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Dean Once Again

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Dean Once Again[A further adventure at a small town glory hole! Might be worth a drive! You never know, if you never go!]As I stood there in Dean's garage, with my cock sticking through the hole in that same blue plastic tarp he'd used the last time, the warm, moist feel of his mouth as he pumped it back and forth along the entire length of my erection, made my legs shaky; and I told him how good of a cock sucker he was!I heard him give a groan of what was obviously appreciation, and continued to suck my cock---first fast, then slow, then fast, and then slow. He'd even stop for a few seconds (I could feel his saliva on my cock starting to cool), and then he go back to sucking it like it might be the last cock he'd ever have; and in spite of the makeshift ambiance of his garage glory hole (and the aroma of motorcycle engines, grease, and gasoline), the hour drive there had been well pendik escort worth it in my books!Dean was deliberately teasing me. I could tell, and yet we both enjoyed the exhilaration of it; and I knew that when I did finally come, it would intensely pleasurable and rewarding, and so I just gave myself up to whatever Dean had in mind!"Oh---FUCK!" I said, when he suddenly let my cock slip out of his mouth (once again)."What's the matter, buddy?" I heard his voice from the other side of the tarp saying, and with an obvious note of humor to it! He was enjoying teasing the hell out of me."I'm SO CLOSE to coming!" I replied."Mmmm," he replied. "You better have a nice BIG load in them balls of yours, cuz I'm hungry as hell for that."I'd purposefully not jacked off during the week since the last time I'd driven down there, in order to assure as big of a kağıthane escort load as I could bring! I mentioned this to him, and he seemed glad to hear.Then he resumed sucking my throbbing cock, and eventually, after a few more teasing pauses at the right moment, he let me come---and come I certainly did!As I stood there, straining hard as I ejaculated my sperm, the feel of Deans beaded mouth around my cock, felt very much like a pussy, even though I knew it wasn't!"Oh, god YESSS!" I said, gasping loudly as Dean deftly swallowed every last drop I'd unloaded, and he kept sucking my cock, even as it started to sag a little, and then he finally let it slip out."Oh--WOW!!" I said, breathing out loudly. "That was GREAT! Thanks!"I heard him give a chuckle. "No problem, buddy! LOVE that sperm! MMMM!!! Just LOVE IT!"As maltepe escort I cleaned up, and pulled my undershorts and jeans back up, Dean and I chatted. He said he had some other friends, fellow bikers, in fact, that might be interested in sucking my cock---it I was so inclined, that is. The idea excited me, and told him I didn't mind at all!"I've knowed these guys a long time. Their good guys. We've partied a lot over the years. I know they'd love to that cock of yours in their mouths! So let me know and I can set up something sometime.""Yeah," I said, "that sounds good. I'd be up for that!""I'll see what they say. Who knows? Maybe next time there'll be THREE of us back here working on that dick of yours. How's that?"It sounded great, and made sure to tell him that!As I drove home, my balls ached. The orgasm I'd had had been an intense one after a week of no orgasms. I liked the feeling, though. All the way home I kept thinking about standing there at that blue tarp as Dean sucked my cock as if I was the last he'd ever have---and I liked his enthusiasm! I'd definitely go back again. And the idea of more than one biker sucking my cock gave the whole idea an even more exciting slant!The End
11-26-2021, at 05:23 PM

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