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From Top to Bottom

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From Top to BottomI am bi, always have been. Most of my life I was a top. I attempted to bottom a few times, but the pain was too great. Still I felt that I was missing something. What was it about being a bottom that so many men love? Whatever it was, I wanted the experience and I knew I would have to suffer a little to get there. I would go out thinking that night would be the night that I bit the bullet, I would be ready, yet somehow, I would always end up on top. One evening I did hook up with a great looking man. Back at his place, and not knowing the direction the evening would go, I did my first time on the bottom. The man was kind, took a lot of time, massaged me, worked to loosen me up, gave me poppers to help, and talked to me the entire time, telling me exactly what he was doing and what he was going to do. I could not have asked for a better top. Except for one thing, his cock was big and thick. It was a great deal of pain, but he managed to get in all the way and get off. While it hurt like hell something about it made me want to try it again. I was still looking for that enjoyment that many men get. My second top was smaller, but not near as good. Fucking hurt just as much. I was still looking for that experience and I was determined to give it the all.I found a clothing optional men?s campground. Tents, cabins, lodge house, bunk house, lots of options, so I headed out determined not to end up as a top. This weekend I would bottom only, like it or give up the quest. The location was secluded deep in the woods next to a river. The naked man at the check in desk handed me a set of sheets and towels pointing to a map with the location of the bunkhouse that would be home for the night. I put condoms and a fresh bottle of the best lube I could find on the nightstand, stripped naked and laid down on fresh clean sheets. The bunk house had a deck that was visible through a big window from my bunk. With my ass well exposed and no one in the bunkhouse except me, I watched two men participating in some oral activity on the deck. Both middle age men, average build. I watched for about 20 minutes, and then they separated. One walked off the deck, the other came into the bunkhouse. He walked over to my bunk and started rubbing my ass and fingering me. I moved my ass in appreciation. He attempted to have me roll over, but I held fast to my position. No way did I want a bj to take the edge off my goal. His cock was a shaved cut 6 or 7 inches, not to thick. I had taken bigger and I knew I could take him. I only needed to relax. He got the hint that I was not going to offer him my cock, so he reached for the lube. He worked on loosening me up before rolling on the condom. I expected pain, but it was not bad. When I felt his balls on my ass, half the battle was over. His full body was on my back. He did not do any hard pounding, just rocking back and forth. I can?t say I was totally comfortable with it but at least it did not hurt. It didn?t take long when he pushed in all the way and I felt his cock pulsating cum into my ass. I did it; I fucked without a lot of pain. My top left the bunkhouse and I lay on my bunk enjoying the afterglow. I was quite relaxed when the door of the bunkhouse opened and the second half of the oral dual that had been on the deck at my arrival walked in.His cock was hard and bigger, not by a lot, than the first man. This man knew what he was after. He rolled on a condom, rubbed on some lube to my already well lubed ass, and climbed on. As he entered me, I had no pain whatsoever. His cock felt great and filled me all the way. His fucking was long deep strokes and steady. He was up on his arms the entire time and all I felt was his cock sliding in and out of my very tight ass. I was enjoying it, for the very first time I was really enjoying being fucked. His pace quickened and he started slam fucking me. I could not get it deep enough or hard enough. At last he went deep, and his throbbing cock expanded to eject a long stream of cum deep inside of me. He was off and gone without a word.Later that evening I was in the hot tub with a couple of men playing footsies under the bubbles. All three of us were into the lodge. We did some oral, but I knew I could never take the cock the one man offered. I watched him fuck his partner and then I went back to my bunk house and turned in naked for the night. It must have been about 3 in the morning when I felt a hand rubbing on my ass. I turned to see the bottom man from our little threesome suck fest standing next to my bunk with a stiff cock. I said nothing but opened my legs. He lubed me well then fucked me for what must have been 20 minutes. He came hard. I thought I would be very sore the next day, but I felt great. I could tell I had been fucked but nothing unpleasant. The day and night had been more than I had hoped for. I could be a bottom and enjoy it. I was putting my belongings in my jeep, when a truck pulled up next to my parking spot. A nice young man got out and opened the tailgate of his truck pulling out a tent and some camping gear. I was still naked but attempting to be a little modest while we made some small talk. He had hopes of having a good time, asked about how many men were around and about my night. I didn?t get descriptive, but I told him it was worth the trip. He asked if I could help him with a cooler, so I walked to the back of his truck, bent over to reach in for the cooler and his hand went right for my ass. I had showered and cleaned up before going to bed, but the early morning fuck left me well lubed, and this young man felt it. I enjoyed the feeling as he played with my ass. It wasn?t long before his pants were on the ground and he was behind me pushing a hard cock into my ass. I got fucked right in the parking lot on the back of a truck. He said he had been thinking about it all night and just could not wait to get to the campground. He could put up his tent, take a nap, and be ready for fucking in the afternoon.I turned in my sheets at the office and headed for home. It had been more than I ever expected, and now I could tell what a bottom was feeling when I fucked them.
04-15-2021, at 09:40 AM

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