that she could take that much and said ?please keep going, don?t stop?. I slowly started stroking that wet pussy and she continued to moan in ecstasy. That pussy was so good and before I knew it I was pulling out and cumming on her big ass tits. She quickly pulled my cock to her mouth and sucked me dry.That pussy was better than my wife?s pussy. That next morning was Saturday and it was my day off but my wife had to work and I was awaken by her sister sucking my cock, she was hooked on my cock and she wanted it all the time. For the next few months I was fucking her more than my wife, we always fucked when my wife was in the shower or cooking.
04-07-2021, at 10:51 AM

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