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Love Is A 5 Way Street: Chapter 2

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Love Is A 5 Way Street: Chapter 2Killer Tuna Redux 2 - Love Is A 5 Way Street: Chapter 2Catarina 'Cat' Valentine looked down at the sleeping form of the beautiful dirty blonde resting on her back, whose bed she was sharing on a semi-regular basis as she did last night, while the redhead straddled her hips. She just patiently gazed at her secret girlfriend and admired her beauty.Samantha 'Sam' Puckett's mouth was partially opened with a bit of drool leaving her bottom lip and onto her pillow. Her right arm was shoved under the pillow and her left arm out across the left side of the bed as she had been holding Cat close to her with that arm. Sam's loose blonde hair was a spread out mess around her head on the pillow, but it made her look like she had a halo around her head like she was a fallen angel?since she could certainly be a demon at times to those that crossed her. She wore a loose fitting long-sleeve t-shirt that covered her pale D-cup breasts without any under-support so if the mood struck her, Cat could suckle on her during the night. The hem was bunched up midway up her torso and exposing her equally pale tummy. The bottom half of the girl that Cat was currently straddling over was a pair of loose fitting boxers.At first glance, it wasn't the most attractive sight, but that's where others would be wrong. Cat thought she looked absolutely beautiful and drawn to her like the preverbal moth to the flame.Cat would have loved to slowly kiss her awake then snuggle with her, but unfortunately, she had to get ready and go to school, however? she softly bit into her bottom lip as a naughty thought came to her mind.The tanned redhead carefully took hold of the hem of the loose fitting t-shirt and slowly pulled the shirt up the sleeping girl's body, slightly tugging a bit of it from her lower back that was trapped against the mattress and her lovely pale skin. Sam slightly stirred as the shirt was pulled up her back, but fortunately for Cat, the blonde was a sound sleeper.The devious redhead gently bit her tip of her tongue as she finished pulling the shirt up to rest above her beautiful soft flesh pillows and under her armpits. They were a firm pair of lovely curved breasts that hung well on the blonde that was perfect for her frame.She leaned down and braced her hands on either side of Sam. She carefully watched the blonde's peaceful face then poked her tongue out between her lips and slowly licked over left soft nipple. She licked her bottom lip and gauged her girlfriend's reaction. Seeing that Sam didn't appear to register Cat's tongue, she licked the bud again and again, slowly lathering it and causing it and the areola to begin to tighten.Sam's slow breath leisurely started increasing from the gentle stimulation, but she remained deep in sleeep.Seeing that her attention hadn't disturbed the blonde, Cat shifted to her right and retook her nestled position from that night then continued on her nipple teasing. The soft flesh continued to tighten until it was a hard nub standing at attention and ripe to be suckled.Cat wrapped her lips around the peak and took a delicate suck with a tease of the tip of her tongue.The blonde took a deeper breath, but still appeared, to Cat's eyes which she flicked up to look at Sam's lovely face, that she was resting in slumber land. She reluctantly had to be careful with her attention to the tasty nub as to not wake up her girlfriend or leave any mark on her from too eager attention.While the actress closed her eyes and enjoyed her morning taste, she carelessly palmed over the tight and pastel skin stomach, feeling the smooth skin. Sam was warm to the touch and just enjoyed the contact before she tenderly let her fingers begin to trail down until she reached the elastic waistband. She slipped her fingers under it and made her way to Sam's special place.Her fingertips brushed over the neatly trimmed patch of blonde hair until she reached the closed but heated lips. There was the first touch of moisture forming in her slit. She held back a giggle against the soft flesh pillow, pleased that Sam was responding to her attention.The redhead's middle and ring finger brushed between the lips. They were warm, slick and so delicate compared to the rest of Sam, the always tough girl that could frighten anyone except for perhaps Jade. She gently stroked her fingers up and down, coating her fingers with Sam's slowly forming dew and wanting to tease Sam open to feeling inside her flower. Cat pulled her lips away from the nipple and deftly began to lick it in time with her circling digits on swelling lips.Sam started stirring more and more as her lower lips were stimulated by Cat's loving touch along with the continuing licking of her nipple. Her lower lips started dilating and her external love button became exposed.Cat realized she was in a race now: would Sam wake