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My First BBC

Post #1

My First BBCMy name is Lisa and I?m telling my story because I think it is hot and sexy. I?m 5? tall, weigh 95 lbs, and have small tits to go along with my small stature with a b cup. I?m eighteen years old and lost my virginity when I was eleven. My lover was nineteen at that time and he was very gentle and took his time the first time we fucked. I had an orgasm with that very first time, well actually 2, thinking back to all my sexual escapades I think I could probably say that I?ve had an orgasm every time I?ve had sex.I?ve never had a boyfriend. I may have fucked a guy for 2 or 3 months straight but I never considered them a boyfriend and have never has an exclusive sex policy with anyone. I like the freedom of being free, being able to have sex when I want sex and with whomever I want.In my seven years plus of having sex I?ve probably had at least 100 partners. About 75 men and 25 women and I?ve done most everything there is to do sexually. I?ve had MF, FF, MFM, FMF, FMM, FMFM, FFF and I?m sure I?ve left a few out. My favorites are giving and receiving oral, sucking pussy, doggy style, cowgirl and standing up. However there is one thing I have never done but really want to. I?ve been thinking about a long time and when I masturbate this is what I think about.The thing I?ve never done is have sex with a black man. I?m drawn to the contrast between his black, the blacker the better, and my lightly tanned skin. I?ve had dates with blacks, I?ve made out with blacks, I?ve let black play with my tits, I?ve had a black man suck my tits. I?ve fondled a black cock and balls, through his pants only. However I?ve never fucked a black man even I really, really want to and even though I?ve a lot of contact with black men it seems as though something always interrupted me. So I decided that I was going to make it happen and happen soon. I started going to bars even though that's not something I enjoy. However if they had a dance floor it made it easier. So every Friday and Saturday I went out to dance looking for a partner who would pop my interracial cherry. Some nights I found no worthy candidates, other nights I might find one but after getting to know them a little bit better were crossed off the list.One night I went to what I thought was the best place to dance and meet up with a black man. I sat at the bar as was my habit and ordered a drink. I may be only 18 but I looked to be 22 or 23 and I have a photo ID which proves it. Anyway I?m sitting there scanning the room as someone behind said would you like to dance. I turned around and what do I see? A very good looking black man. He stood about 6? tall and probably weighed 175 lbs and looked quite muscular.I decided right then that he was in the ball game and by far the most likely candidate to fuck me silly. I told him yes I would love to dance so he grabbed my hand and led me out on the dance floor. The first song that played was a slow dance which I thought was great. He put his arms around my waist and I clasped my hands behind his neck. As we started swaying to the music he pulled me up tight till my breasts were smashed against his chest. As we continued dancing his hands slowly slipped lower and lower till they were on my ass.My response to this was to pull his head down and rising up on my tip toes gave him a kiss. Well not just a kiss but a long passionate kiss where our tongues explored each other?s mouth. The kiss lasted about 2 minutes and we broke it up just as the son ended. The next song was more upbeat and we started dancing again. He was twirling me around and I knew why because I was wearing a very short sundress that barely covered my ass and as I twirled around the dress would fly up and he would get a very good view of my naked ass as again was my custom i was not wearing any underwear.As we were gyrating around I noticed that he had a very noticeable hard on. God I wanted to touch it, caress it put it in my mouth and suck on it. The next song was another slow one and this time not only were my breasts smashed against his chest his rock hard cock was pressing into my stomach. We dance to a couple more and he said why don?t we find some place to sit. We made it back to the seating area and luckily found an empty booth.We ordered another round of drinks and while we were waiting he was kissing and playing with my tongue and tried to tickle my tonsils. We stopped for a minute as our drinks arrived and as soon as the waitress left we began kissing once again. We were going at pretty hot and heavy and now he was fondling my breasts and he played with the nipples through the thin dress I had on and he had them standing at attention in no time.Before I realized what was happening he had my dress up over my pussy and his tongue was half the way to my cervix. God that was good as he kept working his tongue. In and out up and down my dripping wet gash the gateway to my cunt. He flicked his tongue over my clit; he sucked it between his lips and nibbled on it. He was driving me crazy with lust and lustily I wanted him inside me and I wanted it now. I pulled him back up to my mouth and as we once again began passionately kissing. This gave me a chance to reach down unbuckle his belt unzip his pants and pushed them down just far enough allowing me to grab it in my hand. My hand looked really small compared to his cock. I was falling in love with it as I stroked it. It was so smooth almost silky to the touch and he had very big balls I thought how much I wanted them in my mouth.By this time we both were worked up to the point where we had to fuck. He inched up my body reached down grabbing his cock and he started running the head up and down my slit getting it all wet and slimy getting ready to bury it deep into my cunt. I knew that as soon as he plunged his cock into my cunt I was going to cum. Then out of nowhere BAM. Someone had come up behind him and gave him a terrible slap upside his head with their