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and another aruban vacation for the milf

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and another aruban vacation for the milfMy wife and I went to Aruba again and we happened to be there during the Easter week camping on eagle beach. The public can set up tents or makeshift tents on the beach and for the week it is open to all the people to camp We found this very entertaining since many of the people set up elaborate tents and some of them even set up stages for entertaining. a group of people gathered at one such tent and we were all drinking and having a good time. The young men on the beach were all high and were asking many of the women to dance. My wife got asked and she said what do you think. I said go for it. We knew from past visits that 16 is the age of consent and 18 is legal drinking age, but many of the residents drink earlier than that. This young many was gorgeous and had eyelashes that women and girls drool over. His eyes were light blue and his hair was kind of a dirty blonde. he had a very well built body and was about 17ish. his buddies watched him dance with my wife and one of them approached him and asked if he could dance with her too. He said OK but just you.The other guys heard it and they soon dispersed. The blond k** was Lars and his friend was Pieter. They were students from the other end of the island and had set up a tent near the one we were dancing by. I had a few beers and so did they. I asked if they were going to be here a while and they said yes. I said I was going to go get some more beer. They asked if I would buy some for them too. I told them yes, but would need help carrying it. Pieter said he would come with me. I was checking him out when we got into the car and he was impressed with the rental car I had gotten. It wasn't anything special but to him it was very expensive. He to was very well built and had brown hair and hazel eyes. His lashes were very long and full too. We went to a store where Pieter knew the guys working and they were talking the native language. They all laughed and then Pieter made a comment and made the international gesture of a finger going into a finger and thumb circled together (fucking) and he nodded towards me and they all laughed. I got the meaning of his gesture and figured he was telling his friends about Lars possibly fucking my wife. I thought good, I am glad he thinks his friend is getting laid cause that was what we wanted. We got back and Pieter put the ice and beer into the cooler by their tent. I noticed the tent was moving and as Pieter stuck his head in I could see Peggy's legs wrapped around Lars with his cock buried deep in her. The light from the stage lit up the interior very well. Pieter pulled his head back and said lets go find them. I went along with it and as we were looking around Lars and Peggy appeared behind us. Peggy kissed me and whispered He's big and good. Then she said I missed you guys. Pieter said don't i get one too? She kissed him and kissed him very well. Pieter was enjoying it and Lars asked where the beer was. I said come on I'll show you. Lars and I went back to the tent and got a few beers and were taking them back to Peggy and Pieter, when Lars said Do you have a room near here? I said yes. he said would you mind if we came back to your room and possibly took a shower. I said sure. Lets go get Peggy and Pieter. He said OK. We got them and interrupted a kissing session with them and as we got into the car Lars asked if he could sit up front. I said sure, unless you would rather sit up here, Peg. She said it would be fine. We drove back to the condo and Pieter and Peggy made out and it was obvious to me that Pieter was fingering my wife cause the whole car smelled of freshly fucked pussy. It was so good smelling. By now all of us were very horny. I noticed Lars watching the back seat more then the road. He had a boner too. We pulled in to the condo and parked our car and walked to the room along the low lit walkway as Pieter and Peggy kissed and had to keep running to catch up. Lars was getting a bit jealous and he kept pointing out that they were more like husband and wife than we were. I laughed and said she enjoys herself everywhere we go. We walked into the room and Peggy pulled Pieter down on top of her as she kissed him and pulled off his shirt. Lars was shocked and he looked at me and I said we should have brought the beer back with us. Lars then said lets go get it. I said naw we have plenty here. I said come her and see what you want to drink. he just looked at me like he didn't believe it. He joined me in the kitchen and took a beer. we opened them and I said they obviously are not interested in drinking right now, did you want to watch TV or do you want to join them? He said if you don't mind I would like to join them. Lars went into the bedroom and he stripped and laid down next to them and Peggy saw him there and she sucked his cock as Pieter was fucking her. I stood in the doorway and watched as they both took turns fucking her and being sucked. Peggy got laid a total of 9 times that night and sucked their cocks at least 8 times. I slept in the living room area and ordered breakfast and had it ready as they all got up. Lars was curled up spoon fashion behind Peggy all night and he was fucking her when they woke up. Pieter demanded a turn before breakfast and as they got busy Lars came out naked and sat on a counter stool having coffee with me. I was naked and sporting a hard on when he came in. he laughed and said I am sorry that we hogged your wife all night. I told him I loved it and was very happy to see them pleasing her. Lars came over and hugged me. i couldn't help but come as his cock touched mine. He laughed and said that was the least i could do for you. I apologized and he said Thank you very much. I found out then that they were both 17 and soon to be eighteen. We spent several days with them before they had to go back to school. I even got the opportunity to suck Lars' cock one evening after he had fucked Peggy several times. I was eating her pussy after they both filled her full of cum and lars was lying there watching me. I leaned over and my hand touched his leg. He was semi hard and in no time he got fully erect. I grinned and said wow that was quick. He was now stroking it and said go ahead, you know you want to. I sucked him for a few minutes and then Peggy pulled him up on top of her again. Pieter was looking at me like he wanted to let me suck him too, but I didn't want to scare him off if he wasn't into that.
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