up before Cat could send her off the edge?The Hollywood Arts senior brushed her fingers upward, her soft fingertips brushing over the sensitive nub.The blonde softly jolted in her grasp and lazily mumbled, caught between dreamland and the waking world, "Cat?"Cat pulled her mouth away from her flesh binkie and scooted up to bring her lips to Sam's ear. She giggled, blowing a puff of hot breath against her skin and hairline. "That's it Sammie. You're just having a nice dream. Just relax and let your little kitty take care of you."Sam kind of nodded and relaxed her head back on the pillow, fooled into thinking she was dreaming.Cat alternated playfully licking Sam's ear and suckling on the lobe while she finally slipped her pointer and ring finger into her love and brought her thumb over the blonde's button. She smiled when she felt Sam's slickness and velvet walls. She rotated her fingers inside, looking for that magical little place.Sam's pelvis in response started rotating on the bed in time with Cat's probing until she suddenly froze.Cat had found that spot and pushed over it, causing the blonde's muscles to seize for the hair of a second. The redhead gleefully smiled, knowing it was time to move into the kill like she was a cat having cornered her prey.She looked down at what she saw as an obscene action of her hand stuff inside Sam's boxers and it heated her in return. She increased her circular motion with her thumb across Sam's clit while she stopped pumping her fingers and curled them. She could feel Sam muscles started tensing under her smooth pale skin and against her chest and torso as she was pressed against her side. The blonde's opening at the same time started tightening around the lovingly probing fingers.Sam's breath caught in her throat when her pelvis softly bucked against Cat's delicate fingers. Her eyes cracked open, but she couldn't focus on anything as she mumbled, "Cat? I'm? I'm close?"Those words alone were enough to make the playful girl's day. She loved making Sam have a release, not only for the pleasure it gave her to give to Sam, but in those moments, the blonde would drop her walls completely and be free to Cat since as hard as Sam tried, there were times where she just couldn't be emotional available to her."Come for your kitty. Come for me, Puckett."The lying blonde's eyes squeezed shut and tightened around Cat's fingers, trying to milk them for a release. She let out a long, hard breath then whimpered out incomprehensible words. She trembled for several seconds, sending gratifying ripples through Cat and making her feel like she was sharing in Sam's release.The dirty blonde settled back onto the mattress and seemed to fall into a deeper sleeep.Cat carefully pulled her fingers from Sam heated opening and brought them to her lips. The redhead opened her mouth and sucked on her digits, softly moaning at the sweet taste. After finishing relishing the taste of Sam's release, she leaned forward and kissed her temple before whispering, "I love you."Sam's breath hitched and muttered, "I love fried chicken?"The redhead smiled and placed a soft kiss on the tip of the blonde's nose. She sat up and carefully pulling Sam's shirt down to cover her, missing that her excessive licking and toying with the blonde's left nipple caused the shirt to damply stick to her breast and form over the hardened peak. She shifted to her right to throw her leg around to slip off Sam and the bed without notice.Cat headed to their shared bathroom and quickly grabbed one of the hair ties resting in a little tray they had on the bathroom counter. She tied up her hair to the top of her head in a bun then grabbed the hem of her camisole. She pulled it over her head and tossed it on top of the hamper, revealing her tanned skin and her perky A-cup breasts topped with puffy sultanbeyli escort nipples or not so puffy as they had tightened from her arousal of making Sam cum, then hooked her thumbs over the bands of her shorts and underwear and bent over the pull them down her legs.She stepped out of her bottoms, a little damp from her own arousal, and tossed them to join her camisole then stepped into the shower.The warm water felt fantastic on her tanned skin and she stood for a few moments to enjoy the feeling before grabbing the bar of soap and starting to lather the rag and herself.She couldn't be a happier Cat as she began to wash herself. The day had started with her lover cumming at her touch, signalling what she thought would be an absolutely fantastic day, not just for her but everyone around her. She had just given her secret girlfriend a pleasurable morning experience, which was great not only for Sam, but herself. Jade and Tori were starring together in another play tonight that she would see with Sam and going to get the recognition they deserved. The secret couple wouldn't be the only excited ones in the audience as Freddie had returned last night for the weekend which would make Jade happy. Very happy. Though their