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Rumspringa 1

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Rumspringa 1Rumspringa 1I was reminiscing about days gone by and I searched ?Amish? on xhamster. I saw a few videos and it reminds me of a nice spring evening in Lancaster County PA.My buddies and I used to go to a local farmers market which was on Tuesday's every week. Besides having great food, occasionally, you get to meet nice Amish girls. Well, we went every week and chatted up a few nice looking girls at the stands. I met a nicely built (for what you could see under her rather blousy dress) Amish girl who's name was Rachel. My best friend met her neighbor Sarah and we all hit it off. Rachel was working at her family's stand and her father, mother and brother were off eating. She was having some trouble moving boxes of vegetables so I asked her if I could help her. She protested, but I jumped in and helped her move the boxes. She looked coyly in my eyes with beautiful blue eyes. She thanked me and I exited back into the walkway where the rest of the public was busy looking and buying home grown farm goods. My buddy and I went every Tuesday and I chatted with her every week for pretty much a month until she finally agreed to let me buy her some ice cream. We sat outside by the ice cream stand eating ice cream cones and barely talked, but I loved to look at her. She was about 5'6? tall, brunette, blue eyes, nice firmly shaped I would estimate 34 D's with a thin waist and nice hips. Not too big, but framed her nicely. As she ate her ice cream cone she looked over at me, smiled and sucked the ice cream cone into her mouth very seductively. She withdrew the ice cream and giggled a bit and said ?You should see me eat other things?. I said ?Like what?? She giggled some more and laughingly said ?corn on the cob? and began to laugh looking away from me. She then told me that she would soon be going on Rumspringa. I wasn't 100% sure what it was, but I knew some Amish guys who hung out at the market that we had drank with the year previously. They were not dressed as Amish, just in ?English? clothing and they were smoking. I knew that Rumspringa was a time for older Amish teens to ?try out? the outside world before they decide whether they will follow the Amish way of life or leave and never return to their Amish roots.I asked Rachel what her thoughts were, and she gave me her address and asked me if I would come to her house and take her to a barn party the first night of Rumspringa. Asked when that was and she said it started the coming Saturday. I said ?I would love to?. She said that Sarah, my buddy's friend would also be going out the same day and that I should bring my friend along also.Saturday came and the whole day I could not wait to see what Rachel would look like in regular clothes. I grabbed my friend and off we went, winding down narrow roads until we came to Rachel's house. I did not enter the driveway, but as soon as I pulled up, she ran from the house smiling and giggling as she ran. She got in the car and slid over to me and planted a huge open mouth kiss on me. I was surprised when she did this but felt VERY good because I knew she and I were waiting for this. Rachel was dressed in her Amish clothes but had a shoulder bag and she asked me to stop by a bus shed so she could change. She changed into a pair of jeans and a large t-shirt and ran back to the car in no time flat. She pulled the visor down and put lipstick and eye shadow on as we pulled up to Sarah's house. Sarah was waiting in the bus shelter by the road and she had already changed and had make up on. My buddy was ecstatic to see her and I was amazed by her transformation. She crawled in the backseat and snuggled up to my buddy.We drove down a few more roads until we found the barn party. There were cars and buggies in the field and we drove up close so we did not have to wade through mud and horse crap. The barn sat alone at the end of a lane, and there wasn't a house close by. Evidently, the barn was used for parties and for winter storage. There was loud music, and a bunch of people laughing and joking as we walked up. As we entered, Rachel said there was a small charge to help pay for the booze and the band and my buddy and I shelled out $20 and went in. There was a lot of booze and people dancing and even though it was early, people were drunk or high. We went and got the girls a drink and we sat with them, Rachel looked across the room, eyed a guy, sat her beer down and laid a lip lock on me. I looked over and the guy walked away in disgust. I asked what that was about and Rachel said that that guy was who her father wanted her to marry, but he had a temper and she did not want to deal with him. So I brushed it off and we started dancing and kissing and drinking. My buddy and Sarah had disappeared form our seats on the hay bales but I did not care, Rachel had my full attention. We sat for a while and she said ?Lets go make out in the field or in your car, I really need you?. That was all the impulse I needed.We walked out of the barn when Jacob, the guy she wanted to make jealous came around the barn with two of his buddies. He grabbed me and said ?You leave her alone, she is MINE?. I stopped him and said ?Not from what I could see Dutchie boy? He pulled back and swung at me. He hit me square in the jaw and that was it. A fight ensued. Now, when I was in High School the previous year, I wrestled and I played defensive tackled on our football team, I also played hockey. I was 6'2?. 