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First Date

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First DateYou open the door. We both smile.You invite me in.You close the door.I kiss you, sticking my tongue down your throat and grab your cock through your trousers.I feel your cock stiffen in surprise and delight and reach inside your flies.Wonderful! You have no underpants on.I leave your cock in your trousers wishing to save looking at it until you are naked.I gently pull your foreskin back and caress your naked helmet feeling a drop of precum escape from your piss hole.I put my fingers to my mouth and taste your juice, savouring it.You reach for my cock and you find that I too have gone commando.You suggest a drink and I readily agree as I want to make this last as long as possible.We share a beer and chat about what to do next.I suggest that we make sure the bedroom is warm and then both get naked and take a shower together.You agree and we go to kadıköy escort your bedroom.We both strip off in the bedroom resisting the temptation to grab each others cocks and go into the bathroom.Under the shower we wash each others bodies, exploring all our private nooks and crannies.We each put a finger up the others arse enjoying feeling how tight it is and making sure that everything is clean.You lower your head to my cock and gently kiss it.One hand cups my balls and the other strokes my cock bringing it to an erection.I return the favour and carefully push one finger up your arse frigging it slowly while kissing your knob end.We break off and dry ourselves as I admire your beautiful cock.We go back to the bedroom and lie next to each other on the bed.We üsküdar escort hold each other and kiss.I can feel your stiff cock twitching against my leg.I reach for your nearest nipple and twist it firmly.It stiffens and I take it in my mouth nipping it with my teeth.You gasp and I see your cock stiffen a bit more.I reach for your other nipple and give it the same treatment.You are now fully aroused so I swallow your cock as deep as I can into my throat.I wank the shaft and pull your your cock back from my mouth.I can see more precum oozing from your knob and I greedily lick it up running it round my mouth and squeezing more of it from your rampant cock.I continue sucking and wanking you and I feel that you are close to an orgasm,I stop and offer my own cock up to you.You spend some time licking the tuzla escort length of it while squeezing my balls until you are satisfied with its rigidity.You taste my precum and tell me it tastes salty but delicious.You begin sucking and stroking and my cock starts to twitch and I'm close to coming.It's too much and I start to ejaculate.I ask where you want it and you say 'over my cock'I duly squirt my spunk over your prick and balls.As soon as I can I attend to my spunk, cleaning it off you with my tongue paying special attention to both your balls and your cock.Soon you too are ready to come.You shower your spunk all over my face and hair.I now lick your cock and balls clean again.You lick your spunk from my face and also clean my cock.We hug each other closely and kiss, tasting a mixture of our two spunks.We lie there for a while just enjoying the closeness of each other.Eventually we go back to the bathroom and shower off any remaining spunk while still touching and caressing each other.Still naked we go back to the living room and finish our beers.Sitting naked next to each other on the sofa we can't resist touching each other and hoping that our cocks will rise again and we can have another session in the bedroom!
11-27-2021, at 04:14 PM

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