relationship had been long distance for the last several weeks, Jade seemed to be happier than Cat had ever really seen her friend and less irritable than before she had met the former web-producer. They would have happily met him at the airport, but they wanted the couple to have the night together to reconnect.Cat knew this would be a fantastic weekend.In the bedroom, Sam squinted and tried to block out the sounds of the running water in the background and the rays of sunlight across her closed eyelids. She just had the best dream and restful sleeep. She pulled her left arm close to her, subconsciously intending to bring the redhead close to her to snuggle. She may have publicly hated the public displays of innocent affection from Cat's hugs, but she had learned to enjoy the cuddling, and everything that came with it, with the tanned redhead.However, when she patted over to the sides of the bed to find her redheaded girlfriend for some early morning love as the dream had revved up her engine. Her eyes squeezed shut when she couldn't find her bed companion. She opened her eyes and rolled over to see that she was alone in the bed. The sound of the shower in the background drew her attention, confirming that she had heard running water as she woke up.Sam sighed at not being able to snuggle with the exuberant singer. She rolled back to lie in the center of the bed. She debated what she wanted to do: either try to go back to sleeep or get breakfast. A soft rumbling of her stomach made the decision for her, so she sat up and slipped off the side of the bed. She took a few steps towards the bedroom door and felt the stickiness between her legs. She flicked an eyebrow up and stopped before slipping her hand into her boxers and let her fingers slide over her considerably damp opening. Sam's blue eyes opened wide at feeling that her erotic dream was basically a wet dream for her. However, when she looked down she noticed that her shirt was a little damp and actually sticking to her left breast, her harden nipple poking the material up.The blonde rolled her eyes at realizing that she hadn't been dreaming. Cat had gotten her off while she was 'dreaming'. She wasn't sure if she should have been mad or thankful for such a 'dream'. A devious idea came to the dirty blonde, so she turned to head for the bathroom as the water stopped running.Sam walked into the bathroom just as Cat was tying her belt to close her bathrobe after stepping out of the shower.Cat looked to Sam and her face lit up. "Hiii." She patted over to Sam and wrapped her arms around the stronger girl.The older girl couldn't fight the smile on her face from the contact and didn't think much on it as Cat pulled away to place a chaste kiss on the blonde's lips."Hi Kitty," Sam teased with a wicked glint in her eyes.Cat let go of her roommate and asked, "Did you sleeep well?"Sam smirked and offhandedly answered, "Oh yeah. Had me a pleasant dream? or what I thought was a dream.""Oh? What was that?"The blonde motioned to her left breast then towards her crotch. "Someone was a little frisky this morning,"Cat softly pouted, "I wanted to wake you up, but you were sleeping so peacefully and I didn't want to be late for school in case, you know? we started having some fun.""It was a nice 'dream'."The tanned redhead laughed, taking Sam's words as a thank you, "You're welcome,""But, I think it's only fair if get a little taste of you this morning?" Sam patted the bathroom sink. "Up and open the robe."Cat rolled her head to the side and softly whined, "Sam?"The troublemaking blonde understood Cat's reluctance. Sam of course was never really concerned with being on time for school and it was Carly that usually made sure she would be there at all, but for Cat, Hollywood Arts was very important and she would not try to sabotage her future plans to be a big time star. She had already sabotaged something for someone she loved and didn't want to repeat the mistake.Sam delicately took Cat's upper arms in her hands and reassured her, "I promise you won't be late for school. I just want to give you a little treat then you can get dressed while I make you breakfast.""Okay?" Cat reluctantly complied with a bashful smile, trusting that Sam would keep her word.Cat untied her belt and opened the robe then let it slide off her arms. Sam smirked, approving of Cat's perky little breasts, lithe form, and bronze skin. When she was in the mood, she could feast on the girl's skin and have some fun with Cat's many assets she was reluctant to admit she possessed.The redhead hopped on the bathroom counter, bracing her palms on the edge and wrapping her fingers over it while her legs dangled lazily back and forth over the edge.Sam mischievously grinned and asked, "Play with yourself."Cat's face may have shown her innocent persona, but there was a glint in her eye, as she stared into Sam's eyes, showing that she approved of the naughty request. She spread her legs up, showing Sam her smooth and hairless mound. She