180lbs. And mostly muscle. I shrugged off his blow to my face, pushed him to the ground and started my tirade on his face. I do not think he was ready for the ass kicking he was going to get. He was a pretty bug guy, but I think he was used to intimidating people and getting away with it. As I was smashing my fists into his face his two buddies tried to grab me, and just about the time a crowd formed, my buddy jumped in and threw the two other guys back telling them ?make it a fair fight?. Jacob screamed ?Stop- I am done? and I got off of him.He spit out some blood and made murmured a curse in Dutch as he got up and walked away. Rachel came to me and wiped the blood off my face with her hand.We walked back to my car and grabbed some napkins and wiped the rest of the blood off my face. It was funny, because I had a split lip, most of the blood wasn't mine. My buddy, very proudly chimed in ?That was a good ass whippin' you gave that guy?. I said ?I wish it had not gone that far, but he started it?. My buddy said ?Well, you finished it?. Rachel kissed me hesitantly and said that things will probably change for her now. I said that she shouldn't worry, things will be ok. We drove off from the barn party and down a road when Sarah said to pull over up ahead. There was a small lane that looked unused in a long time, and I steered the car down the lane. Sarah said this is good, you can stop here.At that, she started kissing my buddy and they began a heated make out session. Rachel said that she would like to go for a walk, so we left them in the car and started walking down the lane in the dark. There was a small hill next to the road and she walked up it and sat down, motioning for me to join her. I sat down and she crawled up on my lap straddling me. She kissed me and told me it was really sweet of me defending her and she was very horny. I told her I could not wait to hold her and make love to her. She began to kiss me heavily while rubbing my head (I had a high and tight at the time) and I rubbed her back, finding her bra strap and hooks. I popped the hooks and she let out a sigh. She stopped kissing me and sat back a bit, pulling her arms inside her shirt and removing her bra. I reached up and grabbed her breasts. They were bigger than I though for such a small framed girl. Her nipples hardened through the fabric and she knew I wanted to suck on them. She pulled her t shirt up and I moved forward, she stopped me and pulled mine off also. So there we were bare chested tight against each other. Her skin was so soft and she rubbed her boobs against my slightly hairy chest. I made my way down from her neck toward her boobs and she moved back allowing me access to those exquisite mounds of flesh. I paused on my way there to kiss her underarms. Unfortunately, she, like most Amish girls, did not shave her pits. Oh well, she was still gorgeous and I went to her boobs. In the slight moonlight, her alabaster skin shown easily. I am a sucker for pale skinned girls, and she definitely fit the bill. Her nipples were light pink and swollen about the size of small pencil erasers, her areola were perfect. I stuck my tongue out and swirled it around one nipple and then began to suckle on it. I alternated between her two breasts and she moaned with pleasure as I caressed her boobs with my lips and tongue. She slid off my lap and sat astride me and unbuckled my jeans, Undoing the buttons on my Levi 501's, my hardon aching to be set free. She got all the buttons opened and slid my pants down. She then reached into my boxers and grabbed my hard cock. She looked at me and smiled. I slid my boxers down and reached for her jeans waist band. She said ?uh, not just yet, it is your turn to go first?.She spit on her hand and stroked my cock as she began to tongue kiss me deeply. She stroked very slowly with pretty strong pressure as my cock leaked pre cum. She pulled off my lips and moved her head down to kiss my cock head. She kissed the tip, flicked her tongue around the head and then took it between her lips. Her teeth grazed my cock and I jumped, she pulled off and said ?Sorry, I have only practiced on bananas? Well, I was glad she practiced, and I felt appreciative of her going for it. She stroked for a bit and started nibbling my neck, lightly at first harder as my hand reached the crotch of her jeans. She stopped and undid her jeans and pulled them down. She wasn't wearing panties. I was surprised and she said she did not have any ?English? panties to put on. I slid my hand down onto her hairy bush and began to caress her pussy lips. She moaned in a coy way as she stroked my cock. I was really leaking pre cum at this point and I so wanted to see how this would end up. So I slid her pants legs down and she kicked her shoes off and jeans with them. I turned towards her and