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Taking My Daughter and Her Friend to Work for the

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Taking My Daughter and Her Friend to Work for theTaking My Daughter and Her Friend to Work for the Week ? Chapter 9Taking My Daughter and Her Friend to Work for the Week ? Chapter 9After the fantastic sex, I slept like a rock. The alarm was in it?s last throes of beeping when I came out of the comatose sleep I was in. I showered, dressed and looked in on the girls before I left for the course.After a quick breakfast I met Mike on the range for my warmup. There, I hit every practice shot perfect.Well, I see you?ve got yourself back in the zone T. Mike commented on the laser like shots I was hitting. ?Let?s head to the practice green and see how the wand is working.?At the practice green, I sunk putt after putt from all distances. I was feeling like I did back in college, unbeatable. It?s a wonder what Fantastic sex can do for the mind and body.We left the green and headed to the first tee. Along with my fellow competitors we started the round.It was a perfect scoring day for me. There was a brisk wind blowing from the South. I loved to play in the wind. I hit the ball with a low trajectory and while others struggled I was on fire. A plus to having a strong wind was it always made the girl watching great. It was a ?skirt alert? day for sure and there were plenty of blowing skirts in the gallery.Making the turn, I was six under par and leading the tournament. The round was going to get even better.There were three hotties following our group on the second nine. They all had on very short skirts that seemed to blow up at just the right times, showing off perfect asses and thongs. Each of them was braless and wore a tight top that displayed their extremely ample breasts and firm hard nipples. From a distance, It appeared as though they were most likely local college girls.Mike and I, as well as the whole group, got a nice eyeful of tits, ass and pussy as we toured the back nine. Finally having the opportunity I started up a conversation with them as we waited on the par three twelfth hole.Up close I could tell that it was a mom and twin daughters. The mom was a super hot milf and the twin daughters were just as hot as mom.The mom, she introduced herself as Gloria, told me the two daughters Deb and Donna were infatuated with my caddie Mike. They?d seen him on television and wanted to check him out in person. His good looks always seemed to draw the hot chicks both young and old. Smiling at me she also told me she had the hots for me.Soon Mike and I were both walking the rope line as we played, talking and getting to know them a bit better. As we waited to play to the green of the par five f******nth, Mike told me he had their number and was going out to dinner with them that night. He also told me I was invited. Of course there was no way I could go.Again we had a wait on the par three s*******nth tee and I went over to Gloria to tell her I wouldn?t be able to make dinner with them. She was understanding and handed me a business card with her contact info on it. She also told informed me she and the twins would be at my next tournament in Fort Worth and maybe we could all hook up there. I, of course, agreed.With the new distractions of the women, my back nine was still a solid three under par, for a nine under total and the outright lead for the time being. There was a note in scoring from Ariel telling me to meet them for lunch in the eighteenth hole skybox. After signing my scorecard I told Mike I?d be at the practice range after lunch.We left scoring and sure enough, outside scoring waiting patiently in the autograph area, were the three gals. We all talked for a while then I headed to the eighteenth skybox and Mike walked away with the trio.The skybox wasn?t very busy since it was the first day of the tournament. I saw Ariel and the girls walking around the room. Ariel was obviously showing them what it entailed to be a hostess. Shelly spotted me and waved and they headed over to where I was waiting. We all sat down and had a lite lunch together.As we finished lunch, Ariel asked me if she could take the girls to her new restaurant for some further training. She gave me the address on a napkin and told me to meet them there for dinner around seven that night. I agreed as that would give me some time to practice.After practice I headed back to the hotel. There I showered and changed into a pair of jeans, cowboy boots and a fresh golf shirt. Then I headed to the address Ariel had given me.Pulling into the parking lot I had to check the address twice to make sure I was in the right place. The restaurant was named ?Boots, Skirts and Steaks?. I knew at once this wouldn?t be your run of the mill steakhouse.Entering the restaurant I was greeted by a sweet young blonde dressed in boots, a halter top that barely covered her ample breasts and a denim micro mini skirt that exposed her tiny thong and her tight butt cheeks.Hello Sir, will you be dining with us or visiting the club? She asked me in a cute southern drawl.I?m supposed to meet Ariel and my girls for dinner. I answered barely able to