moved her right hand down over her stomach until her fingers covered her opening. Her pointer finger carefully brushed down her right petal then up her left one then back down the other one, teasing herself to open for her fingers get her juices flowing. She repeated this process several times, adding her middle finger, before rubbing between her lips, but not penetrating herself as with the right combination, she could have a hair trigger. She was on a time constraint, but didn't want to disappoint the blonde.As the stimulation travelled to her brain and all those wonderful chemicals started releasing to give her pleasure, her cheeks and chest started to flush with colour. Her breath began to shorten with an increase pace of her small chest rising and falling. Between her short breaths, she muttered, "Is this the treat you want? To watch me?"Sam licked her lips as her only answer.Cat didn't mind as she increased the speed of rubbing over her lips, pushing herself closer to her happy place. Her lips parted enough to slip her fingers inside if she wished and her sensitive bud became exposed. Her hips jerked forwards as her thumb accidentally brushed her button, causing a high pitched 'mew' to escape her clenched mouth, showing how sensitive she was becoming.The blonde instructed with a voice just louder than the redhead's breathing, "Close your eyes and keep playing with yourself, but don't cum."The smaller teen closed her eyes and bit into her bottom lip, nodded to acknowledge she heard the blonde. She brushed the pad of her thumb over her exposed button again and she shuddered. She wanted her release, but she resisted the urge to finish herself, wanting Sam to have her wish.Cat got lost in her sensations that she lost track of time, so it felt like no time when Sam returned with a surprise for the redhead when she opened her eyes: she was wearing the harness with their special toy.Sam quickly dripped a line of lubricant over the dorsal part of the toy. She sat the small bottle of scented lubricant on the countertop then settled between her girlfriend's legs.Cat grabbed onto Sam's shoulders for support, knowing and welcoming what was coming.Sam teased the head of the toy against Cat's wet lips, causing her to tremble from the contact."Please Sam, I need to? I don't want to be late for school."The dominating girl comfortingly kissed the anxious girl and whispered, "You won't baby. küçükyalı escort I promise? no teasing."Sam gently pushed inside her, pushing the head past the folds and Cat called out, "Oh? my God? Sam?"Cat lend forward, her forehead nearly bumping into Sam's nose, dug her finger tips into Sam's clothed shoulders and whimpered with clenched eyes, "Sammie? I'm already close."The girl form the Northwest breathed warmly against Cat's face with her request, "Just hold out a bit longer for me baby and I promise it'll be good."The receiving teen nodded her head and Sam didn't hesitate to slowly sink into the redhead, careful not to hurt her as she was so janking tight around the toy. The resistance in turn sent pleasure back against her own love button from the other side of the harness until she bottomed out.Cat placed her face into the left crook of Sam's neck, fighting with everything she had not to let her butterflies out from feeling so full and complete with Sam.Sam brushed her left hand up and down Cat's smooth back and whispered, "That's it Kitty, just enjoy me. It's okay?"Cat wasn't sure if that was permission to let go or not, but she held on while Sam slowly started pulling back, one hand resting on Cat's back and the other at the right left hip. She pulled back until only the head remained in the trembling girl. She leisurely started pushing back until she was sheathed back into her. Cat started kissing the side of Sam's neck and inhaled her scent to distract her from the wave of pleasure threatening to swallow her.The Hollywood Arts teen's breaths became short and raggedy, breathing hard, warm breath against the side of Sam's neck. "I'm going to? I'm going to?""Come Kitty, what are you going to do? Tell me."Cat squeezed her eyes shut and muttered, "I'm gonna? I'm gonna come?""Where are you going to come?"Cat's small, supple breasts heaved while her breath became shorter and shorter and her fingers dug into Sam's shoulders, the fluttering feeling in her stomach banging and bouncing all around trying to find escape. She whimpered as her control became tattered, "I'm going to come? oh jank, I'm going to come all over your? all over your cock."Sam wickedly smiled at seeing her sweet 'innocent' Kitty to use such raunchy words. "That's right baby girl. You're going to come all over my cock? but not yet?"The devious blonde pulled her pelvis back, slowly withdrawing her tool from the tight hole with a slick sound."SAM!" she whined out once the phallus slid completely out of her, instantly missing the feeling of being fulfilled and so close to completion. She thought Sam wasn't going to tease her.Sam grabbed Cat's