purse. She screamed what they hell are you doing. You were going to take your cheating cock and fuck that slut of a white girl. He stammered out no, no dear I wasn?t I was just showing her something. You lying son of a bitch get up right now as she began dragging him back home and beating his ass. Now get up and let?s go. He meekly got up and she pushed him toward the exit and he went like a little boy who had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.Now knowing what a wimp he was I decided I was fortunate that she showed up and put a stop to it. I sat there cooling down finally downed my drink and got up and left. That was so very disappointing that I gave up looking for my black man staying home for about a month. I spent the whole month looking at interracial porn on my computer and masturbating. But masturbating was not nearly as pleasurable as actually having sex so after wasting the entire month I finally decided it was time to begin my search again.Week after week went by and I was beginning to believe that I was wasting my time and should just go online and try to hookup with this person. But I decided to give it one more try. So this night I decided to actually dress sexily to see if that would make a difference. I went to my closet and found a short tartan school girl skirt which was very short and barely covered my ass. With this I wore a white blouse which tied just underneath my breasts leaving my toned belly bare. Next I got some red thigh high stockings with a lacy top and I thought they looked very sexy as I rubbed my legs after getting the stockings on. A pair of red glitter Mary Jane school girl shoes which had a very innocent 2? heel.I pulled my hair back into ponytail and tied it with a tartan ribbon. I looked in the mirror and thought to myself damn your hot, go girl. With that I was off to the dance club. Upon my arrival I again, as was my habit, sat at the bar and ordered a beer. I then sat sipping my beer and scanning the room. Then I saw him a good looking black man smartly dressed. He had a shaved head with a closely trimmed beard. He was standing in a back corner and looked like he was waiting for somebody.Hopping of the stool and grabbing my beer I slowly made my way back toward him. He saw me when I was about twenty feet from him and he gave me a beautiful smile. I smiled back and was finally standing before him. We immediately started flirting with each other. I found out he was single, had a good stable job and was very shy. That?s why I found him in the corner hiding out. He was funny and had a pleasant laugh. Straight teeth and a personality which I thought was perfect.As we continued our flirting became more and more sexual. I started casually resting my hand on his arm and he had an arm wrapped around my waist pulling me in closer supposedly so he could hear me better. There was a lot of noise in the club and I certainly didn?t object to his arm around me. Suddenly he became very silent and he was staring at me with his beautiful eyes looking into my eyes. Using the arm around my waist he pulled me tighter to him leaned over and gave me a kiss.Wow what a kiss especially being a first kiss. As our lips met his tongue snaked out and pushed past my lips into my mouth and upon finding my tongue they began twisting over and around each other. It became hard to tell if his tongue was in my mouth or my tongue was in his. After about 2 minutes we broke the kiss and I let out a large sigh trying to catch my breath and after just a few seconds our lips were once again locked together.As we continued kissing his hands began roaming over my body. His hand found my braless tits. He kneaded them with his hands while flicking my already hard nipples with his thumbs. From there his hands moved to my hips then around to my naked ass checks. He squeezed and played with the cheeks of my ass and I was starting to moan and squirm a little. Pulling back one of his hands it went around my hip and soon was running up and down my pussy lips. Every time he got to the top he flicked my clit and every time he got to the bottom he went further and fingered my puckered rosebud.He knelt down and his tongue invaded my pussy. Instead of his finger running up and down my pussy cleft his tongue was doing all the work. Up so he could flick and suck on my clit then down so he could circle my asshole and dipping it past the puckered ring. God, this was making me so wet and hungry for sex I thought I would explode. His tongue invaded my cunt reaching as far into it as was possible, and let me tell you he had a very long tongue that worked its? magic on me.He stood up and immediately smashed his lips against mine and our tongues started their dance once again. I reached down between us and felt his cock through his pants. Damn it felt like it was at least 10? long. I rubbed it with my hand marveling at its? size and girth. I snaked my other hand down so I could unbuckle his pants, realized the top button and unzip his pants very slowly drawing it out to heighten the tease and then to grab it and bury it in my pussy.I reached in and finally felt his silky smooth cock and began running my hand up and down its? length and I think my estimate was correct, a good 10?. However the head of his cock was much larger than I thought it would be. I wanted it in my, I wanted to feel it invade my pussy and to make me feel as full as I?ve ever felt. I whispered in his ear, please fuck me, fuck me right here and right now. He grabbed his cock from my hands and carefully moved to the entrance of my pussy. He ran the head of his cock up and down my juicy slit.He started pushing, not hard or fast but slow and easy. Inch by inch he slowly invaded me and I began feeling the fullness. Once his balls banged against me I knew he was fully in and God did it feel good. Fuck me; ram that cock into my cunt, do it fast and hard. It only took a couple of strokes before I was cumming, creaming his cock and balls and our thighs. It seemed as if it would never