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Jack's house
Jack's houseI was nineteen in college and went to visit my mom for a few weeks during break, when I arrived at her house one of her friends was there named Jack. I've known Jack for a few years and know he's gay and he use to innocently flirt with me when he came over for holidays which I kinda enjoyed but back then I was young and had never been with a guy but did have fantasies about it. Now since I started college I have been with a few different guys and love it but none of my family or friends know I've kept everything a secret and been very discreet with my encounters. So seeing Jack at my mom's was nice he is very good looking and I was hoping he would still playfully flirt with me but he didn't, the three of us talked for a while then Jack left and I went to bed.The next day Jack called and asked if I could come by his house to help him move a few things that it wouldn't take to long, I told him sure no problem I could be there within the hour. I arrived at his house I was wearing tight jeans with bikini underwear that says insert here on the back with an arrow pointing down and a t-shirt, he showed me what we had to do and mentioned that I looked good. I smiled and said thanks we then started working he asked me if I had any girlfriend's in school I told izmir escort him no and changed the subject. It's been about an hour or so and I was getting extremely horny thinking about him and seeing his gay porn laying around he then said let's take a break and have a margarita I said that sounds great I sat down as he made the drinks a few minutes later he came back we talked about my classes he then got up to get us another drink he handed me mine as I took a sip I accidentally spilt it on my pants, I jumped up yelling God damnit. He sat there and laughed and said it's ok if I wanted he would wash them for and grabbed me some shorts to wear in the meantime, I walked over to the washing machine as he got the shorts. My heart was racing at this point knowing that he would see my underwear and know my secret and hoping he would be interested in me, as I was bending over pulling off my pants he came in the room and said "wow really insert here very nice" as he handed me the shorts. I grabbed them and said " I don't think I need to put these on do I" he looked at me and said " absolutely not" and reached around and started rubbing my ass and then we started kissing we kissed for a moment then he started the washing machine and put my pants in it as he was doing that izmir escort bayan I was standing behind him reaching around and rubbing his cock thru his pants. I whispered in his ear " very nice" he closed the lid turned around and we began kissing again I then dropped to my knees undid his jeans pulled out his cock looked up at him smiled licked my lips and then began to suck his cock. He placed his hands on the back of my head forcing his cock down my throat and telling me how good it felt I was sucking and gaging on his cock for roughly 15 minutes when he told me to get up and let's go to the bedroom. He was walking behind me groping my ass telling me how bad he wanted to fuck me, we got to the bed he pushed me forward leaning over the bed saying " I definitely got something to insert there" as he pulled down me panties. He then spread my ass cheeks apart and then I felt his hot breath on my ass then I felt his tounge probing me it felt so good as he ate my hot pink ass, he then got up told me to stay right there he walked over to his dresser got a bottle of baby oil and then proceeded to squirt it all over my ass and his cock. He then started rubbing the tip of his cock up and down my ass finally slowly inserting it inside me. I let out a small scream escort izmir as he pushed it in deeper, "is this what you want?" He asked I told him ohh yeah fuck me fuck me hard and deep. He started slamming his cock in me as I was moaning with extreme pleasure yelling fuck me harder, he pounded my ass for a good 10 minutes or so then pulled out spanked me and then laid on the bed spread his legs apart I crawled up between his legs and started sucking his cock again after a few minutes I got up strattled him and slowly sat on his cock enjoying every inch of it until I had it balls deep. I then started working his cock it felt so fucking good as I was bouncing up and down on his cock he told me he was about to cum I told him to cum in my ass I wanted to feel his hot cum. A few seconds later he shot his load it felt great he told me to get up and bend over he then shoved his cock back in my ass fucked me for a second the slowly pulled his cock out as I creampied his cum dripping out of me all over the bed, we both sat there for a few minutes catching our breath. I told him how amazing that felt as we got up and cleaned off, I put my panties and shirt back on he got dressed we went back in the living room and finished what we had started earlier that day. As my jeans were drying he keep grabbing my ass telling me how hot it was my jeans were finally done I got dressed told him I had a great time gave him a kiss and left. I visited him 2 more times for hot sweaty sex before I went back to school.

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