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Swingers initiation (Part 3) Initiation completed

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Swingers initiation (Part 3) Initiation completedAfter Pedro caught us having oral sex without is knowledge we came back to their friends clubs at the disco dancing floor. Pedro didn?t take long to forgive her and since we were close midnight, we decided to go in the former Bank vault. Pedro told me about the favour that was allowed by Sylvie having a threesome FFM in exchange of having hers MMF threesome. when we accessed the vault, the ambiance was already hot where a threesome was in a double penetration and another threesome FFM where girls where very active and the guys was allowed to touch only is girlfriend. The lightings of the rooms allowing to have mores privacy and we could noticed they are other person having fun in these more discreet area. We find a place not so far from the FFM threesome that we could have a great view on their act in respecting their privacy. Pedro and I start to remove our clothes and as soon we are naked she starts stroking our penis that was very erotic bakırköy escort and stimulating . I?m a lucky guy with 9 inches circoncises penis with a good circumference and Peter has uncut 7 inches but a larger penis than mine. She stop stoking us and she lied down which her vulva was facing me and was and invitation to give her another cunnilingus that we did not finish earlier. I start to give her oral sexe and Pedro on same time put oenis is close to her mouth and she took is big mushrooms in her mouth. We play like this and given her orgasm and Pedro and I make switch to prevent Pedro cumming already in her mouth. She?s very a talented sucker of penis with a good approach keeping you arouse enough but sensing my reaction to be sure she just excited me enough close to orgasm but her goals is to be fuck by both of us. Sylvie took a condom she placed on my dick saying she can wait anymore to be penetrated by my long dick. She placed herself in doggy style beşiktaş escort and slowly I enter her. When you put a 9 inches penis in a not used pussy of this size you must present yourself slowly. She?s a skinny woman with a really tight pussy and entering slowly was delicious for her and me. When I was completely inside feeling she?s confortable I instructed to control penetration that will avoid to hurting her and since I do not know her she will stimulating her more sensitive zone to get her pleasure. I do not calculated the time I took to fuck until the ultimate pleasure I could have a good control and with a condom its easier. I can connect with my sexual partners where I could synchronized my orgasm with her. It was an intense orgasm when she felt I was building up she started milking my members inside her vagina increasing the pleasures. I remove and Pedro took her bareback. Looking on My friends fucking Sylvie reviving my dick. So I present my beylikdüzü escort penis close to her mouth and she did not wasting time to sucking when Pedro was still pumping her. Like I said she?s a sucking expert keeping me arouse just to keeping me hard. Pedro let a grunt after creampie her pussy with is cum. She released my cock in her mouth suggesting that I could fuck her against.Even I wearing again a condom, It?s the first time I penetrate a pussy full of sperm of another guys. That was really new for using my friends cum as lubrifiant in fucking is girlfriend pussy. This tough increase my excitement and I delivery another flow of sperm inside the condom. We were all tired it was close 3 o?clock and the Club was closing doors. We can see others members naked or not preparing themselves to leave the club. In our return in my, we were starving and we stopped in restaurant. We order and Sylvie was just seatings in front of me and after she removed her shoes she?s starting playing with her on my crouch. We start eating and she continues to tickling me with her feet without Pedro noticing. She to Pedro that I could stay with them and I can sleep them and having fun. Unfortunately Pedro was not in the same mood and I slept on my condo after bringing them back to Pedro place
11-23-2021, at 12:19 PM

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