hips and pulled her off the counter then spun her around. Cat grabbed the edge of the counter to steady herself while Sam lined herself and slid herself back into Cat's heated channel. She started gently thrusting, seeing a nice slow rhyme of sinking and pulling the toy between her lips. The L.A. immigrant's eyes roamed over Cat's back down to her rear while she lulled her head down and just accepted Sam's toy.Cat had such a fine little ass to do so many 'naughty things' as the redhead had teased her. Her imagination started turning about those 'naughty things'. She had never used the toy in that opening, both a little fearful that it would hurt her, but that didn't mean Sam couldn't do other things to her. She reached over for the lubricant with her right hand and popped the top with her thumb, while balancing her gentle stroking motion.Sam poured a little on her right thumb and at the top of the parting of her cheeks then closed the cap haphazardly and tossing it on the counter without a care. She placed her thumb between Cat's cheeks and started rubbing over her cute little rosebud.Cat shivered from the contact while toy inside her sent more ripple through her warm vice. She did more than shivered when Sam worked in the tip of her thumb past her ring while pulling back the phallus."Sammieyy!" she wailed and locked up her muscles.Sam gave a soft smack of Cat's left cheek, not enough to hurt her or leave any mark, but to catch the girl's attention to focus on her. "Time for you to come Cat. Let it out!"Sam pushed her toy completely into the bent over girl along with her thumb to the first knuckle.Cat's inner muscles squeezed and contracted around the welcomed intrusion, vainly attempting to get it to release into her. "JANK ME!" she let out a high pitch cry with flinging her head back, causing some of her hair to become dishevelled around the hair tie. She mumbled out a series of incomprehensible syllables and let a few tears fall. Her knees wobbled and were drawn together as her muscles began to fail to hold her up.Thankfully Sam moved her left hand from the girl's hip and over her stomach to hold her up. She allowed Cat to lean forward and brace herself with her forearms on the bathroom counter while her release continued to ripple through her. She tenderly ran the tips of her fingernails up and down Cat's heated back, feeling the first films of sweet since Sam had did most of the work.Cat stopped trembling and Sam pulled her back up to rest against her chest with her covered breasts serving as pillows for Cat's back. The redhead relaxed in her embrace and turned her head slightly so she could trade some playful and tired kisses. She wouldn't have mind holding Cat for the rest of the morning?something that had significantly changed in their relationship in not turning down hugs anymore?but they didn't have the morning to cuddle back in bed.The dominate blonde moved her hands to Cat's hips and let the tanned skin girl brace herself against the countertop again so she could slowly withdraw the toy. She took several seconds to withdraw the tool with a slick sound of the toy sliding past Cat's enflamed lips.Sam was going to let the girl compose herself and help her clean up, but Cat surprised her by turning around and dropping to her knees. She grabbed the base of the toy while working her left pointer and ring finger under the harness. Her mouth wrapped around the head and practically engulfed the phallus while at the same time her fingers pushed into Sam's slick folds. Cat loved the mixture of the lube and her own sex that coated the toy and it only heated her fire for more."Fuck?" Sam breathed out from the sight of her girlfriend servicing her and feeling the delicate digits penetrating her. She brushed some of Cat's loose hair off her forehead and behind her ear, not wanting to miss a moment of the redhead pleasuring her 'rod', bobbed her head in time with her fingers pushing and pulling through Sam's channel.The energetic redhead pulled off the pink toy and playfully licked the slightly larger bulbous head. "Come Sam, come right down my throat with your cock. I want your cummies in my belly."As janked up as the idea was to the blonde about actually having a member, the idea of actually being able to fill the eager redhead's mouth and down her throat with her juices was getting her wetter and pushing her closer to release. Sam pushed her hips forward, passing the rod back between Cat's lips, who responded by pushing her fingers deeper into her opening.Cat found that little spot and curled her finger in a come hither motion.Sam growled and pelvis bucked, sending the toy deeper into the kneeling girl's mouth. She looked down at the eager hunger in Cat's eyes, the little inner tigress being let out of her cage. She may have been on her knees and servicing her, but the look Cat was directing at the stronger girl signalled that she was in completely in control of the situation.The troublemaking blonde was close from the little