keep my eyes from wandering up and down her luscious body.Oh, you must be Mr. Thorn. Ariel is waiting for you in the club. She told me. ?Follow me and I?ll take you too her.?I followed the sexy young girl into the club and up to the bar where Ariel was sitting. It took a few moments for my eyes to adjust to the low light. When they had done so, I could see several attractive women in various stages of undress on the stages and at tables entertaining men. I also noted that Ariel was in one of her sexy revealing gowns.Hi Thorn. Ariel spoke from her seat at the bar. ?What do you think of my new endeavor? I once told you I?d love to open a Gentleman?s club and now I?ve done it.?Well Ariel, from what I can see, you?ve done a fine job. I answered as I scanned her luscious body and developed an instant hard on.Ariel noticed my state of arousal and her hand moved to the bulge in my jeans. Slowly she ran her fingers along the cloth, stroking me to a harder erection.It?s nice to feel that hard cock again. She stated as she continued stroking me. ?I was afraid those young girls may have taken all your desire for me away.?Ariel, you know that will never happen. I told her. ?You?ll never fail to excite me.?If the girls weren?t due to show up at any minute, I?d take you in the back room and we?d fuck like a couple of teenagers right now. I?m so hot and horny I can hardly contain myself. Your girls filled me in on all the juicy details of their stay with you so far. She grinned at me.Really? I tried to act shocked. ?Everything??Um hum, every little detail. I guess I should have guessed you were fucking Amy too. She grinned again and stroked me harder. ?She?s a hot little redhead and we know how you love redheads, don?t we??She continued. ?As a matter of fact, the three of us had quite a fun time this afternoon. Those two really know how to please another girl and each other. We had a great threesome and the girls hinted that maybe we should make it a foursome before y?all go home.? She winked at me and gave my cock a hard squeeze.The girls showed up just as this happened. Both of them looked at Ariel?s hand on my cock, then looked at each other and giggled.What do you say we go into the restaurant and grab a bite? Ariel said. ?Then I think Shelly has a surprise for us for dessert.?We left the Gentleman?s club and went into the supper club. It was lavishly appointed and the servers were all sexy girls and women in halter tops, denim mini skirts and boots.A scantily clad hostess led us to a very private booth reserved in Ariel?s name. Amy sat next to me. We were across from Shelly and Ariel. Amy?s hand immediately found my still erect cock and began stroking it.I?ll put in the dinner order after I pour your next glass. She said as she poured us each a glass of wine from the bottle of fine Cabernet already opened on the table.I took it upon myself to pre order for us. We?re famous here for strips and stripping! Ariel said laughing.The excited girls did most of the talking as I enjoyed my daughter?s attention to my erection. Not attempting to hide anything she reached under the table and unzipped my jeans releasing my hot hard cock. I just relaxed and enjoyed her sensual massage.Several times my balls jerked and my cock throbbed and each time Amy stopped and let me regain control. Once, while Ariel and Shelly were engaged in conversation, Amy dropped her napkin on purpose. Ducking under the table to retrieve it, she gave my cock brief sucking. Again she stopped just short of getting a mouthful of spunk.A fine dinner of perfectly cooked medium rare NY strip steaks were served along with a twice baked potato and green beans. We finished eating and along with more wine, Ariel had a nice glass of port served to us, as the girls excused themselves to get ready for Shelly?s surprise dessert.Ariel slid over by me and reached under the table grasping my still exposed cock.Thorn, you really brought a pair of hot ones with you. She stated as she took up massaging me back to full hardness. ?I thought you were fucking the big chested little blonde, but, your fucking your daughter did shock me.?Believe me Ariel, I never expected that myself. It just sort of happened. I explained.I know, the girls told me they had it all planned out. I think you?ll enjoy Shelly?s surprise. We have a few minutes until their ready in the club. In the meantime, I think I?ll have my own dessert.Ariel dropped under the booth table and proceeded to lick and suck my cock until my overfilled balls shot load after load of cum into her mouth and down her throat!Oh God, I just love sucking you off! She stated as she came up from under the table. She used her napkin to clean the dribbles of my sperm from her chin. Then leaned into me and gave me a taste of myself a she kissed me with her cum laced lips.Well, that should hold you for bit. I knew you needed that. I could see Amy was teasing you all during dinner. She must know just when to stop because your balls were really full. Now, let go see how the girls are doing.I reached below and zipped up my jeans. Then we got up from the booth and headed back into the club.??????
04-15-2021, at 09:40 AM

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