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Corporate Assets (Chapter 6)

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Corporate Assets (Chapter 6)Chapter 6It had been several months since the day when Sandra had been a*****ed from the parking garage. She had told no one about. She was afraid that it would ruin her career with the company. Nothing in the office had really changed. Sandra did notice that one of her co-workers, Bob, had looked at her in a strange way, but he had said nothing. Sandra had avoided him. The thought that he might have had something to do with her k**napping scared her. She was relieved when he was transferred to another office.She had been assigned a new secretary. Personnel had refused to let her hire her own. Sandra had been angry with that decision, but her boss had said it came from the top, so she let it go. Her new secretary was a young Hispanic woman named Rachel. She was not particularly pretty. She dressed very plainly and was very quiet. She came to work on time; her work was very good and she said very little to anyone, including Sandra. Sandra suspected that Rachel lived at home and was a devout churchgoer, but the her file said little beyond her name, address and work experience.Sandra had not undergone any massive changes in her office demeanor. She may have been less ready to scream at employes but she still did it. She didn't seek out co-workers to torment but if the opportunity can her way she took it. Sandra believed that she had changed for the better. She honestly thought that she was only doing what a true professional would do.From time to time Sandra would unlock the security drawer of her private file cabinet and take out a plain brown envelope. Inside were the photos of her ordeal. She had tried to throw them away, but couldn't. She would close and lock her door and pulled the photos out of their envelope. One photo showed her with a cock in her mouth while being fucked the in the pussy. The other showed her licking pussy while being ass fucked. When she saw them a flood of feelings came over her; Shame, guilt, fear, excitement, arousal, and lust. The photos seemed to be of another person. The entire event seemed to have happened to someone else. When Sandra thought of it, she viewed it more like remembering a movie or a dream. It didn't seem to have anything to do with reality or her.It was a Friday afternoon when Rachel knocked on Sandra's door. She quickly put away the photos and locked them up. She opened the door to find Rachel quietly standing there with a handful of papers. "I need for you to review these and if they're okay, then sign them," said Rachel in her almost mousy voice. Sandra was always in a state of heightened sensitivity after looking at the photos. "You bothered me for that?," she snapped at Rachel. "Couldn't this was waited?" "I'm very sorry," apologized Rachel. "But I knew you wanted this to go out in the mail today." "Then why the hell did you wait to the last minute to do them, you stupid girl!" shouted Sandra. The few people left in the office turned their heads at the noise. Sandra grabbed Rachel by the arm and jerked her into the office and slammed the door. "Look from now on when you want me and my door is closed, you call me on the phone first, comprende?" Sandra growled. "Yes," said Rachel. Her lack of fear seemed to enrage Sandra. "Now look, I know your just a stupid Mexican, but if you can't understand my rules I'll get rid of you." threatened Sandra. "I'm not a stupid Mexican..." began Rachel. "Shut your fucking mouth you ignorant, Spic!" shrieked Sandra. "You pepper-bellies are all stupid. Just a bunch of whores and greasers running around in those stupid low riding cars!" By now Sandra had lost control of herself. "I know all about your kind. And I know how to deal with them. You put them in their place. Show them who's boss," she fairly screamed at Rachel. "Well I'm the boss around here and you'll do as I say or I'll make it hell for you."During this tirade Rachel had only stared at Sandra. She showed no emotion; neither anger nor fear. Now she quietly said, "I understand exactly what you mean." "Can I go now?" she asked. "Yes", yelled Sandra. "Get the hell out of my sight. I've got lots of work still to do. Thanks to people like you I've got to come in to work tomorrow and I'll probably be here all night." Rachel put the papers on Sandra's desk and left the office, closing the door behind her. Sandra was almost out of breath due to her explosion. She threw herself into her leather chair and gasped for air. She felt good. She had been keeping all of that rage inside her and now it was out. Being nice to idiots was not her style and she wasn't going to change.The next day Sandra arose late and spent the day shopping for clothes. She also did some grocery shopping. It was late in the afternoon when she arrived at the office. The parking garage was empty. Sandra had never felt safe in the garage after her a*****ion. She parked, took her bag of groceries with her and quickly went into the building. She took the elevator to her floor; made her way to her office and unlocked the door. She looked out the window of her office at the hills that surrounded her mid-rise office building. She thought about how nice it would be to go home and get into her hot tub and just relax. This thought lasted only a moment as Sandra realized she had a lot of paperwork to do before Monday. As the sun slowly set, Sandra turned to her desk and began working.She had been at it for about four hours when she took a break. She rose and opened her office door. The other offices were empty; their occupants long since gone. Sandra smirked and thought about how lazy her co-workers were not to put in extra hours. She crossed the open work area and headed for the snack bar on the next floor. She entered the stairwell and walked up one flight. As she opened the door into the hallway, she nearly bumped into one of the night cleaning crew. "Watch where you're going," she growl at the woman who was pushing the cleaning cart. The Hispanic woman said nothing, only smiled. Sandra thought to herself that the stupid thing probably didn't speak English as she entered the snack bar.Two more of the cleaning crew were in the snack bar. A young and woman, both Hispanic, were talking to each other in Spanish. They stopped and turned to look at Sandra as she entered. Sandra glared at them as she crossed the room. They both smiled at her and she ignored them. They left the snack bar without a word. Sandra bought a diet Coke and again thought of how she needed to lose a few pounds. She rubbed her hips through her skirt. Maybe it was time for that plastic surgery she had thought about. She was wondering what it would cost and how long she would be away from work as she walked back to her office. Up the stairs and down the empty corridors. She was approaching her office. She thought she had left the door open, but now it was closed. Must be those stupid cleaning people, she thought as she turned the door knob.As the door opened Sandra suddenly saw one of the cleaning men standing at her file cabinet with a drawer open. The man's back was to Sandra. "What the hell do you think you're doing", she yelled at the man as she charged across the office. The man turned around and Sandra came to an abrupt halt. In the man's hand was a pistol, pointed directly at Sandra. The man smiled but said nothing. Behind Sandra something was moving. She turned to see the young man and woman from the snack bar. With them was Rachel.To Be
04-15-2021, at 09:40 AM

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