nub inside the harness as she had made love to Cat, but the fingers and sheer look Cat was giving her was pushing the blonde past the breaking point.The toy touched the back of Cat's throat and shivered, letting the wave of pleasure wash over her. She was so close, she just needed a little more of a push.The blonde opened her eyes and looked down at Cat's wide eyed accepting gaze and that was the moment.Sam threw her head back and voiced as if the words had been torn from her throat, "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!"She instinctively grabbed the back of Cat's head to hold her in place, forcing the toy as far as it would go and bracing the back of the harness against her while the redhead continued to stroke inside her. Her mouth opened, but her vocal cords locked up as her orgasm continued crashing though her and muscles trembled through her limps.The next few moments were beautifully pleasurable before she could regain her composure. Her chest felt heavier than normal as she gasped for breath before sancaktepe escort looking down. Her eyes nearly bugged out when she saw that she was still holding Cat in place, deep throating the toy. Her bliss was replaced with fear that she had hurt Cat, but the redhead slowly withdrew her mouth from their instrument for intimacy while keeping her eyes locked with Sam. Her lips past the small bulbous head then placed a delicate sweet kiss on it, grinning.Cat took several deep breaths, but she was smiling big enough to break her face. She got up on wobbly feet, but steadied herself with a hand on the counter and wiped her bottom lip with her thumb while all the while letting deviously smile dance on her face. She answered Sam's unasked concern, "Breath control is important with all the sucking I do," she giggled and made her point by taking Sam's stiff left nipple still poking under her shirt between her forefinger and thumb and giving it a tender tweaking. "Now, you said you owed me breakfast, so?"Sam took several deep and steadying breaths with her flushed unseen breasts continuing to heave with each breath. She mumbled through the breaths, "Shit Cat, after that I'll cook you a full course meal."Cat surprised the blonde with a soft swat of her sweetheart ass and teased, "Then you better get on it. I don't want to be late to school."The more aggressive girl ran the tip of her tongue over her bottom lip at seeing Cat's backside as she turned to step back into the shower.The redhead stepped back into the shower and turned the water back on while Sam undid the straps to the harness, set it on the countertop then headed for the kitchen, only momentarily stopping to retrieve her boxers.Cat quickly washed and rinsed off what little film of sweat on her skin from their activity. She took particular care to wash her delicate areas and between her cheeks to remove the evidence of her nectar and Sam's lubricant from her, but not to enough to arouse her again as she was quite satisfied with Sam's attention.After taking another few minutes to make sure she was heavenly clean, she stepped out of the shower again to dry and put her robe back on. She headed out to their shared bedroom to go to the shared closet. She looked through her wardrobe and taking the Spring time weather into account, picked out a cute little sundress then went to her drawers to pull out some appropriate undergarments.In no time later, Cat exited the short hallway into the back of the living room and headed towards the kitchen wearing a white dress with various flower patterns that barely reached her knees. She spied Sam sticking a few pieces of fresh fruit into the blender, snapped the top on top then pressed one of the buttons to start the machine.She walked up behind her girlfriend and wrapped her arms around and over the stronger girl's stomach. She giggled into Sam's ear, "Good morning again."Sam glanced over her shoulder while holding the top down and answered, "Morning, Cat.""What'cha fixing?""I'm fixing you a nice fruit smoothie to go with your waffles and cereal.""Yay!" she giddily thanked, avoiding actually shouting in Cat's ear.Cat reluctantly let go of the blonde and offhandedly asked while taking her seat over the sound of the blender, "You still thinking of hanging out with Freddie this morning?"Sam waited several more seconds to make sure the smoothie was done then turned it off to answer in a lazy manner, "I don't know. Probably. I need to knock out my online class so I can be free this afternoon because somebody wants me to go to a play."The peppy redhead teased, "Maybe he could come over and help you?"Sam chuckled while pouring some of the smoothie into a glass for her, the mixture being a shade of light pink.Cat softly pouted, perplexed by her girlfriend's response, "What?"As Sam turned to getting Cat's waffles from the microwave dinging to signal they were done, she answered, "Oh nothing. It's weird that I'm actually thinking about my class while he, the perfect attendee, skips out on