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Word to the wise.....

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Word to the wise.....Just when I had befriended a younger 19 year old cutie who had the same sexual mindset and desires I had earlier tonight, I thought things were perfect and for a while, they were beyond perfect, they were downright orgasmic or pretty close! Our talk got pretty hot between the two of us, it was some of the best talks I had had with anyone in years but while we were talking, unbeknownst to me, she up and leaves and for a while, I was talking to myself. Naturally, I kept asking as anyone would, where they went if they didn't hear from them after a while, they'd worry about them and hope something wasn't up. Or in my case, I felt that maybe she was playing me for being younger than she said she was and I thought she was going to rat me out to the police as some sort of p*******e, which I'm clearly not. Unless a woman is 18, I won't even go near them, never mind anything else, it's just not worth the risk. I said somethings that maybe could have been better left unsaid but in all truth, when things happen, people disappear and they no longer communicate with you, you get scared, you have NO idea what the hell happened and whatnot. She went from being an incredible sex chat partner who we both got ourselves insanely worked up for to getting pissed at me for thinking that she was u******ed or something like that. If she had told me she had to leave early for work, clearly I would have understood and that would have been the end of it but the fact of the matter is, she did NONE of those things, leading me to believe something was far worse and it actually wasn't. I'm human, I'm a guy, I have a great reputation and I never do things I know I shouldn't and I felt that this MIGHT be happening and I just laid it out to her in that very fashion. NO threats or anything like that, I just didn't know. If you were me and were in a similar situation as I was tonight and one minute, you're having a great, hot chat with a person and then the next minute, they're gone and you're talking to yourself, you have NO way of knowing what's going on, so you panic and say what you do, NONE of which was threatening in any way but leave it to a 19-year old tease as she clearly was to play me like she did and I'm sure I'm far from the only one she's done that to. Maybe she gets off on it, I have no damned idea....I beg her NOT to block me and no matter what, the pleas fell on deaf ears and she turns around and blocks me. Well, I've always said I preferred a more mature woman and that's true, honestly I DO prefer that but if I could meet someone younger as Katie-Kat was, maybe that would be great too. I wasn't really planning on k**s at all but hey, I'm open minded, I would consider it down the line but now, she too, has dumped me and blocked me because I naturally got worried because she bolted and left and later told me 'I had no right to know when she was leaving and what not'? Seriously? You don't just up and leave someone in the middle of the conversation, it just doesn't happen because when it does, most get naturally worried something happened to the other person if we don't hear back anything from the other and that's what happened with Katie-Kat with me tonight. Things went from white hot between us to colder than the North Sea in winter....I'm still open to meeting younger women still, I'm keeping my options open there but at the same time, incidents like this tonight pretty much show me why I've been mostly keen on meeting someone more my age or a little older. Maybe, just maybe this is why...Katie-Kat, I apologized, you wouldn't listen, you were stubborn, didn't want to hear explanations from me and you chose to up and block me? If you did what you did to me tonight to anyone else, I'm pretty sure most of us would panic much the same way I did tonight. It's called we worry about our friends when they're gone suddenly and without explanation...maybe I went a little overboard with how I felt about things but again, I was panicked, scared, I didn't know if I was in any kind of trouble or nothing...but simply put, Katie-Kat, don't be a 19 year old cock-tease, which is clearly what you are, get me harder than a flag pole on Flag Day and then dump ten gallons of ice water on me like this with the block you dropped on me not even an hour after we were having a really steamy conversation that we both enjoyed insanely an hour prior! :-/This is Katie-Kat if anyone's curious who I obviously got blocked by tonight for really NO logical reason whatsoever...again, maybe I'm right to simply pursue women more my age, they may not be hot, but then again, neither am I! LOL
04-15-2021, at 09:40 AM

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