kissed her nipples as my hand started probing he adequate bush. I slid my face down her smooth muscular belly and my face got within inches of her now wet pussy, when she stopped me. She asked ?what was I going to do?? I said ?returning the favor? and smiled at her. She clamped her legs shut and said ?I-I don't know about that? I reassured her that she would like it and that I would not hurt her. I kissed her trying to reassure her and she finally relaxed a bit as I again made my way down her belly to her hairy snatch. She was very musky but it was pleasant. I had eaten pussy several times up to this point and I really enjoyed making a woman cum with my tongue. I licked her outer lips and gently probed inside into her inner lips. Her clit was slightly erect and I sucked it into my mouth gently and then licked up and down on her slit. She was starting to writhe around and breathing heavy. She got wetter and wetter and then she pushed my head away. She said she was getting ticklish, so I stopped. I wiped her wetness from my face and she pushed me back to sitting and licked the pre cum off my cock. She then got up and straddled my legs. She cautioned me that I could not penetrate her but she wanted to ?rub on me?/She slid back and forth rubbing her wet hairy pussy on my stiff cock and as she did her wetness and my precum wet my stomach. She ground faster and faster on my cock and began to shake, I could not take it anymore and shot my load all over her bush and my belly. She collapsed into my arms and I fell back onto my back with her on top of me. She kissed me deeply and in between breaths, Told me that it felt amazing. I had to agree. She rolled off of me and asked what my juice tasted like. I told her I had no idea and did not want to know. She stuck her finger in my gooey puddle and stuck it in her mouth. ?Mmm, creamy? She said as she pressed her lips into the puddle and sucked it into her mouth. She cleaned off most of it and said it was sweet. I managed a ?Thanks? and sat up. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the napkin that I wiped the blood off my face with and wiped up the rest of the mess on me and handed it to her. She told me that even that was nice, she felt that she wanted me in her. I asked her how that would work if she decided to go back to her ?normal? life. She told me she had another hole, for another time.... My mind reeled and my cock started to get hard again. She told me that would happen another time, so to calm down. We got dressed and walked back to the car.My buddy was busy banging Sarah, pretty hot and heavy, so we sat on the hood of my car and talked. She said she is planning on staying at her cousin's house, who left the Order so I could take her there. My buddy finished up- the car stopped rocking- and we went back to the door and opened it. He and Sarah were cuddling and I asked if they needed more time. Sarah said ?No, we are good? I got a good eyeful of Sarah and her lithe blonde body and tiny tits with big nipples. They got dressed and we drove to Rachel's cousin's house. Sarah also planned to stay there with them. We knocked and Rachel's cousin came to the door, and she welcomed us to come in. She got us some sodas and we sat and talked. Her cousin, Sally, told the story of how she got pregnant during Rumspringa and more or less had to leave the Order. Her boyfriend was at work at present. It was getting late, and Rachel was tired, so I kissed her good night, and left her my phone number to call me when she got up. My buddy kissed Sarah good night and we drove off.My buddy told me that Sarah was quite the wild girl, he said she loved getting screwed, and could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. He asked me how Rachel and I made out and I said that Rachel just wanted to make out nothing more. Yeah, I lied.Rachel called my house the next morning and my Mom answered the phone. She called me to the phone and I went around the corner to talk privately (well kinda). Anyway, Rachel said she wished we could have spent the night together, but understood. I asked if she wanted me to come down today and she said that her, Sarah and Sally were shopping for clothes today and maybe we could see each other during the week. I said I would like that. Mom tried to pry and I just said my date went well and Rachel was a nice girl. I had some coffee, did my chores and then called my buddy. I asked him if he spoke with Sarah, he said yes and wanted to know if I was going down next week. I said I planned on Tuesday night.The days dragged on, between work and other things I could only think of being with Rachel. Tuesday came and I got my house chores done immediately after work, called my buddy. Picked him up and off to Lancaster County we went. I got to Sally's house and Rachel and Sarah were sitting on the porch. She said Sally and her boyfriend were out and we all had the house to ourselves/ My buddy and Sarah giggled and ran into the house and up the stairs. Rachel and I talked and kissed for a bit and she said she wanted to take a shower with me before we did anything.Too be continued....
04-15-2021, at 09:40 AM

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