a day to come down here to see Jade."Cat softly pouted as she made her way to the kitchen table, "He came down to see her play and hang out with the rest of us for the weekend.""He didn't drop everything to come and see US," Sam pointed out while she brought the drink and plate of waffles to the redhead. "Priorities, and all that.""That's not really fair. You know if something came up, he'd come down here for us?that's why he came down here the first time?and if we were separated like them, we'd find any chance to reunite. That wouldn't mean we didn't care about our friends."Sam rolled her eyes, not wanting to openly admit her secret girlfriend was probably right. The c***dlike teen would surprise her on occasions with some mature words of wisdom. Sam still had some less than faint remnants of possessiveness for Freddie, but she was genuinely happy for him to find someone.Cat pressed on while Sam went to bring the redhead some syrup, "I know you miss him at times. He's our friend and? you'll always have the history with him."Sam returned with the syrup from the cabinet and sat it in front of her girlfriend. "Yeah, the nub will always have a little piece of my heart? the one that got away, but?" She leaned down and took a peck from Cat's lips and finished with a half-smile, "I have you and I've moved on with you."Cat cupped Sam's right cheek. "And if you doubt that and backslide, it's okay."The blonde rolled her eyes at the borderline cheesiness of the sentiment, but uttered, "Why do you have to be so janking understanding?""I don't know. A gift?" she innocently answered while pouring some syrup on her waffles.While Sam shook her head and went to grab her own drink, Cat called out, "Well are you going to at least meet up with us for lunch, either way, right? It would be nice if Freddie could be there too, and meet everyone before the play."Sam finished pouring herself some orange juice then walked to take one of the cattycorner chairs to the L-shaped booth seating. She sarcastically remarked, "Oh, I know Beck's going to love to see Freddie there especially since Tori won't give him the time of day."Cat's upbeat feeling for the day felt like it was splashed with a bucket of cold water. She replied with a disheartened tone, "Beck seems to be fine. He and Jade have been? fine with one another dating other people and there's nothing wrong with Tori not wanting to date Beck. They're still friends."Sam held up her hands in surrender and laughed, "Yeah, I know. I'm not giving Tori any grief. If she doesn't want to date the guy even if he is smoking hot, that's her decision. She wants to respect girl code with Jade, good for her. You'd think they would get along a little better though.""Jade is getting along better with Tori?actually with everyone. That play has been good for both of them, and she's been happier than I have ever seen her since she's been with Freddie even if he's still in Seattle."Sam suppressed that mild sentiment of envy that it was Jade that was being happy with Freddie instead of her, because for the most part, she was happy for them. She smiled and answered, "Well, she hasn't been as antisocial as I thought she would be."The statement brought a smile back to Cat's face then she realized something and put on a curious expression. "Hey, you didn't answer my question about lunch."Sam slipped her hand under the table and patted Cat's knee, "Yeah, I'll be there and of course I'll be there for the play. "Cat thankfully smiled then turned to enjoy her breakfast over the next few minutes with Sam occasionally stealing a bit of the waffle and some cereal. She finished all of her breakfast then stole a playful kiss from the blonde then started skipping her way through the living room and towards the bedroom to brush her teeth and double check her makeup and hair. She called out with an echoing sound before heading out the door, "You should get dressed, Sam. I know you wouldn't want Freddie to just pop in and you're? well, like that."The redhead gave a suspicious wink, before leaving her roommate and girlfriend munching at the table. The blonde looked down at herself, and wondered if it even made a difference if she was dressed, or even cleaned up, if he came over.Sam shrugged and grabbed her laptop to check out what exactly was needed for her class today. Seeing that it was primarily a reading assignment, she groaned, knowing it was going to be a waste of time since the textbook sucked, and the quiz/discussion questions looked be stupid and so overcomplicated.But, then she had a thought- 'You know who loved reading stupid crap and answering questions about it? My best friend (for the day), Freddie Benson. But first, if I'm going to see if he will help me, I'm going to need a little help...'The aggressive blonde shut the lid of the computer and rushed toward the bathroom to start her shower, and began to scour her closet for whatever might make him the most? agreeable.
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