crest and slowly start to lessen in intensity. But instead it seemed to increase in volume and he had to put his hand over my mouth to lessen the squeal so not everyone in the club would know that we were fucking right there on the edge of the dance floor for all to see.God, it felt so good I never wanted him to stop. Would it be possible for him to fuck me forever, I don?t know but I was praying that it would be so. He increased his thrust into me so that his cock was a blur as he buried it in me then pulling it back out. If I had only known how wonderful it felt too fucked by a big black cock I would have started my search for one years earlier.I was building up toward another orgasm as each time he buried his cock into my cunt his pubic hair would rub and titillate my clit. Over and over again, I couldn?t take it anymore and my orgasm erupted. At that moment he moaned and buried his cock as deep into my cunt as possible and grabbed my hips holding me very still. I felt his first spurt as it gushed from the head of his cock and splashed against the walls of my cunt. He spurted one, two, oh God I don?t know how many times he shot his black baby making juice into me. All I know is it felt like my pussy was flooded. All this while my orgasm continued unabated and it seemed as if every time my cunt would spasm he would shot a load of sperm into me and it felt as my body was sucking his cum deeper into me.His spurting cock started to slow down and I could feel him trying to make sure every drop of cum ended up in my pussy. At the same time my orgasm slowed in intensity and finally we were standing there breathing heavy to catch our breath. His cock was still buried deep within my cunt. We stayed that way for several minutes and I realized that his cock was not shrinking instead it remained rock solid. I slowly pulled my cunt off his cock and immediately sank to me knees and attacked his cock with my mouth.I licked it from the tip down to his balls then back up again. I cleaned all the cum and pussy juices off his dick then I went even lower and began sucking his balls. I?d suck one in then run my tongue over and around. I would let it pop out of my mouth then I attacked the other one. Finally moving my mouth back the head of his cock and wrapped my lips around the mushroom head. I ran my tongue around. I could tell he liked it as every so often he gave a little jerk and a moan would escape his lips.I slowly lowered my head so more and more of his cock invaded my mouth. He couldn?t believe it as my nose buried itself into his curly pubic hair. His cock was buried deep into my throat. Then I began pumping my head up his cock until just the head remained wrapped within my lips, then down again till my nose was buried and his cock was swallowed by my throat. He began to moan and groan and placed his hands at the back of my head and he started fucking my mouth. In and out faster and faster it went.His cock felt like it was growing longer and harder as he grabbed the back of my head, kept his cock buried deep in my throat. His cock suddenly began spurting his hot creamy jizz into the back of my throat and into my mouth. I kept sucking and swallowing till his balls could not spit any more of his hot white sperm. I slowly pulled my mouth off of his cock sat there trying to catch my breath and staring at his wonderfully beautiful cock.I finally caught my breath and stood back up, our lips quickly finding each other and was again kissing passionately. I reached down to play with his soft cock and to my surprise it was hard. God, could he go a third time. Well I was about to find out. I turned around reached back grabbing his cock and guiding it to the rosebud of my ass. He got the idea and his hand replaced mine as he began rubbing it up and down my incredibly sopping wet pussy.Once he felt that his cock was coating with my juices he moved the head back up to my asshole. Slowly he began pushing his cock past the tight ring and into my ass. He moved slowly as he knew that even if I had been fucked in the ass his cock was probably much bigger than I ever have had. He was right so I was thankful for his slow approach. Finally I felt his balls slapping against my pussy and I knew he was all the way into my ass.He began pulling out then pushing himself back in and slowly his thrusts and picked up in tempo. I never knew that getting fucked in my ass could feel so good. When I had my ass fucked in the past it felt good and I could play with my pussy and clit and but this was just so different I don?t know how to explain it. He began taking full strokes and each time he hit bottom my pussy would quiver. I quickly realized that I was going too actually cum from his fucking my ass.It built up higher and higher and suddenly my orgasm exploded. I could feel the ring of my ass grip his cock in a death grip then letting go. Over and over again this happed and he could not stand it any longer and he came deep in my ass. His creamy cum was so hot it felt like my ass was on fire. He must have dumped a gallon of cum into my ass and I was amazed at the volume as he had already cum twice. Finally our orgasms grew less and less intense and he slowly pulled out of my ass and there was an audible pop as the head of his cock was pulled back out of my puckered rosebud. I could feel his cum running out of my ass down over my pussy and down my thighs and legs.We remained motionless for a minute or two before I turned around put my arms around his neck seeking his mouth once again and began our most passionate kiss that night. Finally pulling my lips from his I was panting trying to catch my breath when I looked down and drawing a deep breath in said oh my God it?s still hard.With that I said pull your pants up as we?re going to my place and fuck all night long and we did. After about a week of us fucking the night away he moved in with me. It was heaven on earth as his cock never seemed to go down. But that?s another story.
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