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My Boi Trish

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My Boi TrishThis is a true story about a young lover whom I will call "Trish".I attended a Halloween party several years ago. There I saw a cute boy who worked in the same retail store I did. He was all hussied up like a gypsy (still think of him whenever I hear that song by Fleetwood Mac). He had a very smooth, lean body and I think his ethnicity was middle-eastern. Nice almond skin and jet black, shaggy hair, very thick. Anyway, he kept giving me the eye all through the night until I finally walked over and said hello. We chatted about work and other things, etc. until he finally pretended to drop one of the bracelets worn with his costume and as he bent down to retrieve the bauble he pulled at the leg of my trousers (I was dressed as a sailor, go figure) and pointed to an empty room of the house. As soon as we closed the door behind us he blurted out that he had been crushing on me for a serious amount of time and didn't know how to handle it. Now to be honest I am very much a masculine-type and am only turned on by feminine qualities. If he had made a pass at me as his "boy" self I would have politely refused his advances, but seeing him in this very girly outfit and the look of timid hunger in his incredibly dark, sensuous eyes I couldn't deny my attraction. Despite the age difference (I am in my early 40's while he couldn't have been more than 19) I could tell he wanted me sexually. His small, bow-shaped mouth painted deep red began to quiver with anticipation and his breath was quick and shallow. I gently leaned my face towards his and inhaled the sweet fragrance of his youthful lust. I pressed my lips to his forehead then covered his mouth with mine. He parted his lips and I gave his tongue a few soft sucks. We kissed a while longer until I felt a very hard bump poking my thigh from under his gown, leaving a small wet spot on my trousers. I undid my pants and let them fall around my ankles, kissing him the whole time, then I began to softly stroke his buttocks and lower back. My own cock was incredibly erect and dripping huge drops of precum (I couldn't believe the effect this little mynx was having on me). He lifted the skirt of his costume and tied it around his waist. I looked at his succulent, tiny frame. He was 5'3" tops while I stand at just over six feet. His cock was small, but had an enormous amount of foreskin. With the tip closed his penis resembled a tear drop. We french kissed some more, our tongues dancing in each other's mouths. The air began to take on the sweet scent of the arousal in our scrotums. With so many other people at the party we knew we couldn't get away with a full-on fuck, so we decided to bring each other to orgasm with our hands. We started to pull one another off, milking our stiff genitals with sweaty palms, until I had a better idea. Seeing his leaking "tear drop" cock I opened the mouth of his foreskin and slipped the head of my penis inside. His skin snapped tightly around the tip of my shaft and we docked peters, our pee holes kissing each other inside the moist flesh. I put one arm around him while holding both of our members with the other and lightly bit and kissed his neck. His hands were on my hips and he purred like a kitten in my arms. How many nights has this teenage vixen jacked himself to sleep, aching for someone to quench the fire between his legs? To suck his eternally hard cock? To open his tender ass and breed him like a wild mare? I could almost smell the nut cooking in his loins, taste it on his lips. I slid my hand between his ass cheeks and teased his bung with my fingers. His pussy opened slightly, inviting a deeper probing, and so I offered my "Trish" three damp fingers to grip inside his velvety rectum. The odor of precum mixing with the perfume of his penetrated anus produced an intoxicating effect. We swayed together drunkenly, to and fro, dancing to the music of our passion, the volume of which rapidly increasing to a deafening pitch. I felt a jolt of electricity shoot from the soles of my feet up into my spine and I pulled Trish's body even closer to me. My balls jumped in their sack and my lover's slender knees suddenly buckled. All too soon our breath became heavy and Trish's plump penis head began to erupt, splashing my blood engorged plum with short, hot spurts. I quickly answered with a salvo of my own and our cum splashed violently inside his slippery sheath. I squeezed his ass tightly and peppered his face and neck with warm, wet kisses. Stealing a few more precious moments we gazed upon one another. His eyes glowed with blissful satisfaction and I knew his thirst had been thoroughly (yet temporarily) quenched. I embraced Trish and held him tight, my chin resting on the top of his head. Then we quickly tidied ourselves up, making sure no evidence of our encounter had stained the carpet, and went back out to the numbing din of the party.His wasn't the first cock I had been intimate with, but in my heart his was the sweetest. That was over 6 years and two big cities ago. I wished we had kept in contact. I miss that boy and want him back. In retrospect I think I fell in love that night. "Goodnight, Trish - my fairy bride." *KISSES*
04-15-2021, at 09:40 AM

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